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The French Platform : a public-private partnership

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1 The French Platform : a public-private partnership
François Gérard, HFA FP Philippe Boullé, AFPCN

2 Prevention and crisis....

3 Civil society representation
P L A T F O R M Strategic Council Environment AFPCN Interior scientific council associations Finance businesses Housing The French platform (COPRNM = Orientation Council for Major Natural Hazard Management) is operated by the French Association for Disaster Risk Reduction (AFPCN), a network of stakeholders from various sectors. The civil society component, AFPCN, is active since The interministerial component was membered on 10 Sept 2009, with the objective to formulate high-level strategic orientations, to be implemented by all relevant ministries. National specialised agencies are contributing through specific working groups. universities Research authorities Regions specialised agencies individuals

4 The COPRNM (Strategic Council for major natural risks prevention)
Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of agriculture and Fisheries Chairman Christian Kert Member of Parliament Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of research Ministry of defense Territorial Communities Civil Society (Experts)

5 COPRNM Tasks Advise Government on DRR policy ;
Propose the National DRR Strategy ; Present actions : International, Review of risks prevention plans, Strategy on floods prevention, Framework of the European directive Strategy on seismic prevention

6 P L A T F O R M AFPCN The French Association for Disaster Risk Reduction (AFPCN): operational arm of the French National Platform scientific council associations businesses universities authorities specialised agencies individuals

7 Partner Organisations: Public, Private, National, Local

8 Board President Christian Kert Assistant-treasurer Roland Nussbaum
Member of Parliament Assistant-treasurer Roland Nussbaum Director of the Insurance Companies’ Mission for Disaster Risk Reduction Vice-President Marie-France Beaufils Member of the French Senate Head, Internat. Relations Philippe Boullé Former director of UN IDNDR & ISDR Executive Vice President Pierre Roussel General Council for Environment and Sustainable Development François Gérard Laurent Pavard Brigitte Mazière Yves Le Bars Hormoz Modaressi Bernadette de Vanssay Liliane Besson Nicolas Gérard Camp'huis Jean Knight Gilles Hubert Xavier Martin Bernard Modéré Serge Villanueva Jean-Michel Attlan Jean-Sylvain Magagnosc Constantin Pontikis Chairman of Sc. Council Paul-Henri Bourrelier Rt. Engineer General. L’Ecole des Mines Treasurer René Feunteun Rt. Chief Engineer of Public Works

9 The French Association for Disaster Risk Reduction (AFPCN)
Operational arm of the French National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Not for profit NGO with public sector and private sector companies and individuals as members Activities devoted exclusively to natural risks reduction Whole chain of risks covered: from scientific knowledge and prevention to civil protection-led crisis management , rescue and reconstruction

10 AFPCN’s Main Tasks To provide advice and recommendations to the French government on legislation and policies To work with private and public sector institutions at national level on natural risk issues To provide guidance and support to local groups and associations and voice civil society concerns to government To participate in regional and international activities related to natural risks To engage through its Scientific and Technical Council in scientific activities related to natural risks

11 AFPCN activities are performed through
Working groups on thematic issues Organisation of conferences and seminars, participation in DRR events Meetings of its Scientific Committee Common initiatives with members and non members of the Basle network of European national platforms

12 AFPCN's publications are available see

13 Merci beaucoup !

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