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‘Tour de France’ September 2010 Chris & Jackie Rix Paul & Ros Harkness.

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1 ‘Tour de France’ September 2010 Chris & Jackie Rix Paul & Ros Harkness

2 1. Faites une Liste Route Bike Bike gear Luggage Medical Insurance Documents Tickets Clothes

3 2. Moto Preparation Get new tyres Get the good lady an Airhawk seat pad Tyre sealant, tools, torch, tie wraps, chain lube, tyre repair kit, black tape, spare rider visor Caberg’s + Scala’s, Draggin jeans, winter gloves, air-flow jackets, waterproof summer boots Euro medical, AA/RAC & debit cards, Euros cash Travel insurance Inform motorcycle insurance company of dates in each country Load up and test ride well before leaving

4 3. L'itinéraire Plan to avoid more than 250 miles in a day & stop every 45 mins Belfast to Dublin Dublin to Holyhead Holyhead to Gloucester Gloucester to Plymouth Plymouth to Santander, Spain Santander to Saint-Savin, Pyrenees Pyrenees to Fleurac, Dordogne Dordogne to Loches Loches to Caen Caen to Cherbourg Cherbourg to Rosslare Rosslare to Belfast ()

5 4. La Carte d'Itinéraire

6 5. Les motos / les femmes 100 miles Skylon £60 p.n.

7 6. Les Bagages Tank Bag Wet trousers, over-mits, jackets Sunglasses, ipod, camera, spare keys, adaptors, chargers, rope lock, towel Dry zip pocket: passports, driving lic., bike ownership, routes, tickets, insurance details, cash One night’s clothes + wash kit Top Box Light shoes, shorts, light trousers, light fleece, swimmers, sun hat, 4x polo shirt, 6 x T-shirts, boxers, socks, jeans, summer gloves Panniers Her stuff

8 La deuxième nuit miles Holiday Inn, Gloucester £100 double Irish Ferries £40 p.b. to Holyhead

9 Pont-Avon à Santander Brittany Ferries £247 for 3 berth + 145miles To Plymouth

10 7. Prendre Garde les Signes de Route 50kph = 31mph in towns kph = 62mph on open roads kph = 81mph motorways Signs for the lower limit when raining (Spot fines - exceed by 40kph = license confiscated) Red triangle – approach to roundabout Town name – start of 50km/hr speed limit Town name with strike through – end of 50km/hr Diamond shape – you have right of way Priorite a droite – give way to traffic from right Cedez le passage – traffic on roundabout has priority Drink driving limit is 50mg/100 lower than UK 80mg Unleaded is SP95 (Gazole is Diesel / SP98/95-EO ethanol added) Never go on motorways without topping off with fuel first

11 L'hôtel Les Rochers +272 miles Euro 100 p.n. double Le chat souriant

12 La Saint-Savin Ville Scénique Pastiche à La Poste

13 Le Haut Pyreenes Pont d’Espagne

14 Le Tour de France Col d’Aubisque

15 Pyrenees très élevé Pic du Midi d'Ossau 9,462ft

16 La Villa dans Fleurac, Dordogne miles Villa £1,200 p.w

17 Dordogne Scénique Esquivez foi gras ou des gésiers?

18 La Maison de Moulin à Loches miles to Caen Euro 70 double miles to Loches

19 Le Nec Plus Ultra Sacrifice + 76 miles to Cherbourg Irish Ferry Euro 179 p.c. Normandy

20 La Fin

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