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Leçon 25.

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1 Leçon 25

2 Bonjour, classe! Écrivez vos devoirs: Préparez-vous bien pour l’examen d’Unité 1 le jeudi/vendredi! Prepare for your speaking test first: speaking test on Wednesday! Sortez vos devoirs: Unit 1 test review guide with confidence levels. Tout de Suite: Highlight or underline the 5 (five) items that about which you have the lowest level of confidence.

3 L’objectif IWBAT perform accurate self-assessment of my greatest areas of need before the Unit 1 exam. IWBAT target my studying/reviewing to include my areas of greatest need, and to exclude those I don’t need to review. Why is this a worthwhile objective? How is meeting this objective helping to make you college ready?

4 L’examen: format 60 multiple choice questions: A, B, or C.
10 Listening Comprehension 20 Vocabulary Questions 20 Grammar Questions 5 Reading Questions after a short reading excerpt 5 Culture Questions based on our reading/CELEL Writing: Minimum 10 sentences describing yourself Speaking: You will be called up to the desk to be asked and answer two questions; one question using “faire” and one questions using “avoir.”

5 Speaking: possible questions (expressions avec faire)
Qui fait la cuisine chez toi? Quand est-ce que tu fais tes devoirs? Qui fait la vaisselle chez toi? Où est-ce que tu fais tes devoirs? Est-ce que tu aimes faire la cuisine? Est-ce que tu fais souvent les promenades? Qui fait les courses chez toi?

6 Speaking: possible questions (expressions avec AVOIR)
Qu’est-ce que tu as envie de faire maintenant? Est-ce que tu as l’intention de voyager en Europe? Est-ce que tu as besoin d’argent? Quel âges ont tes frères et sœurs? De quoi est-ce que tu as peur? Quand est-ce que tu as faim? Quand est-ce que tu as sommeil?

7 pratiquez! Take the next 15 minutes to WRITE answers to each of the possible speaking questions. Then, partner up, and practice, practice, practice! Don’t stop until it’s automatic and perfect, and you can do it without reading your paper.

8 Sample question: Vocabulary
Monsieur Leblanc est _____________________ à l’hôpital Dusolier. infirmier vendeur comptable

9 sample question: Grammar
une __________________ amie petit petits petite

10 quelles sont vos questions?

11 billet de sortie What’s your greatest area of need, and what are you going to do to improve your understanding between now and the test?

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