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‘Tour de France’ September 2010 Chris & Jackie Rix Paul & Ros Harkness.

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Présentation au sujet: "‘Tour de France’ September 2010 Chris & Jackie Rix Paul & Ros Harkness."— Transcription de la présentation:

1 ‘Tour de France’ September 2010 Chris & Jackie Rix Paul & Ros Harkness

2 1. Faites une Liste Route Bike Bike gear Luggage Medical Insurance Documents Tickets Clothes

3 2. Moto Preparation Get new tyres Get the good lady an Airhawk seat pad Tyre sealant, tools, torch, tie wraps, chain lube, tyre repair kit, black tape, spare rider visor Caberg’s + Scala’s, Draggin jeans, winter gloves, air-flow jackets, waterproof summer boots Euro medical, AA/RAC & debit cards, Euros cash Travel insurance Inform motorcycle insurance company of dates in each country Load up and test ride well before leaving

4 3. L'itinéraire Plan to avoid more than 250 miles in a day & stop every 45 mins Belfast to Dublin Dublin to Holyhead Holyhead to Gloucester Gloucester to Plymouth Plymouth to Santander, Spain Santander to Saint-Savin, Pyrenees Pyrenees to Fleurac, Dordogne Dordogne to Loches Loches to Caen Caen to Cherbourg Cherbourg to Rosslare Rosslare to Belfast ()

5 4. La Carte d'Itinéraire

6 5. Les motos / les femmes 100 miles Skylon £60 p.n.

7 6. Les Bagages Tank Bag Wet trousers, over-mits, jackets Sunglasses, ipod, camera, spare keys, adaptors, chargers, rope lock, towel Dry zip pocket: passports, driving lic., bike ownership, routes, tickets, insurance details, cash One night’s clothes + wash kit Top Box Light shoes, shorts, light trousers, light fleece, swimmers, sun hat, 4x polo shirt, 6 x T-shirts, boxers, socks, jeans, summer gloves Panniers Her stuff

8 La deuxième nuit + 188 miles Holiday Inn, Gloucester £100 double Irish Ferries £40 p.b. to Holyhead

9 Pont-Avon à Santander Brittany Ferries £247 for 3 berth + 145miles To Plymouth

10 7. Prendre Garde les Signes de Route 50kph = 31mph in towns 80-100kph = 62mph on open roads 110-130kph = 81mph motorways Signs for the lower limit when raining (Spot fines - exceed by 40kph = license confiscated) Red triangle – approach to roundabout Town name – start of 50km/hr speed limit Town name with strike through – end of 50km/hr Diamond shape – you have right of way Priorite a droite – give way to traffic from right Cedez le passage – traffic on roundabout has priority Drink driving limit is 50mg/100 lower than UK 80mg Unleaded is SP95 (Gazole is Diesel / SP98/95-EO ethanol added) Never go on motorways without topping off with fuel first

11 L'hôtel Les Rochers +272 miles Euro 100 p.n. double Le chat souriant

12 La Saint-Savin Ville Scénique Pastiche à La Poste

13 Le Haut Pyreenes Pont d’Espagne

14 Le Tour de France Col d’Aubisque

15 Pyrenees très élevé Pic du Midi d'Ossau 9,462ft

16 La Villa dans Fleurac, Dordogne + 200 miles Villa £1,200 p.w

17 Dordogne Scénique Esquivez foi gras ou des gésiers?

18 La Maison de Moulin à Loches + 196 miles to Caen Euro 70 double + 204 miles to Loches

19 Le Nec Plus Ultra Sacrifice + 76 miles to Cherbourg Irish Ferry Euro 179 p.c. Normandy

20 La Fin

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