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Les Adjectifs Possessifs

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1 Les Adjectifs Possessifs

2 Les Adjectifs Possessifs
In English, we only have one way to say possessive adjectives: My, your, his/her, our(s), ya’ll’s, their(s) In French, because all objects are either masculine or feminine and all adjectives must agree…there are different forms! It doesn’t matter the gender/number of the owner…what matters is the gender/number of the object owned! Example: Paul’s mom: sa mère (It doesn’t matter that Paul is a boy…it matters that his mom is a female!)

3 In French, the possessive adjectives MUST agree with the gender/number
of the object that is owned… NOT the owner!

4 (Owner) Masc Fem Plur (je) my (tu) Your (il) His (elle) Her (nous) Our
(vous) Yall’s (ils/elles) Their Mon Ex. mon sac Ma Ex. Ma guitare Mes Ex. Mes copains Ta Ex. Ta guitare Tes Ex. Tes copains Ton Ex. ton sac Son Ex. son sac Sa Ex. sa guitare Ses Ex. Ses copains Son Ex. son sac Sa Ex. Sa guitare Ses Ex. Ses copains Notre Ex. notre sac Notre Ex. notre guitare Nos Ex. nos copains Votre Ex. votre sac Votre Ex. Votre guitare Vos Ex. Vos copains Leur Ex. Leur guitare Leur Ex. leur sac Leurs Ex. Leurs copains Click here for a song to help you remember our possessive adjectives in French!

5 Con’t Pronunciation reminder: You must form the liaison after mon, ton, son, mes, tes, ses Mon oncle, tes amis, son amie If you have a singular object that is feminine, but begins with a VOWEL… you must use mon, ton, and son Ie. Mon amie Claire REMEMBER: The gender of the owner doesn’t matter…it’s the gender of the object owned!

6 Try some of these….Write them in your notes, then click to check your work!!
My dog His sister My parents Your walkman Her house My camera Your friend Her bags Mon chien Sa soeur Mes parents Ton baladeur Son restaurant Mon appareil-photo Ton ami Ses sacs

7 A vous… Our car Their sisters Y’all’s mom Our books Their house
Y’all’s rooms Notre voiture Leurs soeurs Votre mère Nos livres Leur maison Vos chambres

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