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regarder écouter dormir jouer sortir finir

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Présentation au sujet: "regarder écouter dormir jouer sortir finir"— Transcription de la présentation:

1 regarder écouter dormir jouer sortir finir
Verbs Match up these verbs regarder écouter dormir jouer sortir finir to finish to sleep to go out to watch to play to listen And what do these verbs mean? to sell Extension Task Can you come up with any more verbs in the infinitive? vendre acheter attendre perdre choisir to buy to wait to lose to choose ©2013

2 ©2013
Think... What is a verb? How can you tell if the word you have found in a dictionary is a verb? What is an ‘infinitive’? What letters do French ‘infinitive verbs’ end in? Are they all the same? 5. What is the present tense? Can you explain it? ©2013

3 What are the infinitives of these?
regarder To watch To listen To sleep To sell To buy To go out To wait To lose écouter dormir vendre French verbs are categorised into 3 groups – can you work out what these are? acheter sortir attendre perdre ©2013

4 French verbs are categorised by their endings...
regarder dormir vendre écouter sortir attendre jouer finir perdre You will need to remember this for later!! ©2013

5 Why are there 2 words for ‘they’?
Who could use a verb? French English je tu il elle on nous vous ils elles Extension! Why are there 2 words for ‘they’? Can you explain why? How are they used? I you (friend) he she one/we we you (formal) they (masc) they (fem) ©2013

6 ©2013
Verbs change... -er -ir -re regarder finir vendre je regarde finis vends tu regardes il finit vend elle on nous regardons finissons vendons vous regardez finissez vendez ils elles regardent finissent vendent ©2013

7 ©2013
Have a practise! JE TU IL ELLE NOUS VOUS ILS écouter jouer choisir (to choose) attendre perdre écoute (j’écoute) écoutes écoute écoute écoutons écoutez écoutent joue joues joue joue jouons jouez jouent choisis choisis choisit choisit choisissons choisissez choisissent attends attends attend attend attendons attendez attendent perds perds perd perd perdons perdez perdent Extension Can you find the pattern of any other verbs? Make sure the dictionary says that they are regular verbs though – they may not work otherwise! ©2013

8 ©2013
How do you say in French... Il regarde He watches We listen She chooses They lose(masc) ______________________________________________ And how about these? We eat She watches We sell You walk (familiar) Extension 1 Can you make up some of your own? Test your partner to see if he/she can understand what you’ve written. Extension 2 Can you add details to the end of these, to turn them into full sentences? nous écoutons elle choisit Ils perdent nous mangeons elle regarde nous vendons tu marches ©2013

9 Translate the sentences…
Il joue au tennis He plays tennis. We watch TV. They choose some pizza (fem.) We eat at school. She finishes her homework. He waits for the bus. We listen to music. My brother loses his phone. Nous regardons la télé Elles choissisent de la pizza Nous mangeons au collège Elle finit ses devoirs Il attend l’autobus Nous écoutons de la musique Mon frère perd son portable Can you do 5 of your own? If you finish… ©2013

10 ©2013
Finalement... Think of one thing you have learned this lesson…. Could you explain to someone else how to do this? Fantastique!!!! ©2013

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