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Laboratoires & Matériels WiFi

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1 Laboratoires & Matériels WiFi

2 Le matériel de vos TP Enoncés de TP + DRIVERS + software: Matériels stations clientes Cisco : existants et disponibles D-Link NetGear 3Com Matériels points daccès, ponts Cisco D-Link NetGear Logiciel+carte sniffer AirMagnet NetStumbler WireShark … Postes Windows XP Pro, 2003Server, … (Debian, BackTrack2)

3 Tableau P1 2003Svr P2 XPpro ap1314 P3 2003Svr P4 XPpro P Svr P14 XPpro P9 2003Svr P10 XPpro P Svr P12 XPpro Salle 408 6/7 groupes de travail ap12 ap1112 ap34 AP910 P5 2003Svr P6 XPpro P7 2003Svr P8 XPpro ap56 ap78

4 Salle Détail dun groupe « À Gauche » Nom: Px (x=1,3,…) OS= 2003Svr (Image Windows TP Admin) Cartes Réseau (du haut vers le bas): Sur CarteMère: Realtek8139 SMC --- vide --- Cisco PI21AG À vérifier « À Droite » Nom: Py (y=2,4,…) OS= XP pro (Image Windows TP Admin) Cartes Réseau (du haut vers le bas): Sur CarteMère: Realtek8139 SMC Cisco PI21AG --- vide --- À vérifier P1 2003Svr P2 XPpro ap12 « Au Milieu » Nom: apxy

5 Salle Détail sur Svr Px AP NIC sur CarteMère: Realtek8139 Cable droit en RJ45 sur switch réseau fixe sur réseau IUT /24 NIC en slot PCI: SMC « Au pire »: Cable croisé reliant lAP en fixe sur réseau groupex 10.0.x.0/24 Cisco PI21AG Se connectera sur lAP en WiFi.. P1 2003Svr P2 XPpro ap12

6 Le matériel de vos TP

7 Supported OS Windows Operating Systems The Aironet Windows driver disk includes drivers for: Windows 95 and 98 and Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP Windows CE 2.x, 3.x, and 4.x Linux and Macintosh Linux using kernel versions 2.2.x or 2.4.x with Macintosh PowerBooks and PowerMacs using Mac OS 9.x or Mac OS X 10.1 not for use with Macintosh notebooks that have a built- in wireless card (AirPort) Cisco Connection Online (CCO)

8 1200 Series Access Point Ports Console Port Ethernet Port with or w/o power Link Traffic DC Power Mode or Default config reinit button

9 Cisco Aironet 1240AG Series Access Point a antennas b/g antennas

10 Available power modes

11 Console port Requires roll-over cable Telnet Requires an IP address Web Browser Requires an IP address Preferred connection To set an IP address: Use DHCP Server Use IPSU Set using Console port Connecting to the Access Point Console Port Telnet Web Browser

12 Force an IP via DHCP or IPSU

13 Consider the AP as a bridge AP extends wired features to the wireless BVI : Bridge Virtual Interface From which you manage the AP FastEthernet0 is the first interface Dot11Radio0 is the second interface is simply another interface on AP

14 Logiciels et pilotes disponibles Sniffer Wifi AirMagnet + PCcard Proxim ORiNOCO Gold abg spécifique + laptop Logiciels utilitaires Pilotes et logiciels propriétaires

15 Annexes

16 AIR CB20A/CB21AG The Cisco Aironet® 5 GHz 54 Mbps WLAN client adapter is an IEEE a- compliant CardBus Type II Atheros Chipset MadWifi

17 AIR PCM352 a PC card with an integrated antenna A PCMCIA card radio module can be inserted into any device equipped with an external Type II or Type III PC card slot Specific Cisco Prism chipset Airo_cs

18 LED: indicateurs

19 AIR LM352 LM card does not include a built-in antenna

20 AIR PCI Series PCI client adapter is a client adapter card radio module, which can be inserted into any device equipped with an empty PCI expansion slot, such as a desktop computer. These cards are typically shipped with an antenna that attaches to an external connector

21 Mini-PCI Intégrés dans les laptops ou point daccès Mini-PCI (MPI350) client adapter is an embedded solution also used in the Cisco 1100 AP and 1200 AP to provide b

22 Cisco Aironet b only Considered as a (workgroup) bridge Not using IOS but VxWorks

23 Mini-PCI Radio 2.2 dBi Omni- Directional Diversity Antennas Option 1: b Cisco Aironet 1100 Series Internal View

24 Cisco Aironet 1200 Access Point the 5 GHz Upgrade b 5 GHz technology allows for the addition of an 11a network over your 11b network = b+a a

25 1200 Series Access Point Ports Front Cover LEDs Status Lights Ethernet Status Radio Activity Ethernet Activity Status Radio Activity


27 Repeater lab P1 2003Svr P2 XPpro apP P3 2003Svr P4 XPpro apQ 408pXY1408pXY2408pXY3408pXY4

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