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Le comparatif Le comparatif sert.... à comparer.

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Présentation au sujet: "Le comparatif Le comparatif sert.... à comparer."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 Le comparatif Le comparatif sert.... à comparer.
Il y peut y avoir 4 cas de figure. Prenons l'exemple de Jules et Jim. Jules est moins grand que Jim A < B Jules est aussi grand que Jim A = B Jules n'est pas aussi grand que Jim A ≠ B Jules est plus grand que Jim A > B

2 A<B Le comparatif d'infériorité
LESS + adjectif + THAN It is less important than I thought C'est moins important que je ne le pensais He is less clever than Juliet Il est moins intelligent que Juliet Il est assez rare en anglais : on préfère généralement utiliser le comparatif d'inégalité (A ≠ B)

3 A = B Le comparatif d'égalité
AS + adjectif + AS His neighbours are as noisy as mine Ses voisins sont aussi bruyants que les miens.

4 A ≠ B Le comparatif d’inégalité
NOT AS + adjectif + AS She is not as clever as her sister Elle n'est pas aussi intelligente que sa soeur. Ce comparatif est souvent employé à la place du comparatif d'infériorité, car il est plus poli, plus délicat. Voici un exemple: Jenny is less beautiful than Jessica. Jenny is not as beautiful as Jessica.

5 A>B Le comparatif de supériorité
C'est la que les choses se compliquent. Il va falloir prendre en compte la longueur de l'adjectif. Court ou long ? Les adjectifs courts sont les adjectifs de 1 syllabe comme big, tall, fat, great, slim, fast, large... 2 syllabes qui se terminent en -OW, -ER ou -Y busy, pretty, clever, narrow Les adjectifs longs sont les adjectifs de 2 syllabes qui ne se terminent par -OW, -ER ou -Y constant, pleasant, little 3 syllabes ou plus beautiful, expensive, adventurous...

6 A>B les adjectifs courts
adjectif + -ER + THAN It is darker outside. Il fait plus sombre dehors Modifications orthographiques : Y + - ER = IER Pretty → prettier; happy → happier Quand un adjectif se termine pas un ”e”, celui-ci disparait large → larger Quand un adjectif se termine par une voyelle seule suivie d'une consonne, alors on double la consonne finale. Big → bigger fat → fatter great → greater Les irréguliers Good → better Bad → worse Far → farther

7 A > B Les adjectifs longs
MORE + adjectif + THAN He should be more careful ! Il devrait être plus prudent.

8 Récapitulatif Les irréguliers Good → better Bad → worse Far → farther

9 Exercices (inégalité)
1. He is his brother. 2. It is in Brighton. 3. They are last week. 4. It is the first exercise. 5. It is yours. 6. She is my friends. 7. It is this chair.

10 Exercice supériorité 1. It is in France. 2. It is yours. 3. She is your Mum. 4. t is football. 5. IT is your machine. 6. He is Your grandfather. 7. She is Jane.

11 Exercices 53 1. Dover is than London. (- noisy)‏ 2. His film will probably be ours. (+ successful)‏ 3. Don't you think girls are boys ? (+ sensible)‏ 4. A flea (une puce) is a fly (une mouche). (- heavy)‏ 5. She works her brother. (+ hard)‏ 6. His parents are mine. (+ tolerant)‏ 7. Public transports was it is now. (- good)‏ 8. I'm afraid, Geography is History. (- interesting)‏ 54 1. Is it in Summer ? (+ hot)‏ 2. Sit here, it's this chair. (+ confomtable)‏ 3. Are roads in America ? (= large)‏ 4. Maths is much French ! (+ difficult)‏

12 Exercices (suite)‏ 5. They are they were. (- friendly)‏ 6. Do you think it is a job ? (+ safe)‏ 7. He drove away he could. (= fast)‏ 8. He doesn't feel now. (+ happy)‏ 55 1. Your case is mine. I can't carry ot ! (+ heavy)‏ 2. The second match was the first one. (+ long)‏ 3. She is her aunt. (- rich)‏ 4. I'd like to find a job. ( (+ good)‏ 5. Do you think they are our neighbours. (= careful)‏ 6. It will probably be last month. (+ monotonous)‏ 7. It is that ! (- bad)‏ 8. Is he his sister ? ( = hardworking)‏

13 Exercices (fin)‏ 56 1.I'd like to have holidays ! (+ long)‏ 2. I'm sure it will be here. (- expensive)‏ 3. They're in films before. (+ interested)‏ 4. She's her friends. (+ attractive)‏ 5. You should buy a car ! (+ big) 6. In the North, the weather is in the South (- good)‏ 7. Is Canada America ? (+ large)‏ 8. I'd like to be she is. (= enthusiastic)‏

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