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French club meets today! 2:35-3:45! Bring your $25.00 dues!

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Présentation au sujet: "French club meets today! 2:35-3:45! Bring your $25.00 dues!"— Transcription de la présentation:


2 French club meets today! 2:35-3:45! Bring your $25.00 dues!

3 1. Linterro- 25 infinitifs (R8,R9,R11)---Etudiez 5 minutes* 2. Les habits: edded&v=gcSJ1cnWD38 4. Finissons: les présentations/le Papillon. Coming up: FIVE FS PROJECT! H/W---Les devoirs: Les mots pg. 44!

4 1. Linterro- 33 infinitifs---15 minutes 2. Les habits: embedded&v=gcSJ1cnWD38 4. Finissons les présentations! Les devoirs: 1. Les mots empruntés H-mercredi! 2. Les mots pg. 44

5 1.W/UP: 3 Baques (des questions) C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\3 bagues warmup.docx 2. Les notes: Les verbes réfléchis/pronominaux:*** 6 C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\A Reflexive Verbs PPT journee typique.ppt C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\Anewreflexivepresentslidesh ow.ppt C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\DEPP verbes reflechis DEPP B.pptx 3.Si nous avons le temps: Finissez les présentations ou Corrigez les pages des verbes? H/W : Lisez pg. 33-34 & commencez vos projets* –le 5 novembre.

6 EX: Catherine a les yeux bleus.Catherine has blue eyes. (= Her eyes are blue.) EX: Quest-ce que tu as dans la main? What do you have in your hand? EX: Jai une cicatrice sur le menton.I have a scar on my chin. A. Lusage de larticle avec les parties du corps p. 38 In French the DEFINITE ARTICLE (le, la, l, les) is generally used with parts of the body. (In English, we use possessive adjectives.)

7 B. Les verbes réfléchis p. 44 REFLEXIVE VERBS are formed with a REFLEXIVE PRONOUN that represents the same person as the subject. Continued... Je me lave.Monsieur Martin se rase.

8 The action is performed by the subject on itself. The verb has a reflexive pronoun as its object. The subject and the object pronoun refer to the same thing. Examples:He hurt himself or we will enjoy ourselves

9 B. Les verbes réfléchis p. 44 USES 1. Reflexive verbs are very common in French. They are used: A. to describe actions that the subject is performing on or for himself/herself. Ex: Catherine se regarde dans la glace. Catherine is looking at herself in the mirror. Ex: Je me fais un sandwich. I am fixing myself a sandwich. Note the use of the DEFINITE ARTICLE after reflexive verbs. Tu te brosses les dents. You are brushing your teeth. Alice se coupe les ongles. Alice is cutting her nails. B. to describe many aspects of ones DAILY ROUTINE. Ex. Je me lève à sept heures.I get up at seven.

10 me - myself te - yourself se - himself or herself nous - ourselves vous - yourself or yourselves se - themselves or each other (m/f)

11 The reflexive pronouns usually precede the verb. Il se réveille.He wakes up. Elle se parle.She talks to herself. Ils se parlent tous les jours. They talk to each other every day. Nous nous amusons. We are enjoying ourselves (having fun).

12 Comment est votre journée typique? Utilisez les verbes pronominaux-20- (20 reflexive verbs) et 5 autres, et decrivez une journée typique? (Au présent, passé composé, et le futur proche). Use time phrase, verb, direct object and another item such as where/when/how. EX: Ce matin je me lave la figure à 6 heures dans la salle de bains. Hier, je me suis lavé la figure à 7 heures. Demain, je vais me laver la figure à 8 heures. Ex: Ma Journee.ppt Pedros movie.pptx

13 Borrowed words B with parts of speech & definitions due tomorrow (today for 105) C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\French_1_Borrowed_Words_Bbbb.doc 1. Study, take Spelling quiz-15-20 min. 2. Notes: pg. 61,62,65-(yellow box- 2X F, 1X E)-15 min. 3. Time? Start grading your APT 7-11 or go over your speaking packets. C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\F 1 APT 7 and 8 B.pdf C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\F 1 APT unit 1 pages 9 and 10.pdf C:\Users\dmccage\Desktop\F 1 APT pg 11 and 12.pdf H/W: Borrowed words B-see link above! Finish notes if not done …. & start planning out 10 good sentences for your postcards! COMING UP: ORAL PACKET GRADE, CANADA PROJECT & SKIT #1. Fun:

14 Using the French That you know From units 1 & 2, create 10 sentences/questions And write a postcard. Ex. Dear (Cher, Chère) Hello, my name is Bob. I am from Spring, Texas. Its hot Here. Whats the weather there? Im American. Im 16 years Old. How old are you? How are You? Im doing well. I would like Pizza in Paris. Do You know my friend Joe? Amitiés, (Bisous), Sue

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