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By Russell Sheldrake, Linus Calvert and Matt Kerry.

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Présentation au sujet: "By Russell Sheldrake, Linus Calvert and Matt Kerry."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 By Russell Sheldrake, Linus Calvert and Matt Kerry

2 Main Characters Kad Merad-Phillip Abrams – Who is led to believe that he will be moving further south to a better town by the beach. But due to curtain circumstances he is moved to Pas de Calais in La Nord!!! Zoe Felix-Julie Abrams – Phillips wife is so exited about moving further south the it breaks her husbands hart to tell her that they will have to move north. She can not bring her self to do it so she stays south with their son.

3 Places The first place we get to see is the lovely south of France hot and sunny with not a cloud in the sky, this is where the main character Phillip Abrams lives, but when he gets transferred, we see a complete opposite than the one before, it is raining like never before hitting temperatures in the minuss but well this is at night. In the morning there is a utter change in climate it is ok for the temperature and not raining with it being quite sunny.

4 Facts about the film There are the 4 main characters and these are played with Dany Boom, Kad Merad, Larenzo Ausilia-Foret, Zoe Felix. With an opening budget 11,000,000 its a lot of money to. The producer is Dany Boom, the film was made in 2007, and was made in France, the genre is comedy / drama and the music is done by Philippe Rombi

5 What is the film about? The film is about a man who works at a post office in the south of France but wants to transfer to an branch in the beautiful Riviera. He pretended to be handicapped so he could get the job, but was found out and as a punishment he was transferred to the north of France, to a town called Bergues. He is taken aback as the horrible north is so different from the sunny south which he knows.

6 Quel est le film Le film est à propos d'un homme qui travaille dans un bureau de poste dans le sud de la France mais veut transférer à une succursale dans la belle Côte d'Azur. Il a fait semblant d'être handicapé pour qu'il puisse obtenir le poste, mais il a été découvert et comme une punition, il a été transféré vers le nord de la France, dans une ville appelée Bergues. Il est surpris que l'horrible nord est tellement différente de la terrasse ensoleillée du sud dont il connaît.

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