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I.    Presentation of the project Strategies for Evaluation

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1 New technologies for education and the control of the quality of European water
I.    Presentation of the project Strategies for Evaluation Programme Socrates Minerva N° – CP – 3 – 2001 – 1 – BE – MINERVA - M

2 I. Presentation of the project
This is the third year of this Socrates Minerva project. The main objective of is to introduce innovating ODL tools into the secondary schools and to develop a co-operative project with teachers and students from 16 to 18 years old dealing with water management. You can watch a “guided tour” through the website on which the project informations are provided in 5 different languages : English, German, Greek, French and Italian.


4 First STAGE The Project aims to promote exchanges and European cooperation between secondary schools by ODL (Open and distance learning) through a common project focusing water management. THE OBJECTIVE

5 Second STAGE Distance learning currently favours the use of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT). This is the reason why the Project provides teachers and students with the opportunity to become knowledgeable about the technical and scientific aspects of ODL. THE OBJECTIVE

6 Third STAGE As the project advances, teachers also participate in the development, experimentation and assessment of tools and innovative methodologies. They join their students in action-research, from the taking of samples in the field to laboratory analysis and processing of results. THE OBJECTIVE

7 Fourth STAGE The Project also aims to promote virtual mobility of teachers and students, providing them with a specific project-based Web site run interactively. This communication and distance learning platform allows for true international cooperation and increases awareness of European identity THE OBJECTIVE

8 Fifth STAGE At the end of the project research results as well as effective tools and teaching practices will be gathered on a CD-ROM which will enable the project to expand into the different European countries. This CD-ROM could serve as a basis for the adoption of a common education curricilum throughout European countries. THE OBJECTIVE


10 First STAGE Training for teachers and students Technical skills
Developing teacher’s and students' skills in using new technologies in order to enhance teaching at a distance. Scientific proficiencies Learning to carry out an analysis in a locality with students based on software for handling results: Aquakit. THE METHOD

11 Second STAGE The choice of an environment in light of a interdisciplinar approach The scientific appraisal of a locality will be carried out, depending on the case at hand, either by geographical, historical, literary, cultural or social-economic approaches, etc. THE METHOD

12 Third STAGE Research in the locality, the collection of DATA
Collecting samples and analysis of the locality will be done using a unique handling case: matter selected by partners involved in the project. THE METHOD

13 Fourth STAGE The analysis and treatment of data
The teachers are to adopt a mutual experimental procedure for treating samples in the laboratory. The treatment of data by data processing facilitates the interpretation of scientific results and permits the synthesis and the communication of all multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary findings. THE METHOD

14 Fifth STAGE Sharing and dissemination of findings
The participants in the project have at their disposal for the publishing, and dissemination of the results and conclusions of their research tools such as: the Web site, a discussion forum, the working up of a CD -ROM. THE METHOD

15 II. Strategies for evaluation
1. Follow-up of the project At the Steering Committees : International partners’ meetings National meetings of teachers Communication and exchanges using the new technologies through the forum, visio-conferences, electronic mails and online discussions Transparency on the website : who spread continously the informations and the outcomes of the project

16 2. Production and exploitation of evaluation tools
Creation of an online-evaluation-questionnaire in order to assess the CD-Rom as well as the Steering Committees Elaboration of a dissemination questionnaire Management of the questionnaire’s answers thanks to the creation of a sample file in order to collect and to analyze these answers. 3. Evaluation of the project by external experts At different levels : pedagogical, scientific, new technologies and project management By different institutions University ISSep : Institut Scientifique de Service public Organisations involved in environment protection

17 I. Evaluation de la dissémination
Analyse et Présentation des Résultats grâce à l’utilisation du logiciel Sphinx I. Evaluation de la dissémination

18 Dissémination vers d’autres pays

19 Régions touchées par la dissémination

20 Représentation du public touché

21 II. Evaluation du CD-ROM

22 1. Correction du CD-ROM (aspects visuels, graphiques, contenu, …)
Clarté, compréhension du projet Lisibilité du texte Facilité de déplacement Les traductions sont-elles suffisantes

23 2. Vérifier les objectifs du projet en fonction du public cible.
L'exploitation du CD-ROM encourage-t-elle : l’apprentissage individualisé L’utilisation des nouvelles technologies de l’information et de la communication la citoyenneté européenne l’échange européen Nous avons la réponse sous forme de tableau ou de graphique.

24 Représentation sous forme de tableau

25 Représentation sous forme de radars

26 Transposition pour l’avenir
Les utilisateurs peuvent déterminer quels outils proposés dans le CD-ROM ils comptent utiliser … Grâce à l’évaluation, nous pouvons découvrir le résultat suivant le niveau de compétence.


28 New project centered on teachers training : eurEAUform@
TO BE CONTINUED New project centered on teachers training :

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