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Agenda 10:30 - Roadmap Produit 11:15 - Support & Maintenance

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1 Agenda 10:30 - Roadmap Produit 11:15 - Support & Maintenance
12:00 - Fusion Middleware 13:00 - Programme de Références 13:15 - Cocktail Déjeuner 14:30 - Assemblée Générale du GFU

2 Roadmap Produits Raphael Lallemand Program Manager

3 Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

4 Agenda La Stratégie Oracle EnterpriseOne 8.12 World Roadmap
Scénarii d’évolution

5 La stratégie Oracle PROTECT Protéger votre investissement
EXTEND Accroitre la valeur de vos applications EVOLVE Accompagner vers la prochaine génération d’applications.

6 Protect.

7 Votre système d’information représente un investissement considérable
votre Investissement PeopleSoft Enterprise $ Votre système d’information représente un investissement considérable JD Edwards EnterpriseOne $ JD Edwards World $ Oracle E-Business Suite $

8 Qui sera préservé dans le futur
Supporté au moins jusqu’en votre Investissement PeopleSoft Enterprise $ 2013 Qui sera préservé dans le futur JD Edwards EnterpriseOne $ 2013 JD Edwards World $ 2013 Oracle E-Business Suite $ 2013

9 Extend.

10 Version actuelle PeopleSoft Enterprise Version 8.9 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Version 8.11 JD Edwards World Version A7.3 & A8.1 Oracle E-Business Suite Version 11i.10 Depuis l’acquisition, de nouvelles versions de E, E1, World & EBS sont disponibles.

11 Version actuelle Prochaine Version PeopleSoft Enterprise Version 8.9 Version 9 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Version 8.11 Version 8.12 JD Edwards World Version A7.3 & A8.1 Version A9 Oracle E-Business Suite Version 11i.10 Version 12 …Et l’extension de chacune des lignes de produit continuera dans le futur.

12 Evolve.

13 PeopleSoft Enterprise
Version 8.9 Version 9 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Version 8.11 Version 8.12 JD Edwards World Version A7.3 & A8.1 Version A9 Oracle E-Business Suite Version 11i.10 Version 12 Alors que chacune des lignes de produit sera “Protected” et “Extended“ dans le futur…

14 Next Generation Applications
PeopleSoft Enterprise Version 8.9 Version 9 Zoom sur la version 8.12 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Version 8.11 Version 8.12 JD Edwards World Version A7.3 & A8.1 Version A9 Oracle E-Business Suite Version 11i.10 Version 12 & Next Generation Applications … Une Nouvelle génération de solution applicative sera développée et distribuée

15 The Value of Your Software Investment.
Agenda La stratégie Oracle EnterpriseOne 8.12 World Roadmap Scénarii d’évolution Protect. Extend. Evolve. The Value of Your Software Investment.

16 Release 8.12 Design Principles
Deep and Adaptive Global Processes Deep and Adaptive Industry Processes Superior Ownership Experience Release 8.12 Design Principles

17 Zoom: EnterpriseOne 8.12 Principales Améliorations Nouveaux Modules
Tools 8.96 Supply Management Sourcing Opérationnel Manufacturing Suivi Cultures Tarification & paiement des récoltes Gestion cuveries & assemblages Supply Chain Management Customer Relationship Management Comptabilité Finance Total Ownership Experience Customer-Driven Features Updates & Additions de Platforms

18 Supply Management Nouveau Module 8.12 : Sourcing Opérationnel
Analyze Data* Develop Event Publish Event Suppliers Respond Compare Responses Award Event Spend & supplier analytics Market differentiation analysis Item configuration and options Open or sealed events Event and line level questions Invite suppliers or ad-hoc bidders Items and services in same event invited bidders with event details and sign-on information Restrict buyers from changing the event PDF / XML output will be available Mandatory registration for ad-hoc bidders Online response (or proxy) Enable or disable visibility to response scores Analyze as score attributes View three bid responses at once, in summary, or detail Allow splits to multiple suppliers Create purchase or blanket order Convert ad- hoc bidder to supplier Convert ad- hoc item to item master JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Operational Sourcing is concentrated on providing the primary functionality to create, manage and award an RFx sourcing event for a mixture of inventory items or services using the internet as the communication medium between the buyer and bidders. This solution is designed for mid-enterprise companies or autonomous divisions of larger organizations where consolidation of enterprise-wide quantities is not required. This new module is fully integrated into the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne supply chain and procurement offering. The result is a solution that encompasses all phases of an integrated supplier life cycle, starting with making critical sourcing decisions to supplier payments. Oracle’s Approach Oracle developed 8.12 Operational Sourcing based on a) customer-expressed needs and b) the needs of mid size companies Large organizations have different needs—more complex and sophisticated Our customers and mid size companies need a solution that fits basic needs at a low Total Cost of Ownership. They do not typically have the purchasing volume to drive quick and dramatic ROI. They focus on becoming Lean (mfg) and building better and more efficient supplier relationships They want the core functionality in their ERP solution. Not an Add on or bolt on that requires integration services Develop Sourcing Event: Open or Sealed Events Event and Line Level Questions Flexible Question Definition Commodity Based Questions Weighting of Questions and Possible Responses Invite Suppliers or Adhoc Bidders Items and Services in Same Event Save and Continue capability Publish Event: Creates s to invited bidders with event details and sign-on information Restricts the buyer from changing the event unless it is paused – a new set of s is sent if this occurs PDF/XML output will be available Suppliers Respond: Bidder Registration Mandatory for ad-hoc bidders Captures Address Book data Bidder Response Online response (or Proxy) Visibility to response scores (if enabled) Bid Responses unavailable to the Buyer until Bidder submits as Posted. Response Comparisons: Bid Analysis and Comparison Analyze as Score attributes View three bid responses at once, in summary or detail Bid Award Allows Splits to Multiple Suppliers Creates Purchase or Blanket Order Converts Ad-hoc Bidder to Supplier Converts Ad-hoc Item to Item Master Additional FYI—regarding abandonment of reverse auction strategy Over the years, our customers have told us they would like to be able to perform reverse auctions on some highly commoditized items but don’t have the volumes across a commodity group to interest the larger distributors to participate. We are not pursuing a reverse auction strategy because: Auctions are regarded as Price only Difficult to compare other cost elements Negative to building Supplier Relationships Suited to local ‘commoditized’ items in larger quantities Difficult for ‘Engineer-to-Order’ items due to lack of bidders Buyer typically committed to buy at lowest value or score, even if cost is higher than desired Buyers are interested in participation in sell side Auctions to snipe an investment deal *Accomplished outside of 8.12 Sourcing functionality

19 Food & Beverage Industry
Grower Management Grower Pricing & Payments Blend Management Manage Lots Package / Bottle Blend Receive Crops Initial Processing Manage Vessels / Containers

20 Food & Beverage Industry 3 Nouveaux modules en 8.12
Grower Management (Suivi des Cultures) Suivi des caractéristiques de parcelles & des cultures, pour un contrôle des processus réplicables. Grower Pricing and Payments (Tarification des récoltes) Améliore la visibilité et le contrôle sur les contrats avec les cultivateurs. Grower Management Crop Growers are refining their growing processes through identifying and duplicating successful techniques. Tracking the attributes of a block of land and the operations performed throughout the growing period has been difficult to capture, but vital to understanding the effects on crop production and maturity dates. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Grower Management allows growers to capture both the vital block details and attributes, as well and the activities performed throughout the entire growing season. Grower Pricing and Payments Success in agri-business is tied to the ability to gain control over supply. Today’s agri-business producers are looking to establish agreements and then track and monitor compliance of terms and conditions with their growers. While many software vendors have solutions that can create a contract document and retain all the revisions and amendments, few are able to provide detailed compliance tracking. The new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Grower Pricing and Payment solution is designed to help agri-business producers gain visibility and control over their contracts with growers. This module, fully integrated with the new Grower Management offering, will enable companies to enter pertinent terms and conditions in the system and effectively edit and monitor them for compliance. Blend Management Increasing global competition, mergers and acquisitions and technical innovations in the food and beverage and wine industry are forcing producers to seek fully integrated business automation solutions based on ERP to help improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. These producers are looking for increased visibility, repeatable processes and quality control. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Blend Management is a solution that addresses the growing requirements of the agri-beverage industry. This EnterpriseOne module focuses on tracking lot attributes from the source of supply through to the bottled finished product with a goal of driving process repeatability, label integrity and award-winning results. This new offering is also fully integrated with existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP systems such as inventory, address book, procurement and accounting for end-to-end business visibility and control. Blend Management (Cuverie & assemblages) Etablir et maintenir la qualité des lots par le suivi des attributs des lots depuis la culture jusqu’au produit fini. CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

21 Automotive Industry Enhanced Transportation Shipment Sequencing
Recommendations Cartons et Information etiquette Sequence Demande & Livraison Traitement de la demande Création de la commande “Pick, pack, ship” par séquence spécifique de livraison Edition des étiquettes par séquence de livraison. Support de structure d’expédition multi-niveaux tels que des cartons sur des palettes. Capture EDI Transaction HIGH LEVEL ENHANCEMENT DESCRIPTION Enables the receiver of goods to: specify the order in which the goods are to be unloaded Specifies the sequence in which the goods are to: enter the materials handling process be consumed in the production process Sequence Demand and Delivery: Process inbound demand, create sales orders, then pick, pack, and ship product corresponding to a specific job and item delivery sequence number. This capability allows suppliers to deliver product to their customers manufacturing production lines in the exact sequence in which the parts are required. EDI Transaction Capture: To reduce costs of manual data entry and associated errors, Transportation Shipment Sequencing supports capture of shipment job and sequence number through inbound EDI 862, 866, DELJIT transactions. Theses transactions will be interpreted against a set of user configured rules to determine the item, quantity, and associated sequence number to pass to the sales order and transportation shipment Note: For customers that do not use EDI transactions or the Demand Scheduling Execution module, the shipment job and item sequence values can be manually entered on the sales order, or mapped by the customer through other interoperable methods that can create the sales order detail. • Carton Recommendations and Label Information: Provides labels that identify the customer's shipping sequence number or range of sequence numbers associated with a specific carton and then identify the cartons as X of Y (e.g. 1 of 50) to support loading the vehicle in the correct shipment sequencing order. The sequencing will support a multi-level shipping structure such as cartons within pallets within a shipment. IMPACTED MODULES Demand Scheduling Execution Sales Order Entry Transportation Management Warehouse Management Sales Order Processing Accounts Receivable Capture des numéros d’expédition, de job et de séquence dans les transactions EDI . Transactions interprétées à partir de règles par article, quantité et séquence pour transfert à la commande client et à l’expédition.

22 Distribution Industry Tarification Avancée
Améliorations “Skip-to” logique pour définir la séquence d’évaluation des ajustements de prix. Matrice de prix pour faciliter la mise à jour de masse des prix de base. Meilleure flexibilité dans la modification manuelle de prix Accélération du calcul de prix. Stratégie de tarification efficace augmente les revenues et la satisfaction client. Business Drivers Les agents commerciaux ont besoin de flexibilité & une utilisation intuitive dans le moteur de tarification pour faire des recommandations Effective pricing strategies increase revenues and customer satisfaction. Flexibility and usability of your pricing engine assist in accomplishing this. Since JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.9, several enhancements have been delivered to increase the effectiveness of Advanced Pricing, available in Sales Order Management and Procurement, to enable you to implement and manage sophisticated pricing strategies. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 continues along this path targeting both flexibility and usability. Enhancements • Skip to Logic: The Advanced Pricing Adjustment Schedule allows companies to define the evaluation sequence of pricing adjustments. With “Skip To” you can add additional logic to allow the system to move to a different sequence when an adjustment qualifies. This allows for the creation of branching logic in pricing schedules. • Price Matrix: Provides improved usability in the mass maintenance of base prices (defined as override prices). Once defined, users can maintain multiple pricing scenarios in one screen and define basic formulas based on other intersections in the matrix. • Price Override Flexibility: In environments where customer service representatives or sales people have the authority to override prices on Sales Orders, those orders should still be eligible for pricing adjustments such as rebates and accruals. With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 now you can identify those adjustments and ensure that they are applied. This holds true for Purchase Orders priced through Advanced Pricing as well. • Accelerated Pricing Resolution: Improved Advanced Pricing resolution response through a new option to load pricing information into memory. Pricing data loaded into memory can be accessed more quickly speeding up business processes where Advanced Pricing is used, including Sales Order Entry.

23 Superior Ownership Experience Themes EnterpriseOne 8.12
Améliorations Customer-Driven Réduction du TCO Continuité de la stratégie Fusion

24 Customer Driven Enhancements
Facilité d’utilisation “Impression immédiate” par version Icones & boutons dans les grilles Moniteur de performance par utilisateur Respect des contraintes règlementaires Sécurisation des annexes & enregistrement des informations de dernière modification. Security reports Amélioration de l’Audit Attachment security and Attachment “Last-changed” information When adding attachments (aka Media Object) to a transaction, the attachments are often a supporting document that should never be changed, even by the person who originally attached it. This enhancement will allow an attachment to be permanently attached, preventing modification or deletion after the transaction is committed. We also track the user id, date/time, application, and machine ID relative to the transaction that changed the attachment. Security Reports This enhancement will provide customers the ability to report which users have access to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications, UBEs, and tables, and what level of access the user ID or role is granted. The report can be filtered by an object, system code, or object type for any user or role combination. A programmable interface will also be provided for development of custom reports. Auditing Improvements Selective Auditing--Before this enhancement, when a column of a table was marked to have its changes tracked in the audit trail, any change to any marked column would trigger the audit record to be written. With this enhancement, customers will have the ability to select which columns trigger an audit record and which columns will be added as information into the audit record without triggering an audit. For example, imagine a product that goes trough several checkpoint statuses – concept, in work, and final. You only care to put the information into an audit trail when it goes to a new status. You do not care about any changes while it stays at the in-work status. With this enhancement this will be possible. Mark the Checkpoint Status column as the trigger and mark the other columns as informational to the audit trail. Print Immediate Operation at version level Before this enhancement, the print immediate flag was only available at the application level. This means that all versions of an application could be immediately printed upon completion of execution. Often it is desired that only some versions print immediately. For instance, you may want only final versions to be immediately printed for an order to be filled. Before this enhancement, the print immediate flag could not be used to only print the final version. This enhancement will allow customers to have more control on the print immediate operation by allowing it to be specified at the version level instead of the application level. Icons & Buttons in Grid Before this enhancement, the limitation of plain text only in the grid causes poor interaction design. Some of the limitations are: • Little visibility of a row's status. • Indirect and cumbersome selection and launch process. • Multiple steps to complete a task. This enhancement will help tremendously in usability and performance since icons are quicker to recognize. User Level Performance Monitor The Performance Monitor tool was introduced with the 8.95 release. This tool is designed to efficiently identify performance bottlenecks in a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation. With the 8.95 release, monitoring could only be enabled on a system-wide basis. The 8.96 release will enable administrators to turn on performance monitoring on a user-by-user basis.

25 Total Cost of Ownership + d’applications d’administration en Web
Audit Reporting Nécessite moins de postes « client lourd » Security Workbench Création des utilisateurs et de leur sécurité Configurable Network Computing  Object configuration management Favoris  Configuration des Menus EnterpriseOne Et encore plus … Giving the customer the option to run more E1 administrative applications on the web makes administration of E1 more convenient and reduces the amount of machines needed for client installs. The following application areas (as of Tools 8.96/ Apps812) are now available from the web client (as well as fat client): Security Workbench User Overrides OCM Cross Ref UI Config LDAP Svr LDAP Svr Templates OSA Setup UDC Sharing Bar Code Font Report Director Templates Favorites Smart Field Templates Drill Down Table Purge Column Headings 52 Column Headings BSFN Where Used Parent DLL Assign Audit Reporting Customers will be able to use the View Audit/Signature Information application (P ) through the Web Client interface. This enhancement will reduce the number of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne desktop installs. Additionally, the move to the Web Client interface allows more than one user to look up audit information in a LAN environment. Prior to the 8.96 release, users relied on Terminal Server access. Now you can configure users and their related security through the web interface. Common tasks like adding a user and configuring the permissions on a role are now web enable. Configurable Network Computing The Object Configuration Management (OCM) capabilities are now available through the web interface. Tasks such as mapping objects to specific data source. The E1 menu is now configurable from the web interface.

26 Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Roadmap
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 8.11 Demand Flow® Manufacturing Embedded CRM Sales & Service Sales & Operations Planning Requisition Self Service Pay When Paid Compliance Solutions 8.11 SP1 Usability Performance Tools Updates ESU Consolidation HCM Leave Admin enhancements Enhanced Searching in CRM First Support of Fusion Middleware 8.12 Sourcing Grower Mgmt. Grower Pricing & Payments Blend Mgmt. Transportation Sequencing Pricing Matrix Activity/Calendar Usability Fixed Asset Reg. GDPDU Tax Extracts Leave Enhance Phase II Training, eRecruit Search DBA Enhancements Fusion Reporting Operational Analytics Manufacturing Dashboard 9.0 Feature List WIP Project & Services DFM Execution Selling Service Channel Mgmt TOE Usability Install Maint. Fusion Technology Adoption fusion fusion fusion Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.

27 Next Generation Applications
PeopleSoft Enterprise Version 8.9 Version 9 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Version 8.11 Version 8.12 Zoom sur la version A9.1 JD Edwards World Version A7.3 & A8.1 Version A9 Oracle E-Business Suite Version 11i.10 Version 12 & Next Generation Applications … Une Nouvelle génération de solution applicative sera développée et distribuée

28 The Value of Your Software Investment.
Agenda La stratégie Oracle EnterpriseOne 8.12 World Roadmap Scénarii d’évolution Protect. Extend. Evolve. The Value of Your Software Investment.

29 Les années Oracle… 2005 2006 2007… A9.1 A7.3.16 A8.1.6 Q1
Service Oriented Architecture Workflow Excel download/upload Lot Qualité Kanban Contraintes règlementaires A7.3.16 Crystal for World Business Process Modeler for World Enhancements Self Service A8.1.6 Lean Manufacturing & Distribution Cross Environment Consolidations Web Interface We are actively working on our next major release, planned generally available for the end of 2006 calendar year.

30 The Value of Your Software Investment.
Agenda Applications Strategy EnterpriseOne 8.12 Preview World Roadmap Scénarii d’évolution Protect. Extend. Evolve. The Value of Your Software Investment.

31 EnterpriseOne : Upgrade Scenario
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Xe Période de passage potentiel vers Fusion Scenario 1 : Rester avec EnterpriseOne Xe pendant toute la durée de support – soit 2013 Passer à Fusion Application des qu’il y a une justification Business No official announcement yet that we will support a direct move to Fusion Applications from Xe. It is still under consideration. Fusion Application Release Cycles Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.

32 EnterpriseOne : Upgrade Scenario
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 EntrepriseOne Xe Xe 8.12 (ou suivantes) Fusion Applications Release Cycles Scenario 2 : Passer à EnterpriseOne 8.12 ou 9.0 en 2008* Passer à Fusion Applications des qu’il y a une justification Business *Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.


34 A Q &

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