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El Calendrier Français

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1 El Calendrier Français

2 lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi samedi dimanche
le jour le weekend la semaine lundi = _____________ aujourd’hui = _____________ mardi = _____________ demain = _____________ mercredi = _____________ hier = _____________ jeudi = _____________ le jour = _____________ vendredi = _____________ la semaine = _____________ samedi = _____________ le weekend = _____________ dimanche= _____________ le mois = _____________ l’année = _____________ Monday Today Tuesday Tomorrow Wednesday Yesterday Day Thursday Friday Week Saturday Weekend Sunday Month Year

3 We ______ _______ capitalize:
________, _________, or ________ DO NOT days months seasons

4 janvier Le Nouvel An/La Fête des Rois février La Chandeleur mars Mardi Gras/Le Carnaval avril Le Poisson d’Avril mai La Fête Des Mères juin La Fête de la Musique

5 juillet La Fête Nationale août La Fête des Jumeaux septembre Le Jour du Travail (à Québec) octobre Le Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe novembre Le Beaujolais Nouveau décembre La Fête des Lumières/Le Noël

6 Winter Spring Summer Fall Les Saisons de l’Année
En hiver (décembre/janvier/février) = __________ Au printemps (mars/avril/mai) = __________ En été (juin/juillet/août) = __________ En automne (septembre/octobre/novembre) __________ Winter Spring Summer Fall

7 Le Nouvel An La Fête des Rois premier janvier le 6 janvier
The New Year is celebrated throughout France very similarly to the United States 3 Kings Day is when French families serve la Galette des Rois, a sweet cake with one slice that hides a porcelain doll (la fève). The one who finds the doll is named King/Queen for the day and may choose someone else to take the throne with him/her

8 La Chandeleur le 2 février
This is a religious holiday to welcome the purification of Virgin Mary of the Christian Faith. A more modern custom is to make crêpes. The custom is to toss the crêpe in the pan while holding a coin in the other hand. If the crêpe lands in the pan, one can expect financial luck throughout the year.

9 Mardi Gras/ Le Carnaval variable en mars
Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout Western Europe as well as in Louisiana here in the United States. It varies in date depending on Easter. Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) is a time for Christians to celebrate and indulge before beginning the Lenten Season which entails sacrifice and repentance.

10 Le Poisson d’avril le premier avril
The New Year used to be on April First because it was close to the Spring Equinox (a time of equal day and night). It was changed in 1582 with the order of Pope Gregory XIII who declared the New Year to be in January. Many still celebrated New Year in April and thus were deemed “Fools” and thus began the tradition of April Fools Day and le Poisson d’avril in France in which children attempt to stick a paper fish on the backs of unsuspecting adults

11 La Fêtes des Pères occurs one month later in June on the 3rd Sunday.
La Fête des Mères le 24 mai Declared an official holiday after WWII (1950) in France, this is a day dedicated to Mothers world-wide. La Fêtes des Pères occurs one month later in June on the 3rd Sunday.

12 La Fête de la Musique le 24 juin
This celebration began in 1982 and invites musicians of all genres to the streets of Paris to play publically. It is possible to hear the celebration throughout the entire city and one can find street performers and the like everywhere.

13 La Fête Nationale le 14 juillet
Known as the day of the French Revolution in On this day, the public stormed the Bastille (which was not a prison as so many believe but rather an armory of weapons). It symbolized the end of Absolutism in France under Louis XVI of the Bourbon Family who would be beheaded by the infamous Guillotine after his wife Marie Antoinette was executed.

14 La Fête des Jumeaux agosto
This celebration is for the twins of the World. Every year, thousands gather in the tiny town of Pleucadeuc in Bretagne of North Western France.

15 Jour du Travail (Québec) variable en septembre
A great accomplishment for the working class in Québec. They succeeded in winning a fair work day that consisted of 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure, and 8 hours of rest.

16 Le Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe 30 septembre - 3 octobre
One of the most lucrative horse races of the world (second only to the Dubai World Cup) celebrated in France at Longchamps near Paris. A huge turnout comes out every year. In 2011, the winning prize was about 4€ million (about $5.4 million)

17 Le Beaujolais Nouveau le 3ème jeudi novembre
Le Beaujolais Nouveau marks the opening of the first of the red wines of the Fall Harvest. This wine is a light red because it doesn’t age thus making it light and fruity in taste. People all over the world seek out bottles by the case of the newest release. In 2011, millions of gallons of wine were bottled and sold around the world.

18 La Fête des Lumières (Lyon) le 8 décembre Noël le 25 décembre
The Festival of Lights takes place in Lyon to acknowledge the Immaculate Conception of Baby Jesus by the Virgin Mary. The residents of Lyon place a candle (bougie) in each window of their homes to create a spectacular sight. The Basilica of Fourvière holds a light show every year as well. Noël is celebrated throughout France. Children will place their shoes near their beds hoping to wake to find them filled the next morning by Père Noël.

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