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The value chain and added-value networks

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1 The value chain and added-value networks
NEXTENSO 7 April 2017 The value chain and added-value networks © NEXTENSO

2 Services are performed in the network, services <=> network
NEXTENSO Phone business profitability: Operators sell services, not transmission 7 April 2017 Compare the price SMS vs. voice in term of transmitted bytes !!! 2. PERSON-to-MACHINE IVR 3. NETWORK Prepaid / Postpaid VPN Distribution of most terminals (pre-configuration) PERSON-to-PERSON Voice call Voice mail SMS Services are performed in the network, coupling services <=> network © NEXTENSO

3 Phone business profitability: The operator controls the value chain
content Network with Services terminal Terminals distributed by operators Voice provided by the user

4 Internet and a new value chain: The operators controls transmission
Internet creates a open and universal transmission layer: IP Services and Transmission are decoupled Person-to-Machine communication explodes content Portal services Network Line Network IP terminal

5 NEXTENSO Internet and a new value chain: The services are externalized out of the operator’s network 7 April 2017 Portal Content providers 2. PERSON-to-MACHINE 3. NETWORK Directory Prepaid 1. PERSON-to-PERSON Instant Messaging Phone over IP Video over IP Most Services are performed out of the network, coupling services <=> terminal © NEXTENSO

6 Terminal-based services: Phone services / Pre-paid offer

7 Terminal-based services: Phone services / A Recent E-Mailing Ad Campaign
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8 Terminal-based services: Payment

9 Terminal-based services: Network services … without the network!
NEXTENSO Terminal-based services: Network services … without the network! 7 April 2017 Raw Transmission network Raw Transmission network © NEXTENSO

10 A proposal for the Internet future Putting more value in the network

11 Developing the added-value of the networks
NEXTENSO Developing the added-value of the networks 7 April 2017 2. PERSON-to-MACHINE 3. NETWORK 1. PERSON-to-PERSON Internet applications refer to 3 different aspects of communication : Person to person, person to machine and data flow processing. Alcatel developed a strong offer for each aspect. In the person to person dimension, we are speaking of messaging. Alcatel has a worldwide installed base of more than 100 customers. The offer includes voice messaging and unified messaging and more recently very powerful MMS and Instant Messaging with a very innovative approach. In the person to machine dimension, Alcatel offers a suite of applications to develop and maintain multimedia and multi-terminal portals. Some mobile operators are using this Nextenso suite of applications. Our main innovation is in a new concept of virtual terminal. The applications are developed for this virtual terminal, then a graphist define various parameters (linked to the operator’s image) and this virtual terminal-based applications becomes available on all existing terminals. So the multi-terminal capabilities are much more powerful than traditional portal software offer extended from the classic PC Web systems. The proxies are representing the data flow dimension. The proxies are the applications which are installed in the network (the tube) and which handle data flow processing. The following presentation is about this third dimension which introduces an innovative business value proposal. © NEXTENSO

12 NEXTENSO A Vision for the future – smarter terminals connected by smarter networks 7 April 2017 ++ terminals Sites, portals in a tough competition (Operators but mainly Medias: MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Wanadoo, Tiscali…) 20+ proxies to be inserted in series in the network to add value to the exchanges crossing the network Increase the value in the operator’s « reserved domain », the « line » itself © NEXTENSO

13 What is a proxy? A proxy is an Intermediate node in the data flow
NEXTENSO What is a proxy? 7 April 2017 A proxy is an Intermediate node in the data flow An IP network is made of Transmission Nodes: routers (to orient the flow) proxies (to work on the flow) Examples of proxies Cache, firewall, network anti-virus, WAP gateway… © NEXTENSO

14 Inventing the proxy platform
NEXTENSO Inventing the proxy platform 7 April 2017 Nextenso Proxy Platform designed to develop and run proxies Pipe-line architecture specialized to work on the flow Applications are proxylets to be plugged Full scalability of the software cluster Fault-Tolerant by design Appli 2 Appli 1 © NEXTENSO

15 Nextenso Proxy Platform 3 key advantages
7 April 2017 1. Coherent Administration, for the lowest OPEX Just one platform to manage several proxies 2. Open Architecture, easily expandable to new services Toolkit to develop new proxylets to be plugged (by any development team) Architecture compliant with IETF standard 3. High-Performance, for end-users and CAPEX/OPEX The Operator must reach the best response time for end-users Impressive performance permitted from the specialization of the platform (e.g.,Nx WAP gateway vs. traditional WAP gateways) Much less hardware needed for the same traffic © NEXTENSO

16 Proxies in action e.g.1, Dynamic re-branding
NEXTENSO Proxies in action e.g.1, Dynamic re-branding 7 April 2017 The operator’s bunch of services for its subscribers Operator’s applications « base » Partnership « kiosk » Any sites « connectivity » Content providers as partners Operator's Logo Dynamic modification of the screen pages to rebrand or co-brand the content © NEXTENSO

17 Proxies in action e.g.2, Dynamic colorization
NEXTENSO Proxies in action e.g.2, Dynamic colorization 7 April 2017 New handsets support color Wap sites are in black & white (B&W) B&W services are not acceptable on color terminal (see the TV syndrom and the colorization of old movies) Black & white pages Dynamic colorization of the screen pages according to defined operator’s rules © NEXTENSO

18 Proxies in action e.g.3, Terminal-based content filtering
NEXTENSO Proxies in action e.g.3, Terminal-based content filtering 7 April 2017 Each terminal has specific capabilities E.g., document format The proxy adjusts the pages and the documents (such as images type or size) according to terminal constraints © NEXTENSO

19 Proxies in action e.g.4, Operator-level authentication
NEXTENSO Proxies in action e.g.4, Operator-level authentication 7 April 2017 Operators can provide a single sign-on for the access to the on-line services Ease of use for the subscribers (see phone keyboards) Reinforce the role of the operator in the service delivery Protecting the customer database with “blind identifiers” Operator’s Authentication server The proxy authenticates. Then, it takes in charge the authentication with the applications of the partners © NEXTENSO

20 Proxies in action e.g.5, MMS, simpler and much cheaper
NEXTENSO Proxies in action e.g.5, MMS, simpler and much cheaper 7 April 2017 1. Protocols translation 2. Charging 3. Store the mails 4. Support WAP traffic for MMS MMS is not SMS MMS is just an modified with specific protocols (… not compatible with Microsoft Outlook) A proposal: supporting MMS with proxies and a standard server Prepaid-postpaid systems Nx WAP gateway Nx MMS charging proxy Nx MMS proxy relay Fault-tolerant mail server MMS protocols MMS protocols protocols © NEXTENSO

21 Proxies in action e.g.6, Radio-based Location Calculator
The system computes a more accurate location using several BTSs. The phone gets the radio parameters related to the surrounding BTSs (signal power, timing advance) From this information the location is computed: “triangulation” Location Calculator Radio parameters Enhanced Data flow Data flow

22 NEXTENSO Nextenso Proxy Platform pipe-line architecture is optimized for the implementation of proxies 7 April 2017 The specialization of the platform permits More efficiency with a pipe-line platform than with a general-purpose layered platform More value from the platform itself reducing the complexity of each proxy (stability, creation of a proxy for a new business opportunity) Proxylet Engine WAP Gateway Push Proxy Protocol Mapping Administration http WAP SMS Voice © NEXTENSO

23 Adaptation to the handset WAP gateway, WAP2.0 (I-mode)
NEXTENSO Proxies per domain 7 April 2017 Request Enhancement Location proxy Profile syndication Content Enhancement Re-branding Colorization Adaptation to the handset User Authentication Blind Identifier Payment Charging proxy Services sites Protocols WAP gateway, WAP2.0 (I-mode) MMS proxy relay Push proxy Wireless Optimizer Protocols IBM Lotus Domino Microsoft Exchange © NEXTENSO

24 Summary Terminals are become more and more intelligent. Microsoft & Nokia contribute to this evolution – and this is a good thing. However, the danger is that operators' networks may be reduced to being "dumb transmission systems" as a result of this increased terminal intelligence So, it is necessary to reinforce the business of operators by balancing the development of intelligence in terminals by adding value to the network -- and better serving the end- users. Alcatel's latest lines of telecommunication systems embed innovative Internet functions designed to increase added- value services and generate more revenue from the network infrastructure.

25 Be Ready Now for Whatever Comes Next

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