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Présentation au sujet: "I KNOW THE CEFR…NOW GIVE ME THE STRATEGIES!"— Transcription de la présentation:

Alfreda Ledonne, Carole Knezevic, Susanna Gojsic Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

2 Brise-Glace La cure pipe La réflection: Créez et partagez
Comment est-ce que cette activité aide nos élèves? Qu’est-ce que cette activité renforce? Carole -

3 L’oral dans la classe DwU

4 Apprendre une langue…

5 Apprendre une langue…

6 Wall street institute…
We teach people how to understand & speak English, not to memorize grammar and vocabulary. We offer flexible class scheduling. You can begin learning English at a time most convenient for you. There are no strict class schedules to follow. Only English is spoken in our centers, creating an immersion experience that helps you learn. We have an Innovative method that integrates three different teaching styles to help all students learn. We offer small class sizes: an average of 3 students in core classes. Our teachers are native English speakers. We have over 35 years experience. Our students have fun! Each center offers Social Club activities where you can learn English while participating in fun social activities both in the center and at an outside location.

7 CEFR AT WORK… What does the CEFR look like in my classroom?
L’ Approche Communicative La Perspective Actionnelle La Grammaire est enseignée en contexte SUE AC: The students are: Talking (more than the teacher), Partners, small group, large group Engaged in purposeful and authentic activities Language conventions are embedded PA: Link to CEFR: action-oriented approach, student self-assessment through use of CAN DO statements (metacognition), development of language skills that are relevant to authentic situations In initial stages of communication, the approach promotes “talk” and ability to communicate while gradually increasing accuracy over time Student are SOCIAL ACTORS: they communicate for a purpose (making a reservation, confirming travel) To become a social actor, the teacher role is to ensure that students have the needed language skills and communication strategies necessary to succeed in the task. The focus is on the student: interests, experiences and needs. Grammar Grammar and language structures ARE NOT taught in isolation through work sheets. They are purposeful and are repeatedly practiced in meaningful ways over times. i.e Do I need to know all forms of VOULOIR or do I need to know how to use it to fulfill a basic need…Je veux de l’eau

8 40 minutes of Student Talk Time…C’est Possible!
Define the communication goals for that class What am I going to have the students say to me today? What problem will they solve? Use a variety of groupings Have them work in partners, small groups, and large groups Change this a number of times in a period. Use a variety of “quick” strategies : Réchauffement, Action et Consolidation Freda

9 Réchauffement: Minds On/Warm-Up

10 Maïs Soufflé Freda

11 La Circumlocution How to get my students to not ask:
Comment dit-on…en anglais? Teach them how to “talk around” an unknown word by using other communication strategies. 5 minutes: Freda Focus on the importance of teaching students de se debrouiller…why Comment dit-on is NOT authentic?

12 Essayons la Circumlocution
Choisissez un image. Essayez à décrire le mot en utilisant la circumlocution. Freda Braces Hamster Headache

13 Expansion of the “Oldies”
Prof du jour (Je me Présente) Q & A P: Quel est ton nom? S: Mon nom c’est… A & Q P: Mon nom c’est… S: Quel est ton nom? La date: Aujourd’hui, Hier, Demain La météo: carole

14 Le Prof du Jour La Date Avant Maintenant
Quelle est la date aujourd’hui? Aujourd’hui c’est le vendredi 22 mars, 2013 C’est le 22…C’est vendredi Quelle était la date hier? Quelle était la date _______ (le jour de la semaine)? Est-ce que hier était le _______? Quelle va être la date demain? Quelle va être la date _______ (le jour de la semaine)? Est-ce que demain va être _______? La Météo Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait aujourd’hui? Aujourd’hui il fait…beau, chaud, froid, frais. Quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui? Maintenant? Quel temps a-t-il fait hier? Quel temps va-t-il faire demain? Carole

15 Action Sue

16 Tapis Roulant Les questions personnelles La négotiation Les directions

17 À la Banque A reward system linked to an authentic situation: Going to the Bank. Students earn and/or are taxed “dollars”. At a set time each week, students role-play a customer and a bank teller to either deposit or withdraw money. Once a month, students take part in a class auction and bid on items for sale. Links to the financial literacy piece of the upcoming revised new curriculum. me

18 Consolidation À la chaîne:
Can be used to enforce reading comprehension, a sequence of events or general vocabulary Carole

19 Action Oriented Task Examples
What do I want my students to talk about? Example: Je me présente 4/5ieme: You are a new student who just arrived at a new school. You want to make a new friend. Introduce yourself to your new seating partner. 6ieme: You are a contestant on the Bachelor looking for your ideal mate. Introduce yourself to the panel of judges on the Bachelor, explain your personal details, interests, hobbies and your ideal partner. 7ieme: You’re a contestant on Miss Universe. Introduce yourself to the world and explain why you are the ideal candidate based on what you would do in your role. 8ieme: You’re a contestant on a reality TV show. Present yourself to the judges. Explain why you would be a perfect candidate and past experiences that will help you in this role. Carole

20 Authentic Exposure La musique Les publicités
La compréhension: les exemples Les publicités Tic Tac France (Worst Breath in the world) Evian Roller Babies Freda

Explicitly teach COMMUNICATION and COMPREHENSION strategies mots amis, gestes, etc) These are tools for students Explicitly teach COMMUNICATIVE strategies used to get them to talk!! FOCUS on creating a safe environment and promoting risk- taking: Encouragement: Celebrate what they CAN DO Maximize student engagement by incorporating student interests. Emphasise that SUCCESS is different for each student. Provide support: anchor charts, resource pages Provide multiple opportunities for practice through gradual release: Modeled Practice, Shared Practice, Guided Practice, Independent Sue

22 Questions?
Alfreda LeDonne, FSL Core Grade 7 Carole Knezevic, FSL Core 4 – 8 Susanna Gojsic, FSL Core 4 - 8


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