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The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom By: Jennifer Langer.

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2 The Benefits of Technology in the Classroom By: Jennifer Langer

3 How can we presently use technology effectively in the classroom? The current question to ask is if technology is being used effectively in the classroom and verify that it does improve student learning


5 Engaged learning indicators Definition 1. Tasks 1. Challenging and authentic. 2. Assessment 2. Performance-based and an ongoing part of instruction. 3. Learning Outcomes 3. The learner is responsible for his/her own learning. Also, the learner collaborates with others. 4. Grouping is heterogeneous 4. Different ability levels and backgrounds. 5. Teacher Roles 5. Facilitator, guide and co-learner. The teacher is an explorer and helps students construct their own opinions. 6. Student Roles 6. Producer and teacher. They are encouraged to teach others and explore new ideas.


7 According to a survey by Dr. C. Terry Morrow (1995), a professor of agricultural engineering at Penn State, some of the benefits of technology are: It enhances the curriculum It increased flexibility of presentations Improves lectures It provides visualization in a variety of formats


9 Some comments made by teachers after the in-service: I enjoyed using this new technology in the classroom The kids really listen and pay attention when I do power point presentations I think technology has altered the way students learn…for the better I enjoy seeing the work that my students can do I plan on using it more next year in the classroom I use the department web site regularly now

10 Some comments made by students in a post survey about technology were: I enjoy using technology in class I wish we did more online projects I think technology is fun Technology is different, and I dont like doing the same old thing all the time I hope we use more technology next year It was nice using more technology in class because it helped me when I had to use it for another class


12 Teachers and Students Access to computers at home

13 Technology use of teachers August-November

14 Student use of technology outside of the classroom August-November


16 Un Jour Typique Ecrit à: Olivier (Huitième Heure)

17 Après je me réveille,. je mhabille dans ma chambre. Puis, je prépare mon petit déjuner. Je mange des céréales et je nettoie le gâchis.

18 Après le petit déjuner,. je me brosse les dents. Et quand je le fais, jutilise une brosse à dents. Tous les jours, je me brosse les dents trois fois par jour.

19 Quand je fini en me brossant les dents,. je marche de ma maison à mon école, le lycée de Schaumburg. Puis, jassiste tous mes classes.

20 À huitième heure, jassiste la classe de français. Cest une de mes classes favorites. Jai la plus drôlerie en cet classe.

21 Après je marche à ma maison,. je fais mes deviors. Et oui, jaime utiliser les Cliffnotes quand je peux les utiliser.

22 Quand je dîne,. jaime manger la cuisine mexicaine quand je peux le manger. Cest mon cuisine favorite. Autrement, je mange que ma mère fait.

23 Plus tard,. je me repose. Je régarde la télé, je lis, ou jécoute à la musique. Ahh, très relâchant.

24 Je viens de régarder Les Simpsons, et il est 22h30. Je me brosse les dents une fois plus. Puis, je me rase. À terminer le soir, jentre mon lit et je couche.

25 As seen from the presentation, technology can be a useful tool in the classroom. It also does not mean that teachers need to abandon all of their current practices. Technology offers teachers a new outlet. It gives them new opportunities to reach all students and promote life long learning for all.

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