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Mardi le 28 mai

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1 Mardi le 28 mai

2 May 27th -31st BRING BOOKS ALL WEEK
Mon. 5/27 Tues. 5/28 Wed. 5/29 Thurs. 5/30 Fri. 5/31 OFF F 1 Flashcards unit 5 due for 80. H/0-Exam format Grade all book work-self check! Review Moi powerpoint demos Review of “F” words H/W: Study F BORROWED WORDS F QUIZ Flashcards for 70 LAST DAY FOR ALL ON-TIME WORK TO BE IN! More MOI Demos, self- grading & review REVIEW DAY. Last day for all late/makeup work to be in. Finish MOI demos Do book collection, if NOT taking exam EXAM IS NEXT THURSDAY 1st Period Class (44 min.) 2nd Period Class (46 min.) 3rd Period Class (44 min.) 4th Period Class (44 min.) 5th Period Class 1:11) B Lunch (10:17 – 11:42) 6th Period Class & SENIOR Final Exam (60 min.) –MOI DEMOS & movie 7th Period Class & SENIOR Final Exam (60 min.) –MOI DEMOS & movie F 2 R H/O-Exam format Play board games and pick best game. All makeups and late work/quizzes done by Wed. !!!! Start book collection Play games for review & board games REVIEW DAY See schedule above, See “Etre & Avoir” 6TH & 7TH: EXAMS BEGIN 4 SENIORS F 2 PreAP Play Verb board games, pick best game All makeups and late work/quizzes done by Wed. F2 PREAP Play games for review F 2 PREAP See schedule above, See “Etre & Avoir” 6th & 7th period: EXAMS BEGIN 4 SENIORS F 3 All makeups and late work/quizzes done by today! Skits today! Song demo Finish any song/skit oral grades & begin: Le Petit Nicolas Review See LPN See schedule above, Finish Le Petit Nicolas. 6th & 7th periods: Exams begin 4 SENIORS

3 F 2 R & F 2 PreAP All late/absent work in! AB, BL, CS
Board games-practice verbs (You must say the verb-conjugated correctly to advance or win). Once a winner has been declared in your group, leave that game table, so that the next group can rotate to it. Once the entire class has played all the group’s verb games, vote on best game for a prize! 2. Anyone who owes me late/absent work: See me!

4 F 2 Exam guide for R & PreAP
F 2-R: If you are taking your spring exam: please start studying units 3, 4 & 5. Unit 3-la nourriture, Vouloir/Pouvoir/Devoir, le partitif, Acheter/Préfèrer/Payer. Unit 4-Loisirs/spectacles, Les pronoms (me, te, etc.), Lire/Dire/Ecrire, Savoir/Connaître Unit 5-Le sport/la santé, les verbes réfléchis PreAP: Study units 3, (Add: tout/il faut), unit 4 (all), unit 5 (add Y & En) & know unit 6 vocabulary and also the imperfect tense.

5 F 3 AS & HT: LATE oral grade! Skits-5 min. run through, then present
Start song presentations Wed: Finish songs & skits, start “Le Petit Nicolas” or finish “Les Miserables” Thurs.: review & movie. Fri: Review & Movie & LAST DAY TOGETHER!!! LUNDI: L’examen! Your exam will comprise units 3,4,5 & parts of 6. Know: Past/Imperfect, future, conditional tenses, vocab: shopping, travel, hotel, grammar: DOPS/IDOPS, Y & EN

6 F 1-lundi Tues. book work=ZERO. Wed. work not accepted unless you were absent, & it’s only a 50% Thurs. work only in for a 50%, unless absent (100 if you were out on Friday & have it now). Flashcards units 5 & 6 for 80%. Tomorrow is the last day for them!!! Borrowed words “F” for the 70% today. LAST DAY! Your final quiz over them is tomorrow. TODAY: Over answers to Tues/Wed/Thurs book work. FIRST-See: Review powerpoint-UNIT 5 VOCAB. unit 5 pg , 210 F 1 unit 5 ville places house bedroom Quelques endroits.ppt 3. Start “MOI” presentations H/W: STUDY for borrowed words “F” quiz!Units 5 & 6 Flashcards are due for a 70 tomorrow…last day!

7 F 1 Book work from Tuesday ANSWERS-to be checked Tues. 5/28
Tuesday’s Book work: Pg. 198 ex. 3,pg. 199 ex. 5, pg 201 ex. 8, pg. 207 ex. 2. pg. 209 ex. 6 7. Il y a une plage. Il s’appelle Galveston. 8. Il y a un supermarché. Il s’appelle Kroger. 9. Il y a un hôpital. Il s’appelle Tomball medical. 10. Il y a un parc. Il s’appelle Meyer Park. 11. Il y a un stade. Il s’appelle Klein Memorial stadium. 12. Il y a un musée. Il s’appelle MFAH: Museum of Fine Arts Houston. 13. Il y a un hôtel. Il s’appelle Embassy suites. 14. Il y a une piscine. Il s’appelle Splashtown. 15. Il y a un théâtre. Il s’appelle TUTS: Theatre under the Stars. Pg. 198 ex. 3 Il y a un restaurant. Il s’appelle Pappadeaux. Il y a un cinéma. Il s’appelle Movie Tavern. Il y a une église. Il s’appelle Faithbridge. 4.Il y a un centre commercial. Il s’appelle Woodlands mall. 5. Il y a un bibliothèque. Il s’appelle Barbara Bush. 6. Il y a un café. Il s’appelle Euro bakery café.

8 F 1-Asking/giving directions….
Pg. 199 ex. 5 Pardon, mademoiselle(monsieur). Où est l’hôtel Continental? L’hôtel Continental…il est dans l’avenue Victor Hugo. Où est-ce? Tournez à droite! Merci, mademoiselle. Pardon mlle/m. Où est le café “Le Bistro”? Le café “Le Bistro”…il est dans la rue Sully. Où est-ce? Tournez à gauche! Merci mlle/m. 3. Pardon mlle/m. Où est L’hôtel Terminus? L’hôtel Terminus…il est dans la rue Moliere. Où est-ce? Tournez à gauche! Merci mlle/m. 4. Pardon mlle/m. Où est le restaurant “Chez Jean”? Le restaurant Chez Jean…il est dans l’avenue Belcour. Où est-ce? Continuez tout droit! Merci Mlle/m. 5. Pardon mlle/m. Où est le cinéma Lux? Le cinéma Lux…il est dans la rue Massena. Où est-ce? Tournez à droite! Merci.

9 F 1-What room in a house would you be if you were doing these things:
Pg. 201 ex. 8 (Nous dînons) Vous êtes dans la salle à manger. (Tu regardes la télé). Je suis dans le salon. (Antoine et Juliette jouent au frisbee). Ils sont dans le jardin. (J’étudie le français). (Je suis)Tu es dans ta chambre. (M. Martin prépare le dîner). Il est dans la cuisine. (Henri se lave). Il est dans la salle de bains(la toilette) (Ma soeur téléphone à son copain). Elle est dans …. (la chambre/le salon/etc.)

10 F 1-Pg. 207 ex. 2 & 209 ex. 6. Almost done correcting!
6. Le dimanche, tu ne vas pas en classe. Tu vas à la piscine. 7. Le dimanche, Eric et Lea ne vont pas en classe. Ils vont à la plage. 8. Le dimanche, mes copains ne vont pas en classe. Ils vont au stade. 9. Le dimanche, Helene ne va pas en classe. Elle va au centre commercial. 10. Le dimanche, vous n’allez pas en classe. Vous allez dans/aux les magasins. Pg. 207 ex. 2 Le dimanche, Philippe ne va pas en classe. Il va au café. Le dimanche, vous n’allez pas en classe. Vous allez au cinéma. Le dimanche, Celine et Michele ne vont pas en classe. Elles vont au concert. Le dimanche, Jerome ne va pas en classe. Il va au restaurant. Le dimanche, je ne vais pas en classe. Je vais à un match de foot.

11 F 1 last one! How did you do? Pg. 209,ex. 6 Corinne va au musée.
Jean-Francois va au restaurant. Delphone va au cinéma. Marina va à la piscine. Eric va à la bibliothèque. Denise va au parc. Philippe va au concert. Alice va au stade. Cecile va au centre commercial. Lea va au cybercafé.

12 F 1 Exam. You must know units 4, 5 and some of 6
F 1 Exam. You must know units 4, 5 and some of 6. (Units 1-3 material will be in it, just not tested, but you must know it). Unit 4 vocab & Grammar: Objects, people, adjectives, AVOIR & articles (le, la, les, un, une, des) Unit 5 vocab: Places around town, a home, directions, events in town, sports/games Unit 5 grammar: ALLER, VENIR, prepositions to/from, describing a noun, possession with “De” and possessive pronouns 3. Unit 6 vocab: clothing words Unit 6 grammar: IR, RE verbs, Ce/cette/ces-demo adj. and Quel/Quelle-interog. Adj.

13 Mon. June 3rd 7:30-8:30--1st Period Class & SENIOR Final Exam (60 min.) 8:36-9:36--2nd Period Class & SENIOR Final Exam (60 min.) 9:42-11:12--3rd Period Final Exam ALL GRADES (90 min.) F 3 11:18-12:49--5th Period Class A Lunch (11:12 – 11:37) B Lunch (11:43 – 12:08) C Lunch (12:14 – 12:49) 12:55-1:21--4th Period Class (26 min.) Seniors dismissed at 1:21 1:27-1:53--6th Period Class (26 min.) 1:59-2:25--7th Period Class (26 min.) (Buses will run at 2:35)

14 Tues. June 4th 7:30 – 9:00 4th period Final exam F 2 R (9-12th)
9:10 – 10:40 5th Period Final Exam F 2 PreAP (9-12th) (90 min.) (Buses will run at 10:50 & senior grades due)

15 Wed. June 5th 7:30 – 9:00 2nd conference (Exams for 9-11)
9:10 – 10:40 1st Period Final Exam F 2 R (9th-11th) (Buses will run at 10:50)

16 Thurs. June 6th 7:30--9:00-6th Period Final Exam F 1 (9th-11th)
(Buses will run at 10:50) EXAM WILL COMPRISE UNITS 4-6!

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