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La présentation est en train de télécharger. S'il vous plaît, attendez

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11 2013 mercredi le 11 septembre 2013.

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1 WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11 2013 mercredi le 11 septembre 2013

2 F 1 Book check Notes Makeup quizzes Prep for oral grade Handouts F 1 -Book check Notes (2) Review ABCs, numbers, colors, greetings. H/W: Handout-colors & fix sentences. Early bird orals F 1 Oral grade Due: Bor. Words A Rest: Handouts F 1 Late borrowed words Oral grade cont. PROJECTS (FP pays) Rest: Handouts F 1 Work due Late/Ab oral grades Intro game Mon: Statue/ET movies. Fri: quiz F 2 R Book check Je me Presente-if ab Over F 1 vocab pkt. Handouts to do in class Bor. Words back F 2 R -S & S check Handouts due Over pg. 2 Vocab F 1 Notes: Time, weather F 2 R PROJECTS OUT Je me présente-orally #s, days, months, seasons review F 2 R Review all PROJECTS OUT-5F Intro game F 2 R Quiz-F 1 vocab Next: School vocab, prepositions,things Next: France/Paris movie or Papillon Oral grade: 5 F F 2 PreAP SAM 1 per. 4 done? SAM 1-not per. 7 Handouts & review pg. 1 F 1 vocab packet F 2 PreAP- S&S in. See above Plus B/W sentences F 2 PROJECTS OUT Sentences & B/W due! See above F 2 PreAP PROJECTS OUT-5F Sentences for 50 Review all Intro game F 2 PreAP QUIZ: F 1 vocab Next: School vocab France/Paris or Papillon movies Oral grade: 5 F F 3 Makeup quizzes +20 points: verbs & idioms book Pg. 4-5 orally Start letters/do bonus F 3 S & S in? W/UP: translate sentences with idioms. Rough drafts & Bonus booklets in Work on letters F 3 PROJECTS OUT W/UP: choose verb to go in sentences Letters due –rough drafts Introduction game F 3 Warmup: Eng-French using idioms Letters for 50% Get letters/acrostics back Finish intro game PROJECTS OUT H/W: Fix/turn in neat letters. Acrostics due Wed. on computer paper F 3 See SAM 1 & 2 Next: 3 rings, Le dormeur du val Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sept. 9-13 week (3 rd week of 1 st 6 weeks) McCage

3 F 3 Warm UP: choisissez et conjugez le verbe! Letters rough drafts due! Rest: get yours back! Name Acrostics due (rough drafts) Begin introduction game! No H/W! Tomorrow: project specs out.

4 F 3 warmup. Choisissez et conjugez le verbe! 1.Je ___ en retard. SUIS 2.Il ___ la vaiselle. FAIT 3.Nous ___ chercher du soda. ALLONS 4.Tu ___ envie de dormir? AS 5.Vous ___ de faire les devoirs? VENEZ ALLER ETRE FAIRE VENIR AVOIR ?????

5 F 2PreAP-Homecoming ballots 1.Borrowed Words G sentences-100% NOW! (or hand in a blank paper that has heading/#/title). 2.Warmup: Do next slide in your notebook! 2 nd section: warmups 3.See: (weather) (time): 65AF2B6F14B 4. F 1 vocabulary-orange pages & also review R2 & R3 5. Notes: LA VIE SCOLAIRE (page 5)-in notebook! 6. If time: Q & A papers back & practice aloud for oral points! H/W: pg. 5 & Handouts on school supplies/class & study for quiz (R2, R 3, orange packet-Friday!!!)

6 F 2 PreAP Warmup-Répondez aux questions: 1.Quel temps fait-il aujourdhui? Il fait chaud. (beau). 2. Quel temps fait-il en hiver? Il fait froid (frais). Il neige. 3. Quel jour est-ce aujourdhui? Aujourdhui est (cest) mercredi. 4. Quelle est la date aujourdhui? Cest le 11 septembre. 5. Quelle heure est-il? Il est 8h30. (Huit heures trente/et demie).

7 F 2 R 1.Zeros-owed work etc. 2.Notes: pg. 5 of textbook (school/subjects words) 3.Vocabulary F 1-Orange packet page 3 and R 2 R 3 vocabulary review. See: (weather) (time): C65AF2B6F14B C65AF2B6F14B Funny: If time? Je me présente-Q &A for oral points YOUR QUIZ IS NOW FRIDAY! (TABLETS TUES!) H/W: study R2 & R3 & start School packet!

8 F 1 1.Draw #s for oral grade today, quick review. 2.Turn in Map of France/Flags page NOW or a blank sheet of paper with heading/#/titleALL OF YOU! 3.Turn in Borrowed Words A definitions if you have them-due by end of class. 4. Rest of time: work on Borrowed Words A for 100 (due at end of class) or work on Cognates pages! H/W: Finish cognate pages for 100 tomorrow or finish borrowed words for 70%. Map/Flag for 50%. Project specs out tomorrow! Pick countries tomorrow!

9 F 1-Oral grade 1.Lalphabet: A,B,C,D,E………Z. 2.Les nombres 0-20-comptez: 0, 1, 2,3…..20 3.Les couleurs: Red, black, green, pink, brown, purple, yellow, white, blue Skit: SKIT: Bonjour! Bonjour madame! Comment tappelles-tu? Je mappelle Sophie (S- O-P-H-I-E) Quel âge as-tu? Jai # ans. Tu es de Texas? Oui, je suis de Texas. (Non, je suis de…..) Tu es américain(e)? Je suis américain(e). (Non, je suis..) Au revoir! Au revoir madame!

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