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Teaching and Learning Numbers

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1 Teaching and Learning Numbers
“Nous allons compter “ song Matching printed numbers to numbers called out as team game Linguascope Bingo with white boards “Strip” bingo

2 20 60 50 90 30 70 100 80 40 vingt soixante cinquante trente
quatre-vingt-dix 30 trente 70 soixante-dix 100 cent 80 quatre-vingts 40 quarante

3 20 60 50 90 30 70 100 80 40

4 vingt soixante cinquante trente cent
quatre-vingt-dix trente soixante-dix cent quatre-vingts quarante

5 Telling the time A clock for guessing times Bingo + “Strip” bingo
Linguascope Pass the parcel game “Beat the teacher” game

6 A. B. C. D. E 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1 :00 12:00 24:00 2:00 3:00 3:30 4:00 6:15 5:00 6:25

7 5 to 6 -5 -10 10 to 6. ¼ to 6 -15 20 to 6 -20 25 to 6 -25 A. B. C. D.
E 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5 to 6 -5 -10 10 to 6. ¼ to 6 -15 20 to 6 -20 25 to 6 -25

8 Describing pets + Developing sentences “Slap the board” game
“First to touch” picture game Guessing correct sentence Putting words into correct order Inserting spaces where needed Use of ball to develop sentences thro’ repetition + extension

9 UN UNE ? chat. chien. lapin. souris. perroquet. hamster. oiseau. cochon d’inde. cheval. poisson rouge. tortue.

10 As-tu des animaux familiers ? (Have you got any pets?)
6. J’ai un poisson rouge 1. J’ai un lapin. J’ai une souris. 7. 2. J’ai un hamster. J’ai un perroquet. 8. 3. J’ai un chat. 9. J’ai un cheval. 4. J’ai un cochon d’inde. 5. J’ai un chien. 10. J’ai un oiseau. Non, je n’ai pas d’animaux familiers. (I haven’t got any pets.)

11 As-tu des animaux familiers ?
1. 6. 7. 2. 8. 3. 9. 4. 10. 5.

12 Carnaval Tarata Minou Cracotte César qui s’appelle.. J’ai

13 J’ ai chien un. Un chat j’ai Poisson j’ai un rouge. Cheval j’ai un. Lapin un j’ai. D’inde j’ai un cochon. Une j’ai tortue Thomas s’appelle qui. Oiseau j’ai un qui Zigote s’appelle. Perroquet un j’ai Pierre s’appelle qui. une j’ai souris qui Simon s’appelle.

14 J’aiunchat. J’aiunesouris. jaideuxpoissonsrouges. JaiunchiennoirquisappelleFredo. J’aiuncochondindequisappellehenri. J’aiunlapinnoiretblanc. jaiunchevalquisappellecracotte. J’aiunoiseaujauneetunoiseaubleu. JaideuxchatsquisappellentCocoetJeannot.. 10 J’aitroissourisgrisesquisappellentEliseEllaetEllie.

15 Giving Opinions on Interests
Matching written word to symbol Use of “revealer” tool Verbal ping pong Linguascope Bingo with white boards Connect 3

16 J’adore J’aime J’aime un peu Je n’aime pas Je déteste

17 12 5 9 1 13 10 14 2 6 3 11 15 7 8 4 16

18 Developing Confidence in Asking+ Answering Questions
Match answers to questions Deduce meanings of questions Use questions as models to produce further questions

19 Qui est Andy Murry ? Comment est-il? Où habites-tu? Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire? A quelle heure arrives-tu au travail? Quand pars-tu en vacances? Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? Pourquoi veux-tu apprendre à parler français? Il est joueur de tennis. J’habite à Leicester. J’arrive à huit heures. C’est le sept février. Il est grand, musclé et sportif. J’aime faire du sport. Normalement, en juillet ou août. Pour mieux l’enseigner.

20 Qui ? Comment ? Où ? Qu’est-ce que ? A quelle heure ? Quand ? Quelle ? Pourquoi ?

21 Games Connect 3/4 Can be played in 2 teams on
IWB and then in pairs- 25 circles containing key vocab/ structures are needed – students take turns to obtain 3 to 4 circles in a row in any direction by recalling word or words needed on circle of choice.


23 Games Lots of interactive language games and
activities for learning MFL as above but free! story-telling website for learning MFL

24 Activities For Reading.
Match words/sentences to pictures. Form words/sentences from halves of words/ sentences. Find the odd word out. Classify words/sentences according to type (colours/animals/numbers/masc/fem nouns/adjectives), or preference or alphabetically. Sort sentences/pictures into correct order to match story heard/read.




28 Listening + Reading Team Games.
Team Games Each team to aim to be the first to choose a picture (from a set of pictures), to match spoken word/sentence. Each team to aim to be first to put together words to form sentences heard in game above. “I went to the market..” game. “Je vois avec mon petit oeil quelque chose qui commence avec. ……”

29 J M D T F A L N

30 The “Running Dictation” Game
(for reading and writing) 4/5 teams need to be spaced out along one wall and each team directly opposite a piece of paper containing the same 5/6 words or sentences. In turn, each student in each team walks as quickly as poss. to the wall opposite to read and remember one word/ sentence before returning to the team to write it down accurately. Winning team is the first to have all words/sentences written down absolutely accurately.

31 Activities For Writing.
Write out sentences correctly inserting spaces/ punctuation eg. Jemappellepaul Fill in lists of likes/dislikes eg. clothes, food, drinks, sports – with vocab. available to choose from. Put words in order to form a sentence eg. Paul m’appelle je Gap filling with/without a list of words to choose from. Substitute words underlined in a sentence/ text.





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