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Questions II How do you Form Questions in French??

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1 Questions II How do you Form Questions in French??

2 Last time we learned 3 ways: Example sentence: Tu vas à laéroport. Raising voice: Tu vas à laéroport? Est-ce que: Est-ce que Tu vas à laéroport? Inversion: Vas-tu à laéroport?

3 there are more rules to Making questions.

4 The new rules only factor in when talking about inversion As we said, inversion is: Tu vas à la piscine becomming Vas-tu à la piscine.

5 First rule to add on You can NEVER switch the subject and the verb if the subject is Je. Tu vas à la piscine -- vas-tu à la piscine Je vais à lécole CANNOT BECOME Vais - Je à lécole.

6 Rule one continued If you want to ask a question with Je, you can use: Raising voice: Je vais à lécole. Est-ce que: Est-ce que je vais à lécole?

7 In your notes, make questions out of: Je trouve le stylo. Je mange le fruit. Je sais skier (to ski).

8 Answers: Est-ce que je trouve le stylo? OR Je trouve le stylo? Est-ce que je mange le fruit? OR Je mange le fruit? Est-ce que je sais skier? OR Je sais skier?

9 The second rule Try to use inversion with this sentence: Il étudie.

10 Problem étudie - il? It sounds strange. Youve got the e sound and the i sound. It doesnt flow. So, you add a -t- between the two. étudie - t-il? That flows better

11 Just to clarify The official rule is that with any subject other than Je (doesnt work for this), Tu, Nous, or Vous, you need to add a t when inverting. On va ------ va - t- on? Il a -------- a-t-il?

12 The nice part about this Dont add a t if there is one already there. il est ----- est-il ils vont ----- vont- ils

13 Lets try a few in our notes Il va Elle danse On sait

14 Answers Va- t - il Danse - t- elle Sait - on

15 French children are making fun of you by mimicking everything you say. One of them is telling you something. Turn everything they say into a question.

16 Tu es fou.

17 Il étudie!

18 Elle rigole.

19 Nous aimons les chats.

20 Il trouve tes lunettes.

21 Elle casse la fenêtre.

22 On déteste les chiens.

23 Elle fait fi de toi.

24 Nous mangeons les carrottes.

25 Elles réussissent à lexamen.

26 The kid is not taking the hint. Start asking him questions. Translate the following.

27 Do you like to study?

28 Do you hate to play?

29 Do you go?

30 Do you know (connaître) Philip?

31 Do you know how to do math (faire les maths)?

32 Do you work?

33 Do you give gifts (donner les cadeaux)?

34 Do you buy Dvds (les dvds)?

35 Do you watch T.V. (regarder la télé).

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