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Towards a Moroccan Digital Library

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1 Towards a Moroccan Digital Library
Abdelhamid Lotfi Al Akhawayn University Morocco Digital Library for the Maghreb Workshop Washington, DC, January 24-25, 2011

2 Moroccan Digital Library
Objectives: Preserve and protect Moroccan heritage Highlight Moroccan contributions to world culture Make accessible patrimonial library resources Provide free access to researchers & other users

3 Moroccan Heritage Libraries
Al Qarawiyyin University (5600 MS of which 3157 are multivolume items) Hassania library Ben Youssef University (about 1450 MS), Tamagrout Zawiya (over 4200 MS), General Library and Archives of Tetouan, Sbihiyya Library, (over 4000 MS) National Library of Morocco (BNRM) Dozens of centuries old rural schools

4 Moroccan Digital Library
Manuscripts Lithography Monographs Maps Journals and magazines ( )

5 Accessing Moroccan Digital Library
(réseau francophone numérique)

6 Moroccan Digital Library Projects
Outsource digitalization of MS and heritage documents (34000 titles) Evaluate MDL portal Set up a newspaper digitization unit

7 Maroc Numeric 2013 Promote the use of ITC in business, industry, education and local and national administration MDL partner of MN2013

8 Towards a Regional DL Heritage collections Published local research
Electronic publishing Regional collaboration

9 References Latifa Benjelloun-Laroui, Les bibliothèques au Maroc (Paris: Maisonneuve Larose, 1990) Ahmed Chaouqui Binebine, Histoire des bibliothèques au Maroc (Rabat: Faculté des Lettres, 1992). Abderrahim Ameur, “Elements pour une stratégie de la numérisation du patrimoine culturel marocain: Cas des fonds manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Nationale du Royaume du Maroc” Unpublished MA thesis, Ecole des Sciences de l’Information, Rabat, 2004),

10 Thank you

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