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Family Tree Project Le français I Chapitre 4.

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1 Family Tree Project Le français I Chapitre 4

2 Your tree The tree can be your own family, a celebrity family, a cartoon family, a made-up family. The objective is for you to use French & be able to describe people. If you do not feel comfortable using your own family, you don’t have to. But you still have to do the project, so find another family that you want to use.

3 A theme You will present this project to the class.
If we see 35 presentations of “trees,” it can start to feel repetitive. Choose a theme for your background. NOT a tree. DO NOT TURN IN A TREE!!! Pick a theme that makes sense to your family. If your favorite family vacation is the beach, use seashells as the main idea. If your family plays sports together, use a sports theme.

4 Past themes that were really creative
A dart board Dolphins Halloween Costumes & candy corn Cars The Game of Life Famous baseball players Disney characters Winnie the Pooh Nascar TV shows

5 Pictures The theme pictures can count as your pictures. You don’t have to use real photos if you don’t want to. If you do choose to use real pictures, be aware the poster will go on the wall for display, so don’t use any photos that are important or one-of-a-kind. Some students have brought in pictures to show during their presentation, but don’t paste/tape to the project. That is fine.

6 Mon grand-père Il s’appelle Chet. Il aime l’histoire. Il est interessant. Il est mort. Ma grande-mère Elle s’appelle Marilyn. Elle est creative. Elle est sympa. Elle est mort. Mon oncle Il s’appelle Winkie. Il est fermier. Il aime les avions. Il a 63 ans. Ma tante Elle s’appelle Doanne. Elle est fermière. Elle a trois chiens. Elle a 60 ans. Ma mère Elle s’appelle Holly Elle est infirmière. Elle est sympa . Elle a 53 ans. Mon père Il s’appelle David. Il est dentiste. Il aime les photos. Il a 54 ans. Mon oncle Il s’appelle Chet. Il travaille avec les ordinateurs. Il est intéressant. Il a 50 ans. Ma cousine Elle s’appelle Holly. Elle est étudiante à l’université. Elle est brune. Elle a 21 ans. Moi Je ma’ppelle Nicole. Je suis intelligente. Je suis prof. J’ai trente-deux ans. Ma soeur Elle s’appelle Heather. Elle est amusante. Elle aime la musique. Elle a 29 ans.

7 Connecting Family Members
Solid line connects two people who are married. Also used to connect them to their children. Dotted line connects two people who are not married, but have children together. Be careful not to connect siblings with any lines - you are related, not married!

8 Divorced relatives Anne Dave Jennifer Steve -------- Luke Donna ME Ben
Dave & Jennifer were married & had two kids - me & my brother Ben. They divorced. Dave remarried Anne (my stepmom) and they had Donna, my half-sister. Anne already had a son, Luke (my step-brother). My mom remarried Steve, but they didn’t have any more kids. Luke Donna ME Ben

9 10 People Each person will have the following information listed (in French): My _______ (relationship) His/her name is ____________. One sentence describing him/her. He/She is __________ years old.

10 Completing the project
You will be given class time to complete the written part of the project. Use the time wisely and help each other during peer edits. Putting the project together must be done out of class. Pay attention to the due date! Each day late decreases your grade by ONE LETTER GRADE! Be on time!

11 Today’s assignment 1. Decide who you will include in your family tree.
2. Draw a rough draft connecting the family members. Just write their names. 3. On a separate sheet of paper, start writing the text portion for 5 of your family members in French.

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