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Pablo Picasso - 1881 - 1973 P____ P_______ - 1881 - 1973.

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Présentation au sujet: "Pablo Picasso - 1881 - 1973 P____ P_______ - 1881 - 1973."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 Pablo Picasso P____ P_______

2 Ask them to guess the artist and say what this drawing is in French.

3 Nous allons… apprendre des choses sur le travail de Picasso
décrire un tableau de Picasso

4 un taureau un chameau une colombe une personne un cheval
These are Picasso line drawings that students need to label. They probably won’t be able to do these in French the first time around but can see the answers whole class and then try to recall the words when you take the answers away and leave the first letter only again. un cheval un c_ _ _ _ _

5 This is a self-portrait by Picasso
This is a self-portrait by Picasso. Generate a physical description with the whole class and write up on the board. Perhaps also ask them to give their impressions of how he seems ‘Il parait joyeux, triste, timide, sérieux ’

6 Dessinez un cercle ou un oval.
Dessinez un profil au milieu du visage. 3. Dessinez un oeil de face et un oeil de profil. 4. Placez la bouche et le nez. Dessinez des cheveux fous (faire chaque cheveu individuellement) 6. Repassez sur les lignes avec un crayon pastel noir. Creative task - the students are shown Picasso's painting, The Girl Before the Mirror. The students are directed to the faces in the painting and to see how Picasso changed the faces from natural looking faces to abstract faces. The teacher then demonstrates how to draw a ‘picasso-style abstract face’ as follows: Draw a circle/oval for a face Draw a profile down the face. Draw the front view of an eye and a side view of an eye. You can place one eye in a different place. Draw the mouth. Make crazy hairstyles. Draw each hair. Outline every single line with a black pastel. Color all parts. Color each side a different color. 7. Coloriez chaque côté d’une couleur différente.

7 3 1 2 Alternatively, students could choose to describe one of these faces. 6 4 5

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