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Elisa Rojas Ana Pajares Eduardo de la Rosa 1ºB. Bach.

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Présentation au sujet: "Elisa Rojas Ana Pajares Eduardo de la Rosa 1ºB. Bach."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 Elisa Rojas Ana Pajares Eduardo de la Rosa 1ºB. Bach.

2 Stereotypes are used all over the world. They are the labels used to recognize over generalised positive or negative features of specific social groups, or types of individuals. Stereotypes are seldom completely false and must have an element of social recognition. Many believed that stereotypes are both conscious and subconscious and that people do it without noticing.

3 o There are several theories with regards to how stereotypes develop. One of these theories is the Eagly social role theory. This theory maintains the principle that men and women are obliged to behave in certain ways according to how society perceives them. Men and women take on different roles and perform different duties due to the expectation of society. For example, women have the more domestic roles at home as well as men have different occupational roles.

4 Most stereotypes come about through past experiences with people or objects. And as we get more familiar, we tend to expect the same experience with those people and people that we perceive to be similar to them. Cultural behaviour is something that is learned from a combination of one´s surroundings and peer group. We are not born with this cultural imprint in our genes, but we familiarize ourselves with the methods and processes of our separate cultural identity.

5 Globalization refers to the integration of societies and cultures. Globalization has ocurred through increased knowledge between countries and improved communication worldwide. Globalization is widespread today and affects everyone including business firms as well as everyday people. It affects people in a huge way with the world becoming more cosmopolitan. Cities are becoming more and more ethnically mixed.

6 o We have shown that there is quite a possible connection between stereotypes and globalization.That there is a contemporary globalised intercultural trend in which stereotypes are globalised rather than specialised. The general trend seems to be moving towards a globalized stereotype. o There is a taxonomy of the stereotypes where many of the people have the same image of themselves as that of the image that other countries had of them.

7 In general, Spanish people are considered more lazy due to several things such as the idea of the nap. But other things that foreign people like is the flamenco, bulls, sunny beaches and parties. But perhaps the thing that they love is the typical Spanish gastronomy like Spanish omelette, paella, saussage (ham, chorizo) and wine. And they like other habits like going round to the bars and drinking and eating snacks. Foreigners also like very much our culture, our monuments and museums.


9 Ils sont très habitués à dire pardon. Ils disent toujours merci. Ils sont blonds et avec les yeux bleus. Ils parlent toujours de la météo et de jardins pour démarrer une conversation. Ils aiment les chiens.

10 Les allemands ont un physique attirant. L'expression de leurs visages est souvent grave. Ils se couchent tôt. Les Allemands se lèvent tôt et ils font un excellent petit déjeuner. Ils travaillent dur, et ils obtiennent de bons résultats. Ils boivent beaucoup de bière. Ils se fâchent facilement.

11 Ils sont élégants et romantiques. Ils aiment la bonne cuisine e surtout les pâtes et les pizzas. Ils agitent vivement leurs mains lorsqu ils parlent. Ils sont de bons cuisiniers.

12 Ils partagent de nombreux traits avec la culture arabe. Ils ont l'image des personnes différents. Il y a beaucoup de gens qui voyagent en Turquie parce que cest un pays avec une culture unique. Ils ont une culture moderne, pleine de contrastes.

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