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SUCCESS STORIES Last update 11/15/11.

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1 SUCCESS STORIES Last update 11/15/11

2 Summary Food & Beverage E290 A791: Handling of ham loafs
PES 63 stroke 80, PEC cylinder Ø 100 stroke 200 for food cooking industry PES 100 and 125 C: Slaughterhouses Proportional valve Series Pulstronic mA for food cooking industry Numatics islands 2012/2035: yoghurts 551 spool valves: Switching control NUMATICS stainless steel cylinders SG et SG for cheese factory Cylinders type PES 453: silos PEC D25/C25/C50 cross rod for injection Multipol 2002 islands for wine producing Numatics islands Series 2005: cheese NUMATICS Round cylinders M Series for meat packing industry DELTA mono filter for dairy ISO 6431 cylinders for cheese factory Sirai pinch valve for coffee machine NUMATICS FRL, UL coil: yogurts packaging Sub-Miniature Valves 256/356 for horticultural industry 551 spool valve with M12 connector: closing of silo trap Process valve 290 size 32 mm for ice manufacturing PES cylinders 125 TA 1500 RDM for beverage industry Pilot valves Series 192 for beverage industry New New New New New New New

3 
Food - Meat industry Application : Handling of ham loafs Products: E290 A791 valves easily integrated into the process thanks to their small size Customer requirements: Eliminate the risk of bacterial contamination of ham loafs downstream of depocketing* and upstream of cutting and thermoforming. * Depocketing: extraction of the ham from the pocket of polyethylene film Customer benefices: Be able to integrate with low cost and in a small footprint his disinfection device. From 25 to 50 valves by handling line. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2%  2011

4 
Food - Meat industry Application : Slaughterhouses for pigs and cattles. Protection of joints of cylinder noses PES type (and other brands) against the constraints of antibacterial wash (sodium, chlorine) and blood blasting. Products : Protection modules on cylinders of elevating tailgates PES 100 and 125 C from 1000 to 2000 mm Cutomer requirements: Aggressive cleaning environment. Limited reliability of the standard rod seals or Viton, phenomena of nose seals extrusion with repetitive movements of big stroke cylinders. Embarrassing leaks of cylinders causing instability and discomfort for the operators of cylinder elevating tailgates. Customer benefices: Significantly increase the life of his cylinders seals. Avoid a heavy maintenance and a laborious dismantling. STAINLESS STEEL module easily removable and module seal accessible. Competitive price compared to the cylinder price. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2%  2011

5 Food & Beverage - Dairy and yogurts
Application : Revamping of thermoforming machine of pots of yoghurt and yoghurt dosage. Produits : NUMATICS islands MILTILINE Series 2012/2035 with integrated pressure regulators. Steering pneumatic clamps and transfer cylinders. Customer requirements: Replace of old PARKER and LUCIFER islands, distributors and pressure regulators by a modular integrated "turnkey" effective in flow, response time and endurance. These machines operate in 2 X 8:00, six days out of 7. The shut-down time in case of failure is very expensive: Initialization of the machine. Restarting after a stop is a problem: loss of raw material Yoghurts + packaging. Customer benefices: Replacement of old PARKER products with a MODULAR solution more efficient in flow, response time, electric consumption and compactness. A seamless technology that guarantees an endurance for this type of machine (life time of the machine 15 years). An operation time reduced for this revamping. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2%  2011

6 
Food – Meat industry Application : Overhead switching control of animals in fridges and bleeding tunnel (slow reduction of temperature to 7 ° C, for better conservation and tenderness of the meat) Products : 551 spool valves - From a standard distributor, we have changed its characteristics: Stainless steel screws, specific grease of articulation sheave (in order to maintain driveability of operation even at low temperatures, pin locking, straight or angled lever corrosion resistant extended). Customer requirements: Reliability of classical muscle control distributors: hardening of the lever, corrosion, broken levers. Customer benefices: Have a distributor who meets the requirements of its application to a market price. Offer a product that meets the requirements imposed by anticorrosion requirements IFS FOOD 5 which occurs more and more in the process of slaughtering and processing. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2%  2011

7 Agrobusiness - silos Application : Steering boxes of grain elevators
Products : Cylinders type PES 453 Customer requirements: Trouver une solution économique, souple, rapide, fiable pour équiper les silos de la Coopérative Epis-Centre-18 de 114 actionneurs. Find an economical, flexible, fast, reliable solution to fit the silos of the Epis-Centre-18 Cooperative with 114 actuators. Solution : Replace the usual supply of components in bulk, by mounted assemblies tested, ready to be installed, and also allowing to dispense competitive comparisons on each component. Customer benefices: Saves time on installations, cost control more accurate, reliable sets made ​​by our "Service & Solutions” Dpt, total customer satisfaction.  2011

8 Agrobusiness - Equipment for automatic vaccination
Application : Equipment for Automatic vaccination IM Specialized equipment for veterinary vaccination these devices are primarily used on farms pullet. Products : PEC D25/C25/C50 cross rod for injection Competitors : Origa Parker / SMC Customer requirements : Intramuscular injection in the keel of pullets Customer benefits : The vaccination rate is about 700 to 1000 birds per hour Followed by Cappe soredis Angers  2011

9 Cheese factory Application: The two sites of the cheese factory investment in a new filtration technology which removes bacteria's milk without heating. The milk is filtered through very fine membranes that remove bacteria. Products: NUMATICS islands Series 2005 with network DEVICE NET double 3/2, with manual controls maintained + Distributor ISO G01 subbase with mounting/assembly by our “equipment service". Customer requirements: Take control of all valves. Customer benefices: « Turnkey solution ». Assorting distributors on islands saves setup time and reduce the number of cables. All distributors connected and mounted ISO. A referencing of our « Numatics islands » brand in their specifications.  2011

10 DAIRY Segment: Milking parlour Application: Milk flushing in the pipings after milking. Products : TA Numatics equipment, DELTA filter Customer issue: Flush the milk in the pipings of the milking parlour to avoid mould and oxidation. KHUNK imperfect solution of dairy waistes in pipings. Customer benefits: An easy solution through a « kicker milk valve ». Filter Series DELTA mono filter (filter and primary-filter in the same component), gain of one filter and space gain. Clogging indicator. A better flow for a more economical solution. Benefits for ASCO NUMATICS: New market with this customer. Small market in DELTA filters. Could be duplicate in all farms, problem existing in all milking plants.

11 CHEESE FACTORY Segment: Cheese industry
Application: Cylinder of cheese press Products: 12 rows of 11 cylinders Ø160, C=500mm ISO heavy rod, specific end cover, stainless steel rod and tie rod. Customer issue: Find the cylinder which suits exactly to his application, heavy rod cylinder, specific end cover. Customer benefits: Exact identification of the cylinder, the competition (BOSCH, CAMOZZI, SMC) has proposed substandard cylinders, we have also brought a responsiveness, the right price. Economical benefits for customer: The customer is obliged to go back on a row already changed. Basically cheaper than us, BOSCH taken the 1st deal, but they are going to have to do again after one year. The customer appreciates our position: the right price for the right product. The cylinders are in line with his expectations. He accepts a price difference.

12 YOGURTS PACKAGING Market: Dietary
Application: Yogurt packaging machine for US market Product: Air processing line 1 micron Issue: - UL compatibility - Replaced FESTO used in standard - Filter integration 1 micron - Pressure control ROI: - Unit mounted and tested - NUMATICS N°1 in USA - UL coil - Pressure gauge with tuning and pressure display Customer benefits: - Connection time reduced - Leakage risk limited - Direct pressure reading.

13 Closing of silo trap Market: Agri-food
Application: Closing of silo trap Product: Cylinder equipped with a spool valve type 551 bistable mounted with a single M12 connector for the 2 coils. ROI: Business made against Camozzi thanks to mounting Customer benefits: Time and cost save for the customer as a single cable to get on the valve. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2% 13

14 Success story Beverage Industry
Segment: Beverage Industry Application: Trapping for 24 stainless steel tank Customer requirements: Trapping project Search for an actuator with no failure for the trapping of: - 24 tanks with a total of 92 ISO cylinders type PES - 24 cabinets to ISO 542. Solution: Integration of our PES rod steel cylinders. Solution adopted PES 125 TA 1500 RDM with rod steel option and 4 cylinders per tank to ensure 2800 daN. To support this technical solution we have proposed a set mounted stainless steel cabinet, only one reference for a global project. 92 cylinders

15 Success story ROI Selling
Benefits for the customer: A single supplier for the entire project, one order instead of 3. Cabinet solution to reduce study time and wiring, 24 cabinets with an average time of wiring 2H. Participation of our distributor in the integration of components in cabinet with the supply of spare parts in the cellar of Beaune. Integration of our PES with our 3D components library. 24 Cabinets Benefits for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic We had more flexibility on price against our competitors through our solution of piloting integration in cabinet with customer marking. The upcoming tank extension will be as a priority with our equipment. Referencing of our equipment to other cellars.

16 Block of 16 valves for 4 tanks
Beverage Industry Segment: Beverage Industry Application: Temperature control Customer requirements: Quick integration Find a solution with a fast connection to steel pipe without recourse to welding because of lack of confirmed welder : 32 tanks with a total of 64 blocks of 2 valves. Solution: Integration of our zero welding valves. Assembled delivery of block with an axis of 90mm. Block of 16 valves for 4 tanks

17 Winery Benefits for the customer: No welder to hire by temping (5 hours to make a traditional assembly in standard valve) ASCO Solution ZERO WELDING Benefits for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic Piloting delivery without customer pressure on costs. Next installation in a winery following a joint presentation, i.e. 40 tanks. For 1 tank

18 Food Cooking Industry Segment: Food cooking industry Application: Automatisation of cookers under pressure for cooking of food products like rillettes. Customer requirements: The closure of cookers covers are made by manual mechanical tappets. Objective is to define a solution of quick and automatic closure remotely via the control room. Solution: Setting of a pneumatic cylinders battery to ensure the cover locking. Cylinders PES 63 stroke 80 rod steel / stainless steel screws Quantity per cooker : between 8 and 10 cylinders.

19 Food Cooking Industry Segment: Food cooking industry Application: Automatisation of cookers under pressure for cooking of food products like rillettes. Customer requirements: After each cooking, there is an operation of cleaning and tank draining. The previous solution is achieved with a manual valve coupled to a trap positioned under the tank. Search for a compact solution with a significant power. Solution: Integration of a PEC cylinder Ø 100 stroke 200 Viton seal and steel rod with a special tapping to ensure the trap coupling.

20 Food Cooking Industry Segment: Food cooking industry Application: Automatisation of cookers under pressure for cooking of food products like rillettes. Customer requirements: The product agitation in the cooker is done with an air motor. It is piloted by a manual regulator. This solution is limited. Objectif : In the control room, necessity to vary the speed of the mixer according to cooking. Solution: Proportional valve Series Pulstronic 4-20 mA connection ½ to provide flexibility.

21 Success story ROI Selling
Benefits for the customer: Cover cylinder Very quick activation: Time saving 15 mn. Trap cylinder: Secured solution and flexibility. Proportional valve: Improvement of cooking quality. Benefits for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic A community contact with the two people involved in this project allowed us to book the order. 44 flanging cylinders and 4 trap cylinders. 6 Pulstronic and all pneumatic accessories.

Application: Stop cheese wheel moulds on process line Products: NUMATICS stainless steel cylinders SG et SG Project: Replacement of cylinders w/ epoxy tube and aluminium base 70 cylinders to replace as the degradation of epoxy/alu cylinders. Customer requirements: Area where the cylinders are subjected to severe cleaning stress: alkaline antibacteriale cholorinated. The reaction of these aggressive products degrade the cylinder bases and the nose seals. After an operation to change seals, the corroded alu base are already embrittled. Bacteriological services accept less and less materials that emit corrosion, causing risks of contamination. Benefits fort the customer: A 100% interchangeable solution and 100% STAINLESS STEEL No time lost for fitting. A better lifetime. An esthetic and reliable cylinder. A possibility to change the seals without base degradation. Economics contribution for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic: Open door to other solutions in the customer environment: - FRL agro - 551 agro. PHOTO PRODUITS

23 Success story Wine-producing
Segment: Wine-producing Application: Thermoregulation Customer requirements: Small structure of refrigerationist who have only maintenance in large wine producers of Chablis. Wishes to achieve new facilities but does not invest on staff/stainless steel welding equipment. Many applications that are obliged to refuse. Solution Supply of « zero welding » blocks that are installed with pipe saddle after making a hole in the main pipe. These ones are piloted with Multipol 2002 islands.

24 Success story Wine-producing
Benefits for the customer: High development of its turnover. Reliability / traditional installation (leaking welds, fittings). Valve islands sized in the number of tanks in each aisle, simplifying the supervision, more electrical power to the tanks. Benefits for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic: Turnover revised up for the supply of valves E290 Ø 32. Prestigious and monumental installation. Market share gain because competitors were installing butterfly valves electrically controlled. Margin improved compared to valves alone sold to compete with SIEMENS and SFERACO.

25 SUCCESS STORY Agrobusiness
Segment: MEAT PACKING INDUSTRY Application: Machine for skins peeling Produits: NUMATICS Round stainless steel pneumatic cylinders with acetal base, ref.: 1500DC2-04A. Around 150 cylinders in operation changed periodically. Customer requirement: Provide an economical solution to the current installation: American cylinders BIMBA brand. Benefits for the customer: A BIMBA solution interchangeable with the M Series from NUMATICS. Economic gains for the customer: A limited immobilization of stock and a purchase price significantly lower per cylinder. Economic gains for ASCO NUMATICS Joucomatic Open door for the NUMATICS range on one of the largest production site of beef and pigs in France.

26 NUMATICS 2002 Valve Island (France)
Segment: Valve piloting on Milk installation Application: Installation dedicated to the cleaning of milk and cheese circuit. CIP (clean in place circuit) . Series : Islands 2002 MULTIPOL, double 3/2, with turn and push manual override . ASCO/NUMATICS advantages: Modularity and PLUG IN technology. Compact. Metallic push and turn manual override (They are very often manipulated). Distributed possibility (1 Profibus node can handle 92 double 3/2 valves).

27 Success story Agroalimentaire
Activité Conception, développement et fabrication pour l'industrie agro-alimentaire. Problématique: Réalisation d’un convoyeur à 2 niveaux pour déplacer des cartons vides et pleins de 12 kg maxi. Le client recherchait des vérins très fiables avec unité de guidage pouvant accepter certaines contraintes. Et surtout, pouvoir proposer un package complet avec une autre société pour la partie pilotage des actionneurs via ilots NUMATICS. Présentation de la solution: Après une étude approfondie avec le support client, via le cahier des charges du client, nous avons proposé nos PES 453 avec unité de guidage. Pour la partie pilotage, nous avons utilisé nos ilots NUMATICS série 2005. Avantages: Différence de 10%, mais surtout la possibilité de proposer une solution globale.

28 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Industrie des boissons Application : Mise en bouteille + emballage Problématique du client : Trouver une solutions fiable, économique et compact pour le pilotage de vérins et de vannes. Machine carrousel, le câblage électrique doit être limité. Les ilots doivent être légers, les coffrets vibrent lorsque la machine fonctionne. Avantages client : Remplacement sous l’appellation « échange standard des anciens ilots » avec prix préférentiel. Nous proposons le dépannage sous 7 jours si un des nouveaux ilots devait être défaillant. Automatisme simple avec un connecteur Bus d’entrée et de sortie. Sécurité, nous lui garantissons le dépannage sous 7 jours. Nos ilots sont très compacts et très légers.

29 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Fromagerie Application : Vérin de presse à fromage Produits : 12 rangées de 11 Vérins Ø160, C=500mm ISO tige renforcée, embout spécifique, tige inox, tirant inox. Ce qu’on a apporté au client : L’identification exacte du vérin qui convient à son application vérin tige renforcée, embout spécifique. La concurrence (BOSCH, CAMOZZI, SMC) avait proposé des vérins non conformes, nous avons aussi apporté notre réactivité et le juste prix. Gains économiques pour le client : Le client est obligé de revenir sur une rangée déjà changée. Moins cher que nous à la base, BOSCH avait prit la 1ère affaire, mais a fallu tout refaire après 1 an. Le client a apprécié notre position : le juste prix pour le juste produit à l’époque. Les vérins sont conformes à son attente. Il accepte une différence de 18 %.

30 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment: Fromagerie Application: Distributeur de pilotage de vanne Produits: ISO1 compact NUM métal/métal Problématique du client : Le client avait des vieux ISO1 Bosch et des Asco Numatics. La laiterie ne fonctionne pas le WE. Il rencontrait des pannes de + en + importantes de tiroirs qui restaient collés le lundi matin. Gains économiques pour le client: Difficile d’estimer le temps lié aux arrêts de production et le temps passé à nettoyer et réparer les ISO1.

31 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment: Salle de Traite Application: Chasse du lait dans les tuyauterie après la traite Produits: Equipement TA Numatics Filtre DELTA Problématique du client : Chasser le lait des tuyauteries dans les salles de traite après la traite afin d’éviter la moisissure et oxydation. Ce qu’on a apporté au client: Une solution simple au moyen d’un « clapet pousse lait ». Filtre série DELTA mono filtre (filtre et préfiltre dans le même composant gain d’un filtre et gain d’encombrement. Indicateur de colmatage. Un meilleur débit pour une solution plus économique. Un gain économique de 30%.

32 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Industrie laitière Client : Leader mondial du refroidissement du lait. Application : Electrovanne grand débit pour vidange du tank à lait après rinçage à l’eau + additif désinfectant. Problématique du client : Fiabiliser la fourniture de ce produit stratégique (arrêt de la production et destruction du produit stocké en cas de panne). S’affranchir des contraintes de change avec le fournisseur actuel (FAS facture en francs suisses). Adapter le produit aux contraintes agro (normes). Solution: Proposition de l’EV SIRAI série D137 équipée d’un connecteur spécifiquement câblé par MPM. Gains pour le client: Produit clé en main se montant quasiment en lieu et place. Passe d’un IP 54 à IP65, bobines plus fiables dégageant une image qualitative dans laquelle le client veut se positionner pour répondre au mieux aux normes agro.

33 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment: industrie de viande/jambon Client : Fabricant de jambon d’Aoste Application: Marquage sur emballage bois pour jambon Produits : 551 taraudés et R Modulair 112. Problématique du client : Régulation de pression coté sortie tige vérin selon emballage fragile ou pas (2 types). Le système n’est pas soumis aux normes alimentaires ; le jambon est positionné après le marquage. Ce qu’on a apporté au client : Le client ne voulait pas de régulation proportionnelle type Sentronic. Nous lui avons proposé ce montage simple. Gains économiques pour le client : Un seul fournisseur pour le pilotage et la régulation de pression. Stock de proximité.

34 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Industrie laitière Client : Fabricant de yoghourts Application : Vannes de coupure sur circuit vapeur stérilisation/nettoyage. Problématique du client : Trouver une solution très économique pour remplacer des vannes anciennes de marque SPIRAX SARCO. Les vannes doivent avoir des infos de fin de course. Solution : Fourniture de vanne E290 clamp + boitiers de détection compact + DM. Gains pour le client : Maintient de la fonction et amélioration de la fiabilité. Produit livré prêt à être monté. La solution choisie est plus onéreuse (15%) pour le client mais le système de détection mis en avant est plus étanche. Pour garder de la compétitivité nous mettons les DM UNI sur les vannes.

35 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Fabrication de farine amylacé Client : Industrie agroalimentaire Application : Pilotage de vannes Produits : Ilots génération C spéciaux montage en armoire Problématique du client : Piloter en réseau devicenet et pouvoir changer un distributeur sans arrêter le process et avoir des fusibles mécaniques sur les retours capteurs Ce qu’on a apporté au client : Un ilot conforme au CDC et un montage en armoire pour éviter la pollution par la poussière du produit. Gains économiques pour le client: Maintenance plus aisée et seul fournisseur ayant pris conscience de son besoin.

36 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : MACHINISME AGRICOLE Client : AGRICULTEURS Application : EV PILOTAGE AIR 3/2 NO Série 356 permettant de sélectionner l’ouverture des buses de pulvérisation par tronçons sur rampe de pulvérisateur agricole. Problématique du client : 4 Fournisseurs différents pour équiper EV avec raccords à coupleurs et connecteur 12V CC antiparasité et protège câble Capri. Solution : Livrer un ensemble prémonté ASCO NUMATICS. Gains pour le client : Un seul fournisseur au lieu de quatre. Gestion de stock simplifiée. Temps de montage des sous ensembles supprimé.

37 Success story Agroalimentaire
Segment : Industrie vinicole Client : Viticulteurs Application : Analyse du moût de raisin pour la gestion du process de fermentation. Concept et brevet révolutionnaire, système autonome Problématique du client : Recherche d’un fournisseur de renommée mondiale, proposant une solution globale permettant de réduire les coûts et les fournisseurs, d’un matériel fiable et utilisation de matériaux compatibles avec l’alimentaire. Solution : Bloc foré équipé de mini-électrovannes série 065 et développement à caractère industriel réalisé en partenariat entre nos services engineering et le client. Gains pour le client : Un seul fournisseur solution globale, produits testés à 100% et qualifiés par notre laboratoire afin de confirmer les tests en fin de fabrication, des prélèvements ont été effectués pour garantir les performances techniques du bloc. Le client possède nos plans avec les caractéristiques fonctionnelles et le schéma de principe du bloc Gain pour le viticulteur : obtenir une production homogène en adéquation avec les critères recherchés et gain de rentabilité important (fonction réalisée par un opérateur à ce jour), analyse réalisée plus régulièrement grâce à l’automatisme.

38 October 2nd 2007 Cheddar, the orange cheese, was created in Great-Britain, in a village named Cheddar. In June 2008, the cheese manufacturer launched his new production. Among the tons of cheese that are produced in their plant in Quimper, tons are cheddar cheese.

Segment: Dairy Industry Customer: Cheese producer Application: Deported piloting of process valves (mounted on a food piping system: pasteurization process of micro filtration, evaporation, IPC) Products: NUMATICS valve islands Series 2002 with PROFIBUS DP network interface, double 3/2, locking manual control, deported assembly in STAINLESS STEEL box (12 boxes). Customer requirements: Piloting of up to 65 process valves per box. 12 stainless steel boxes to be installed, in 6 workshops. Boxes as compact as possible

What we have provided to the customer: A flexible, compact and reliable solution: 2002 Numatics valve islands A customized solution: Involved in the project from the beginning (with the Customer Support Dpt) we have optimized the islands size in the box ; that’s the configuration in distributed mode (1 head end per box). Hot line technical assistance A product technical information provided to the final customer. Benefits for the customer: Reduction of the number of network interfaces. Time and studies costs reduced for the customer: all its needs are defined per complete box. Time saving> 12H00. Optimization of the size of the stainless steel boxes (more compact): Benefit: 12 boxes. Simplified order entry: less mistakes, islands are codified per box. ROI for ASCO NUMATICS More flexibility on islands prices and network connections. The request for quotation will be sent to us first on the next project (end of 2008). We are now a selected supplier on the other plant (LOUDEAC).

41 Success story Sub miniature operator
Application: Valves operator for the Dutch horticultural industry. Segment: irrigation Competitor: OMAL Requirements: Electrical operator for hydraulic valve, resistant to aggressive atmosphere of a greenhouse (100% humidity + fertilizer) Products and benefits: 256 and 356 without body, with core tube connection and core adapted to the customer valve seat. Customer advantages: Same operator AC and DC : Customer service simplified Complete solution with nipple 1/8’’ for the 3rd way in specific packaging : Easy order/stock management/assembly for the customer Market share profit: the customer is the only one on the market offering a product with an industrial operator

42 PROCESS Valve Application: Dosing valve for chocolate icing
Customer : Nutrition, fresh products Competitor: Bürkert. Needs Fast opening Reliability, repetitiveness Good life time No retention, Ra 0.6 Compact solution. SOLUTION Supply of a valve with a specific spherical disc For this 1st order the customer has produced the valve body.

43 « Success story » Coffee machine
Market: Professional coffee machines Application: Milk circuit for cappuccino on automatic machines Product: Sirai pinch valve Competitor : ERA Needs: To get an homogeneous and high quality froth, with constant temperature and milk flow thanks to a simple and reliable technology. ROI: - The pinch valve avoids the use of a dedicated « food industry» solenoid valve - Easy implementation and simplified maintenance (no connection) - Thanks to the mounting of a micrometer screw set up at the factory, the flow is in accordance with a good quality froth. Advantages: - Cost reduction per machine compared to a food industry Solenoid Valve + connections + mounting solution - Market share increase thanks to the reliability, cost and quality of the froth. Si on retire iveco DR à + 1.2%

44 Beverage Industry Application : Cognac production Segment :
Competitor: Bürkert Needs - 3/2 NC pilots valves with manual override, VDC Advantages - Equipment of 1040 pilot valves series 192 with 2 meters wire assembled on DIN rail: one supplier only for the whole project - 12 cabinets with integration of the air service equipment: reduction of study and wiring time


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