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French Numbers ! (Bell ringer is on the board!) Essential Question: Why are numbers much more difficult than any other French numbers?

2 A quick explanation… (No need to write this down)
There is no actual term for seventy, eighty, or ninety… at least, not in the way that we think of them, like when quatre becomes quarante, or when cinq becomes cinquante. Rather, it’s sort of like math… all numbers just add from 60. Eighty is made by 4x20, and then for 81-99, you add from there.

3 Sixties & Seventies 60 soixante 70 soixante-dix 61 soixante-et-un 71 soixante-onze 62 soixante-deux 72 soixante-douze 63 soixante-trois 73 soixante-treize 64 soixante-quatre 74 soixante-quatorze 65 soixante-cinq 75 soixante-quinze 66 soixante-six 76 soixante-seize 67 soixante –sept 77 soixante-dix-sept 68 soixante-huit 78 soixante-dix-huit 69 soixante-neuf 79 soixante-dix-neuf

4 Eighties & Nineties 80 quatre-vingt 90 quatre-vingt-dix 81 quatre-vingt-et-un 91 quatre-vingt-onze 82 quatre-vingt-deux 92 quatre-vingt-douze 83 quatre-vingt-trois 93 quatre-vingt-treize 84 quatre-vingt-quatre 94 quatre-vingt-quatorze 85 quatre-vingt-cinq 95 quatre-vingt-quinze 86 quatre-vingt-six 96 quatre-vingt-seize 87 quatre-vingt-sept 97 quatre-vingt-dix-sept 88 quatre-vingt-huit 98 quatre-vingt-dix-huit 89 quatre-vingt-neuf 99 quatre-vingt-dix-neuf 100 cent

5 Numbers 100 – 1 billion (Bell Ringer is on the board) Essential Question: How do you formulate numbers above 100 in French?

6 cent = one hundred deux cent = two hundred trois cent = three hundred etc. What is… quatre cent dix? trois cent quatorze? neuf cent soixante-deux? sept cent quatre-vingt-trois?

7 mille = thousand deux mille = two thousand trois mille = three thousand etc. What is… deux mille deux? huit mille seize? six mille soixante-trois? cinq mille deux cent quinze?

8 million = million deux million = two million trois million = three million etc. What is… cinq million dix-huit? sept million quinze? neuf million quatre mille douze? deux million trois mille deux cent cinq?

9 milliard = billion deux milliard = two billion trois milliard = three billion etc. What is… quinze milliard? deux milliard quatre mille? quatre milliard trois cent? huit milliard quinze? six milliard onze mille deux cent?

10 How about years? mille sept cent soixante-dix-neuf = 1779
mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-huit = 1988 deux mille douze = 2012 Write out in French… What’s the year that you were born? What’s the year that your parents were born? What’s the year that you will graduate? In what year will you turn 21? In what year will you turn 50?

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