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Présentation au sujet: "Vacances."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 Vacances

2 Où passes-tu tes vacances d’habitude?
D’habitude/normalement/en général Je vais à/en/au + more geographical description Je pars avec … On voyage en … On a tendance à voyager en … Le voyage dure … Je préférerais … Pendant le voyage je …/ j’aime + inf/j’ai tendance à + inf Opinions Reasons What a bore! It’s so boring!

3 Qu’est ce que tu fais comme activités?
Je fais/je joue au/je visite/je vais .. (nous/on?) J’aime/je déteste etc + inf Quand/si + weather Time phrases – le matin, le soir, souvent, de temps en temps, etc Wow time phrases? Après avoir/être + past participle; avant de + inf Avec … Opinions Reasons

4 Où est-ce que tu loges? Je loge dans (on, nous) Je descends à
Which is situated … Dans l’hôtel/l’appartement etc il y a … Comme distractions … près de l’hôtel … On peut + inf Describe room + facilities D’habitude j’ai de la chance – j’ai une chambre avec…/qui donne sur …. OPINIONS

5 Où as-tu passé tes dernières vacances?
I spent my last holidays/I spent them… I went with OPINION – c’était … j’ai trouvé ça … We travelled by … The journey was .. During the journey I read, listened to music, watched a film on my laptop, looked out the window, admired the scenery, I slept a bit, I managed to sleep a bit, fortunately .. I fell asleep while listening to music/watching a film I tried to … I wanted to … After … ing? Before … ing? OPINIONS It was a great holiday/an unforgettable holiday It was a holiday which I will never forget It was a holiday which I will always remember I s

6 Qu’est-ce que tu as fait comme activités?
I went I visited I did I saw I sunbathed I swam … I had fun/we had fun I had a laugh/we had a laugh I tried to …. I learned to … With whom you did the activities Weather – the weather was nice so I was able to … Time phrases/how often/when in the day Opinions

7 Où as-tu logé? I/we stayed in .. + type of accommodation
It was …/I found it … It was situated … Facilities Sea view/comfortable bed etc I was lucky/we were lucky Problem? The only problem was … There was a problem however .. I had to share my room with; The water in the shower was cold; there was a lot of noise outside; there were some horrible smells from the kitchen below; there was no view; the food in the restaurant was awful We decided to … change hotel/eat out/complain to the management We asked the management to give us different rooms

8 Parle-moi de tes prochaines vacances
Je vais … Real futures … J’ai l’intention de + inf Je veux + inf; je voudrais + inf I will go THERE with If I can I would like to .. I would like to try something new/something different I think it WILL BE

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