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Efficacité du stockage Snapshot / clones Gestion des priorités

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1 Efficacité du stockage Snapshot / clones Gestion des priorités
Introduction NetApp Technologie Virtualisation La gamme Efficacité du stockage Snapshot / clones Gestion des priorités Protection RAID Plan de reprise d’activité / PCA Réplication asynchrone / synchrone Solution MetroCluster Intégration applicative Déduplication et VMWARE Exchange Oracle FlexPod 1

2 L’offre NetApp : La proposition de valeur

3 Une valeur unique sur le marché
Une seule solution pour adresser l’ensemble des besoins pour la gestion de la donnée. Simplicité et Flexibilité Efficacité du stockage Sécurité de la donnée Intégration applicative avec les acteurs majeurs du marché : Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, SAP Protection des applications (sauvegardes/restaurations instantanées et granulaires) Mise à disposition d’environnements simple, économique et instantanée PRA/PCA simples et natifs

4 L’Architecture Unifiée
L’approche du marché L’approche NetApp SAN High-End SAN Low/Midrange NAS Disaster Recovery Archive & Compliance Backup Virtualisation Gamme FAS Data ONTAP® Flexibilité Efficacité Agilité Valeur Points to make The traditional industry approach forces you to buy different systems for different needs. This results in a high level of complexity, and often results in poor utilization with stranded silos of capacity and performance that cannot be shared or reallocated You may be spending more than you need to on like-to-like environments for test and dev, archival, DR, D2D backup. With NetApp you can get like-to-unlike environments (protocols and mixed FC and SATA disks) The industry approach means a lot of different processes, different staff, different hardware and software to learn and stay current on. With NetApp’s unified approach, you can simplify your environment; a single hardware & software platform with common management, upgrades, training, people, diagnostics, provisioning The reduction in complexity you get from NetApp can also reduce human error, the leading causes of downtime Suggested script: The unified approach means that you can use the same hardware, software, people, and processes for all your storage and data management requirements, regardless of tier, protocol or task. The advantages include higher people productivity, fewer errors, faster response and lower costs. A good analogy is Southwest Airlines, who have chosen to standardize on the 737, an approach that has helped them become one of the most profitable airlines in the States. Their pilots, mechanics, air flight attendants and other personnel learn one airplane, one set of processes, and they can work on any plane in the fleet. When Southwest Airlines was looking for a storage and data management partner, they selected NetApp because of the similarities in our approach. Southwest has broadly standardized on our solutions throughout their operations. If we aren’t running, Southwest can’t fly. Transition: We have the broadest portfolio of modular systems available from any vendor. Même socle matériel Même socle logiciel Mêmes compétences Mêmes processus Différents matériels Différents logiciels Différentes compétences Différentes procédures 4

5 Topologies du stockage selon NetApp
Fibre Channel FCP Réseau Ethernet NAS CIFS NFS TCP/IP Réseau Ethernet Réseau Ethernet 5

6 La famille des systèmes de stockage
Architecture Unifiée Un seul micro-noyau Tous les protocoles Tout type de stockage Pas de migration Protection des investissements FAS/V6280 FAS/V6240 FAS/V6210 2,9PB 8To FlashCache Performance FAS/V3270 2,9PB 6To FlashCache FAS/V3240 FAS/V3210 2,4PB 3To FlashCache FAS2040 1,9PB 2To FlashCace FAS2020 1,2PB 1To FlashCache 480TB 512 MO FlashCache 100% interopérable ! 136TB SAS, SATA 68TB Capacité 6 6 6

7 L'effet cumulatif de l'efficacité de stockage
Storage Efficiency L'effet cumulatif de l'efficacité de stockage croissance non maîtrisée des données Technologie Snapshot Coûts De stockage Disques SATA RAID-DP® L'impact de l'efficacité de stockage Thin Provisioning Deduplication Thin Replication Virtual Cloning Besoin de capacité 7

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