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Trouver l’Intrus Construire des Phrases

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1 Trouver l’Intrus Construire des Phrases
français Trouver l’Intrus Construire des Phrases

2 Marc Samuel Anne Pierre Diane Marie Didier Aline Caroline Centre Nord
Sud Est Ouest Nord Est Sud Ouest Sud Est Nord Ouest Samuel Marc Pierre Diane Marie Didier Aline Practise ETRE in 3rd person (sing & plural) using this slide. After a few Q & A you can take away the compass language support. Begin by asking “Qui est au Centre? Pierre ou Diane?3 – progress to Où est Caroline? Etc…without the prompts. Stress the use of the verb ETRE Caroline

3 Nous allons…

4 Trouver l’intrus A B C D E F Madrid Paris Londres Marseille
un croissant un hamburger le brie le foie gras C France Belgique Italie Suisse D La Provence La Dordogne La Côte d’Azur La Martinique E je elle tu nous F un deux huit douze

5 C’est (from verb ‘ETRE’ to be) It is
Je pense que… I think that… Je crois que.. I believe L’exception c’est.. the exception is Parce que because/for C’est (from verb ‘ETRE’ to be) It is un animal – une personne - un pays – un continent - an animal – a person - a country – a continent en Angleterre (anglais), Ecosse (écossais), France (français)… In England (English), Scotland (Scottish), France (French)… pluriel/singulier plural/singular un verbe – un adjectif – un nom a verb - an adjective - a noun masculin - féminin masculine - feminine différents different les autres sont… the others are… Pair / impair Even / odd Il a / Elle a (from verb ‘AVOIR’ to have) It has Il y a (from verb ‘AVOIR’ to have) There is/there are This is the simplified support sheet for Odd one out – it includes only the verb ETRE as this has been the focus so far. Underneath we are now adding AVOIR and IL Y A

6 Quelle est l’exception? Pourquoi? Quelle est l’exception? Pourquoi?
This is the proforma for groups to record their best list on. They put the 4 options into the 4 boxes and the circle the OOO. Then in the bigger box below they write their justification in French. Obviously this sheet is cut in half.

7 Reflection Sheet Skill This means: Did you use this today?
Give an example: Identification of vocabulary Finding out the meanings of words Categorising/ Pattern-finding Looking for &noticing similarities & differences in words to help you sort them Synergising & synthesising Taking 2 or more suggestions, putting them together and coming up with a better outcome with your partner This is the evaluation sheet that they should complete at the end of the lesson (after you have also done some additional ‘être’ embedding practice). Copy onto A5 and then collect them in so you can see their ideas and their level of perceptiveness about their own learning. Q1 Which skill do you think has been the most important today, and why? Q2 How can you use these skills in other ways in your language learning? Q3 Choose one skill and write down ho it might be useful in other subjects OR at home

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