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FCC Design Study General News

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1 FCC Design Study General News
R. Aleksan Saclay March 24, 2014 General News FCC Kick-off meeting Etudes conjointes IHEP/Tsinghua – Saclay CSTS-SPP

2 FCC-KICKOFF meeting 341 personnes inscrites
dont 17 personnes de Saclay inscrites (+ 2 du CEA Grenoble) , 9 du CNRS! L’agenda et toutes les présentations sont accessible à partir du site du meeting:

3 Future Circular Collider Study - SCOPE
CDR and cost review for the next ESU (2018) Forming an international collaboration to study: pp-collider (FCC-hh)  defining infrastructure requirements e+e- collider (FCC-ee) as potential intermediate step p-e (FCC-he) option km infrastructure in Geneva area ~16 T  100 TeV pp in 100 km ~20 T  100 TeV pp in 80 km Such a tunnel seems to be feasible (i.e. not a real breakthrough) … but what would be the cost??? (see Gotthard talk; F. Amberg) Slide de M. Benedikt

4 Proposal for FCC Study Time Line
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Prepare Kick-off, collaboration forming, study plan and organisation Ph 1: Explore options “weak interaction” Workshop & Review identification of baseline Ph 2: Conceptual study of baseline “strong interact.” Workshop & Review, cost model, LHC results  study re-scoping? Ph 3: Study consolidation Workshop & Review  contents of CDR 4 large FCC Workshops distributed over participating regions Report Release CDR & Workshop on next steps Comments RA: this schedule seems very difficult in my views … too slow ramping up! Slide de M. Benedikt

5 Proposal for FCC WBS top level
preliminary Slide de M. Benedikt

6 FCC EU Design Study (DS) Proposal
Horizon2020 call – design study, deadline Prepare proposal parallel to FCC collaboration setup Goals fo EU DS: conceptual design, prototypes, cost estimates, … From FP7 HiLumi LHC DS  positive experience: 5-6 work packages as sub-set of FCC study ~10-15 beneficiaries (signatories of the contract with EC) kick-off event input from interested partners, end of May submission of EU FCC DS proposal, 2 Sept. discussions iteration, agreements, signatures March April May June July August September 2014 complete draft proposal, end of June Time line Non-EU partners can join as beneficiary – signatory with or w/o EC contribution (contractual commitment) or as associated partner – non-signatory (in-kind contribution with own funding, no contractual commitment) Comments RA: The DS proposal is being developed and discussed within ESGARD. Next meeting March 24 Slide de M. Benedikt

7 FCC Kick-off: draft agenda, Wednesday 12 February

8 FCC Kick-off: draft agenda, Thursday 13 February, morning

9 FCC Kick-off: draft agenda, Thursday 13 February, Afternoon

10 FCC Kick-off: draft agenda, Friday 14 February

11 Friday 14, afternoon 14:00 break out sessions

12 FHC (VHELHC) VIDYO meetings
TLEP VIDYO meetings Every 2 weeks on Monday 15:00-17:00 Emphasis in alternance Accelerator / Physics (Still Emply!) December 2nd see January 6th see February 3rd see March 10th see FHC (VHELHC) VIDYO meetings Many meeting done: January 10, 27, 29, February 6, 10-11 Several meeting scheduled: March 20, May (1st Hadron Collider Workshop)

13 CEPC+SppC For about 8 years, we have been talking about “What can be done after BEPCII in China” Thanks to the discovery of the low mass Higgs boson, and stimulated by ideas of Circular Higgs Factories in the world, CEPC+SppC configuration was proposed in Sep. 2012 A km tunnel is very affordable in China NOW Slides from Yifang Wang (IHEP director)

14 Timeline (dream) CPEC SppC Pre-study, R&D and preparation work
Pre-CDR by the end of 2014 for R&D funding request R&D: Engineering Design: Construction: Data taking: SppC Pre-study: R&D: Engineering Design: Construction: Data taking: Comments RA: Very aggressive schedule!

15 Etudes conjointes IHEP/Tsinghua - Saclay
Intérêt fort de physiciens IHEP et Tsinghua pour CEPC (similaire à FCC) Il est de notre intérêt de suivre ces développements et éventuellement de faire des études conjointes Suite à la suggestion d’Eric, nous avons fait une demande de financement (modeste) dans le cadre du FCPPL pour explorer la mise en œuvre d’une telle collaboration i.e. faire quelques voyages exploratoires dans les 2 sens Si convergence de vue et d’intérêts Etudes de physique communes R&D communes accueil de thésard … Réponse en Avril lors du meeting FCPPL à Clermont-Ferrand

16 CSTS- SPP 6 juin Agenda: CSTS pour les futurs grands projets ILC/CLIC
ILC/CLIC-R&D FCC Proposition Anne Isabelle pour FCC: Une présentation générale sur le physics case du FCC par quelqu’un d’extérieur à l’IRFU (Ellis, Gianotti, Grojean…) Une Présentation du groupe sur les activités IRFU

17 Specific topics for which there is an interest at Saclay
Physics SUSY+other new physics: M. Besançon Invisible H and Z width: S. Ganjour Hgcc decays: F. Couderc Detectors Tracking (and calorimetry): P. Schwemling Calorimetry/Alim./Readout: E. Locci Accelerator Costing: P. Gastinel Beam Optic: J Payet, P. Nghiem

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