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Success Series French -ir verbs.

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1 Success Series French -ir verbs

2 There are 3 groups of REGULAR verbs in French: verbs ending with -IR = 2nd group
We are going to study –ir verbs of the second group in this presentation. For basics, review th epresentaion on –er verbs

3 The Infinitive A Stem An ending The infinitive in French consists of :
chois ir réuss ir fin ir Choisir: to choose; reussir: to succeed; finir ; to finish; Review the –er presentation for conjugation basics.

4 conjugation Stem ending chois ir réuss ir gross ir … Now add new endings To conjugate you will keep the stem and drop the infinitive ending which is -ir for 2nd group verbs. Once you have the stem, you will add new endings to this stem

5 Conjugation of regular –ir verbs
Singular Plural Je - is Nous -issons Tu - is Vous issez il / elle –it on ils / elles issent

6 Conjugation of regular –ir verbs
Singular Plural -is issons issez -it issent Note Note how these verbs hissent iin the plural, hence I call them snake verbs. Remember not to pronounce the –ent!

7 Regular -ir verbs: grossir
je grossis nous grossissons tu grossis Vous grossissez Il/ elle grossit on Ils/elles grossissent Grssir means to gain weight, to become fat In the singular, you do not pronounce th e-is r the it Note that you end up with 4 s in the plural. Remember not to pronounce –ent.

8 Regular –ir verbs Adjectives can become regular –ir verbs:
gros = Grossir grand = Grandir maigre = Maigrir Grossir to gain weight; grandir is to grow up and by extension to mature, maigir to lose weight.

9 Regular –ir verbs Color adjectives can become regular –ir verbs:
jaune = Jaunir rouge = rougir vert = verdir * blanc = blanchir* Many colors can become regular –ir verbs showing the process of turning that color. Jaunir is to turn yellow, rougir is actually to turn red, to blush. Note that Verdir is to turn green but the end T becomes D . Blanc becomes blanchir too become white. It also means to launder money actually.

10 Regular –ir verbs Some nouns become regular –ir verbs: La fin = finir
Le choix = choisir La fin is the end so finir is to finish; le choix Is the choice, choisir to chose

11 Regular –ir verbs Examples: grand = Grandir: Les enfants grandissent.
jaune = Jaunir: La feuille de papier jaunit. la fin = finir: Le film finit bien. Note how you do not hear –ent in les enfants grandissent: the children are growing up You do not hear –it in la feuille de papier jaunit ; the paper is truning yellow You do not hear –it in le film finit bien: the movie ends well. Finit is it because Le film is like It a 3rd person

12 Partir, Sortir, Dormir are Irregular –ir verbs

13 Irregular –ir verbs Partir Vous partez Il/ elle part on
je pars nous partons tu pars Vous partez Il/ elle part on Ils/elles partent

14 Irregular –ir verbs Sortir Vous sortez Il/ elle sort on
je sors nous sortons tu sors Vous sortez Il/ elle sort on Ils/elles sortent

15 Irregular –ir verbs Dormir Vous dormez Il/ elle dort on
je dors nous dormons tu dors Vous dormez Il/ elle dort on Ils/elles dorment

16 are –er verbs in disguise
The verbs: Offrir, Ouvrir, Couvrir are –er verbs in disguise Offrir: to give or offer, ouvrir to open, or couvrir to cover actually conjugate exactly like regular –er verbs!! These are not snake verbs

17 When 2 verbs follow each other: conjugate the first verb the second verb is in the infinitive

18 When 2 verbs each follow other.. Nous aimons réussir 1 2
We like to travel. See how the first verb is conjugated and the second verb is in the infinitive with the ir ending. Nous aimons reussir, we like to succeed.

19 Passé - Composé Past participle of regular –ir verbs: -i J’ai choisi.
Regular –ir verbs make their past participles in the passe compose with i added to the stem.

20 Practice Conjugate: Vous (réussir) Elles (choisir) Tu (grandir)
Je (dormir)

21 Practice Conjugate: Vous réussissez Elles choisissent Tu grandis
Je dors Note how dormir is irregular!

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