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SPS LS1 Planning meeting (N013) 22/05/13

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1 SPS LS1 Planning meeting (N013) 22/05/13
David Mcfarlane

2 Topics Lifts and Monte-charges. Works affecting access.
Transformer Installations Planning. False floors open in the BAs E.C.Rs. The BIG BANG event. Emergency Fire water. Tunnel access at BA6. Thefts. Parking at BA3 Access rights and safety equipment Important Information. A.O.B

3 Lift Maintenance May / June

4 Works affecting access
Location Date Internet works (BB4) Thursday the 23rd May Replacement of cable on AS523 (BB4) Tuesday the 11th June Internet works (BA1) Friday the 28th June

5 SPS LS1 schedule Beam on EPC Commissioning tests
Beam off : 16/02/13 Beam on: 13/10/14 Open Access : 27/03/13 Close Access : 27/06/14 Beam on Cool down/RP survey and Magnet tests Cool down NO ACCESS Fibres 18 KV Kicker Survey Civil Engineering in TT10 RF upgrade works Survey RF upgrade works EPC works Cables Survey Survey Kicker Cables Survey EPC works Survey Survey Maintenance General Maintenance General Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Kicker Magnets Magnets Cables Magnets 18 KV Magnets General maintenance General maintenance Crab Cavities General Maintenance Cooling tower 863 General Maintenance Survey Vacuum Ring-main Ring-main Ring-main Vacuum Ring-main Septa works Ring-main Vacuum Ring-main Fibres Septa works Ring-main Prep work in LSS1 18 KV General Maintenance Maintenance General Vacuum Vacuum RF Upgrade works Cables Survey Horizontal Vertical smoothing Cool down Limited ACCESS Fibres TT20 pipework 18 KV CV maintenance CV maintenance UA works Civil Engineering Irradiated Cables 18 KV Fibres CV maintenance Fibres Cables Cables Cables 18 KV Cables EL Studies Civil Engineering TT10 Consolidation Cables replacement Septa Civil Engineering Civil Engineering CV studies RF Upgrade works Crab Cavities Civil Engineering Civil Engineering RF Upgrade works Re-install equipment removed for cable works RAL Magnets CV works Fibres Cables Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets Magnets EPC Commissioning tests Vacuum Cold check out & Start-up DSO tests/HV tests Protons to the North Area Protons to LHC Ions to NA61 CV Controls upgrade Re-route Cabling

6 False floors lifted in Surface BAs
Below is a table showing the dates that EL will be pulling cables at each point of the SPS. During these periods large sections of the false floor in these surface buildings will be lifted. Any works in the BA’s that involve lifting of the false floors MUST be reported to the Coordination team BAs Cabling pulling start Cable pulling end BA1 (TS1- works) BA1 (Irradiated cable works) BA1 (Fibre Optics) 29/04/2013 08/10/2013 08/04/2013 02/08/2013 14/02/2014 24/04/2013 BA2 06/01/2014 11/03/2014 BA3 BA3 (Fibre Optics) 27/03/2013 22/04/2014 31/05/2013 06/05/2014 BA4 27/05/2013 12/07/2013 BA5 BA5 (Fibre Optics) 30/09/2013 24/05/3013 11/10/2013 BA6 BA6 (Fibre Optics) 13/15/2013 18/10/2013 24/05/2013 BA7 16/10/2013 07/11/2013 If you require access to racks or other equipment in the surface buildings during these periods you must check with planning first.

7 Engineering Change Requests
ECR link ECR Procedure ECR Template All ECRs must be submitted to Jerome Axensalva (BE/OP) AND myself.

8 Current ECR’s for LS1 :V0/P:CERN :V0/TAB3 Removal of AEWB Pick-up from position to 31502 (EDMS No ) RELEASED Removal of a BPWA Pick-up from position to 31101 (EDMS No ) RELEASED Installation of a new Wideband Kickers system in position 32173 (EDMS No ) RELEASED Installation of a new HBW Damper Pick-up in place of BPWA & AEWB 31932 (EDMS No ) RELEASED Replacement of 4 old BPA and 2 BPD by 6 BPCE in LSS1 & LSS2 (EDMS No ) RELEASED Reinstallation of pump and gauges (Pirani + Penning) in (vacuum sector 150) (EDMS No ) RELEASED Modification LSS1 sectorization (new VVSF + displacement VVSB 11772) (EDMS No v.2) UNDER APPROVAL Installation of 3 BCT in LSS5 for North Area protection during Ions operations in SPS. (EDMS No ) UNDER IMPLEMENTATION

9 Current ECR’s for LS1 :V0/P:CERN :V0/TAB3 Transfer of the Fast Beam Current Transformers (BCTFR.31451) for the SPS circulating beam from LSS3 to LSS5. (EDMS No ) RELEASED SPS Beam Position Monitoring Prototyping Setup in LSS4. (EDMS No ) RELEASED Installation de 4 moniteurs de position (2 BPH, 2 BPV), dédiés au système Damper. (EDMS No ) RELEASED Installation d'un nouveau moniteur de position de type BPCR en LSS2 au (EDMS No ) RELEASED Displacement of Door PPG2145 separating the LHC and the SPS in the TI2 tunnel. (EDMS No ) RELEASED Interlocking of Injection Tunnel upstream areas with LHC powering. (EDMS No ) RELEASED Move of BPH to BPH (EDMS No ) RELEASED Optical Fibre Racks. (EDMS No ) RELEASED

10 Current ECR’s for LS1 :V0/P:CERN :V0/TAB3 Removal of old fixed TMP vacuum groups in (EDMS No ) RELEASED BYBPM racks under the SPS dipole magnets as part of the Upgrade of Beam Position Monitors electronics (MOPOS). (EDMS No ) IN WORK Installation de Coffrets d'Alimentation en LSS1 et TT10. (EDMS No ) RELEASED

11 The BIG BANG event (Sunday the 2nd June)
Je me permets de vous écrire car des grilles caddie vont arriver sur vos sites le vendredi 31 dans l'après-midi. Avant de faire la demande de transport, j'ai besoin de votre confirmation pour la livraison (zone de stockage) et de m'assurer que vous ayez assez de place. Si non, où puis-je stocker les grilles? Selon les données que j'ai récupérée de mes collègues pour les lieux de stockage:  Jardin Robinson = dépôt bâtiment 2180 = 5 grilles caddie PT2 Alice = dépôt à définir = 10 grilles caddie PT4 Echenevex = dépôt bâtiment 2470 =  1 grille caddie PT6 Versonnex = bâtiment 2685 atelier SX = 3 grilles caddie PT7 Prévessin Labo 2 = bâtiment 917 = 5 grilles caddie Prévessin CNGS = bâtiment 871 = 14 grilles caddie PT8 Ferney = bâtiment 2890 = 2 grilles caddie * Les grilles sont à entreposer à l'intérieur, ce sont des grilles d'exposition. Elles font environ 1, x 2m



14 Emergency fire water These bags will be located at each point while the main ring main is drained. (17th June to 30th August)

15 Tunnel access SPS Point 6
Hello David, In the last visit I made to sextant 6 of SPS, I noticed that in the tunnel access there was a vehicle (attached picture). I would like to ask you to remember everyone that this vehicle can’t stay there during the ducts installations (1st two weeks of both campaigns in TS6+ and TS6-), since the ducts drum will have to be positioned at the end of the tunnel access, close the beam line. During the blowing + fiber termination (last two weeks of the campaign) it will be also complicated to us if there is any transport passing in the tunnel, since we will need to set the instruments for the fiber termination (close to the mini-racks that BE-BI will install in the following weeks). TS6+ 24/06/2013 – 19/07/2013 TS6- 19/08/2013 – 16/09/2013


17 Break-ins at BA1 and 5 Last week there the access doors to BA5 were left open and during the night kids broke in and cause some damage. Cable bins at BA1 have also been raided.

18 Access rights and safety equipment
Everyone who enters the SPS MUST have the following: Completed the correct courses. Safety course levels 1,2 and 3. Habilitation Electrique. Radiological Protection. Self Rescue Mask Training. The correct access authorisation (via EDH). A valid approved IMPACT. (with their name included on this IMPACT) They must know the number of this IMPACT. Safety shoes. Biocell. Electronic dosimetre. Passive dosimetre. Helmet plus Light. Please note that the medical service no longer contact you when your medical is about to expire!!!!!!! You will receive an 2 months before informing you that some of your access rights will soon expire. It is up to you to contact the medical service to arrange a medical.

19 Parking BA3 Dear Colleagues,
Following a decision by the Accelerator & Technology Sector Management, it is strictly forbidden to park in the space behind the BA3 and CCC (see map below). If the area is congested, any possible intervention by the fire fighters to rescue people or access equipment would be slowed down. This place also serves as a turning area for lorries making deliveries. We draw your attention to the fact that sanctions will be taken against anyone who does not respect this rule. The parking ban is clearly visible on the ground, so please take this into account. Best Regards, Paul Collier Chers Collègues, Suite à une décision du Management du secteur Accélérateurs & Technologies, il est strictement interdit de se garer sur la place derrière le BA3 et la CCC (voir plan ci-après). L’encombrement de véhicules à cet endroit ralentit l’intervention des pompiers qui viendraient porter secours aux personnes ou intervenir sur du matériel. Cet endroit sert également d’aire de retournement pour les camions qui effectuent des livraisons. Nous attirons votre attention sur le fait que des sanctions seront prises envers toute personne qui ne respecte pas cette interdiction. L’interdiction de stationner est clairement visible au sol, nous vous prions donc d’en tenir compte. Cordialement,




23 Important information
Useful Contact Numbers SPS Coordination Team David MCFARLANE Franck BAIS – James RIDEWOOD Control Room SPS CCC – 77500 TI CCC – 72201 CSA RP Christophe Tromel – Angelito Herve – Nadine Conan (BA1) – Kurt Weiss (BA1) Coordination Safety Emmanuel Paulat – John Etheridge

24 A.O.B. « MEYRIN - PREVESSIN - SPS - LHC1 à 8 - EAU DEMINERALISEE Arrêt de la production centrale d'eau déminéralisée du bâtiment 378 » prévue du  vendredi 31 mai 2013 à 8h00 au mercredi 31 juillet 2013 à 17h00. /1 A partir du 3 juin 2013 au matin, EN EL OP effectuera les manœuvres réseau afin de libérer le parc 400kV CERN pour la maintenance et travaux dans le parc  400kV et 66kV, de la ligne ERDF 400kV  sur le site de Prevessin. Tous les charges des réseaux électriques du CERN seront basculées sur l’alimentation 130kV SIG depuis la suisse via la sous station électrique ME10 sur le site de Meyrin. Pour des raisons de contrat d’abonnement et de configuration des réseaux électriques, nous sommes limités à une consommation totale CERN de 50MWatts.  Nous demandons à chacun de faire un effort et de couper tous les équipements électriques non prioritaires. Merci. The cleaning teams have reported finding waste cables, tie-wraps etc, in the waste paper bins in the toilets. Please make sure you use the correct bins for the correct waste!


26 SPS coordination website
\\\J\jocksoft\Public\LS1 Next meeting 05/06/2013 892-1-D20

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