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How to form questions in French

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1 How to form questions in French
FORMING QUESTIONS How to form questions in French

2 QUESTIONS One way to ask questions is by using intonation (adding a question mark) EXAMPLES: Tu aimes chanter? Marie a un livre? Vous aimez aller au café? Another way to indicate you are asking a question is to use the phrase “est-ce que”

3 EST-CE QUE Est-ce que is the phrase put before the question you want to ask, indicating that you are asking a question. The answers will always be yes or no. Examples: Est-ce que tu aimes chanter? Est-ce que Marie a un livre? Est-ce que vous aimez aller au café? Remember est-ce que ALWAYS comes before the statement. NOT Tu aimes chanter est-ce que?

4 EST-CE QUE EXAMPLES Est-ce que nous dansons aujourd’hui?
Do we dance today? Est-ce que vous aimez aller à la piscine? Do you like to go to the pool? Est-ce qu’il aime nager? Does he like to swim? NOTE: When il, elle, ils or elles follows est-ce que, the que becomes qu’ Now write your own example in your notes using one of the expressions with FAIRE that we have learned.

5 Class Work Change the following from intonation questions to est-ce que qestions. Tu aimes aller au cinéma? Nous jouons bien aux cartes? Vous parlez mal le français? Il aime lire? Elles aiment aller au café?

6 QUESTIONS We have learned two ways to ask yes or no questions
Intonation -> Tu joues du piano? Est-ce que -> Est-ce que tu joues du piano? To ask for information, we need to use a question word followed by est-ce que plus a subject and verb

7 Question Vocabulary Question Words:
Quand = when Pourquoi = why Que (qu’) = what? Où = where Comment = how Avec qui = with whom Combien de = How many/How much These are placed before est-ce que and the subject / verb Où est-ce qu’il nage? Where does he swim? Quand est-ce que tu fais du skateboard? When do you go skateboard?

8 Examples Pourquoi est-ce qu’elle fait du ski?
Why does she ski? Comment est-ce que tu joues de la batterie? How do you play the drums? Où est-ce que nous faisons du théâtre? Where do we put on plays? With whom do they (masc.) ice skate? Avec q ui est-ce qu’ils font du patin à glace?

9 EXCEPTIONS DON’T use est-ce que with question words when they are followed by the verb être. Comment est ton amie? How is your friend? Où est ton frère? Where is your brother The question word Qui is followed directly by a verb (conjugated in the il form) Qui joue de la guitare? Who’s playing the guitar? Why is your brother nice? Pourquoi est ton frère sympa? Who does jogging? Qui fait du jogging?

10 HOMEWORK On a separate sheet of paper (NOT ON YOUR CLASS WORK) create six questions using est-ce que Three questions must use the other question vocabulary (où, quand, avec qui, comment) All six questions must have a different subject and a different verb. EXAMPLE QUESTION: Est-ce qu’il a un frère? Be ready to ask other classmates these questions tomorrow!

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