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JTI – Eco-Design Platform (Ecolonomic1 platform)

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1 JTI – Eco-Design Platform (Ecolonomic1 platform)
(1) Ecolonomic=Ecologic & Economic

2 Eco-Design General Objectives
To design airframe for decreasing inputs, outputs and nuisances during aircraft design, production and withdrawal phases: Eco-Design Inputs : Raw materials Water Energy … Outputs, nuisances : Energy (warming) Liquid effluents Gaseous effluents Solid waste … Aircraft Design & Production Eco-Design For systems To design systems for suppressing or reducing use of non-renewable and nocive fluids / materials during operations and maintenance: aircraft Energy Management Eco-Design for Airframe Inputs : Fuel Lubricants Energy … Nuisances : Energy (warming) CO2, NOx Noise Contrails Crash waste … All electrical a/c operations Inputs : Fuel Water Energy … Nuisances : Energy (warming) Liquid effluents Gaseous effluents Solid waste … Aircraft Withdrawal (Recycling) « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

3 Eco-Design for Airframe
Eco-design for Systems « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

4 Technical content - General issues
Issue 1 : new materials Issue 1 : new materials Area 1 : new materials / new architectures Area 4 : end of life management Raw Materials Elimination Recycling ECO-DESIGN Manufacturing Repair Area 2 : clean manufacturing Product Maintenance Use Area 3 : long life structure « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

5 Overall Lifecycle Demonstration
Materials Manufacturing Validation article TBD (significant representative equipped structure) Production Process Modelling + manufacturing + testing Use Maintenance Dismantling Recycling Partial tests « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

6 Technical content - Area 1 : Materials
New materials – Requirements Structural function Performances : weight saving “Renewability” products “Recyclability” Materials more resistant to I/F CMR Materials production processes : energy, cost, pollution New materials – Requirements New functions Self healing Thermal, electrical conductivity (Energy Management) Controlled released rate New emerging materials Composite Agriculture (fibres, raw materials) Biotechnology : nano, molecular design Others Metallic New light alloys (e.g. Al-Li) Surface treatment, protection Modeling « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

7 Technical content - Area 2 : Manufacturing
New processes – Requirements Industrial Optimised Work Flow Highly integrated processes One shot process Dry process Low energy Recycling of ancillaries New processes – Requirements Societal Design of offices Design of shops E-learning, virtual reality Human role Emerging countries Higly developped countries Green Factory Composite, metallic, fitting Direct manufacturing Energy management Virtual Reality Waste management Modeling « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

8 Technical content - Area 3 : Long Life Structure
Structural Diagnostic / Prognostic In field feed back Health Usage & Monitoring Real time monitoring Smart sensors Non Destructive Control Long Life Materials Materials more resistant to interface and inter-phase Failure mode Key criteria (Damage Tolerance) Influence of atmospheric pollutants Mapping of pollutants Test Procedures Relevant Vs in field experience Short testing cycle Modeling « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

9 Technical content - Area 4 : End of Life Management
Dismantling processes Low energy Dry Processes Low effluents and waste Materials end of life treatment for reuse, elimination, storage Metallic Separation, purification Storage of end products Organic Physical processing Chemical processing Biological processing Energy Modeling « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

10 Airframe Demonstrator
Structures : composite and metallic architectures Fuselage section Wing / fuselage junction Wing (partial ?) Landing gear installation ? Cabin installation (in the fuselage section) « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

11 Eco-design for systems
(small aircraft) Eco-Design for Airframe « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

12 Eco-Design for Systems - Global Methodology : Overview (1/2)
Methodology Devt and Validation Generic Architecture Definition Technology Status Specifications and requirements Electrical & thermal Stimulation Benches for simulation tool validation Candidates Architecture Refinement Test Benches Definition Generic Architecture Components & S/S Def. Test Hardware Tests Models Data Validated Models & data Results Architecture trade-off « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

13 Eco-Design for Systems - Global Methodology : Overview (2/2)
Architecture trade-off Arch. 1: Baseline Arch. 2 Arch. 3 Ecolonomic Comparisons at aircraft Level All Electric Architecture Selection and Benefits Assessment « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

14 Eco-design for systems - Preliminary WBS
Aircraft Vehicle Systems Architecture Architecture Trade-off Preparation S/S & Components Requirements Architecture Trade-off Data, models a/c Requirements a/c Optimization Architecture Candidates Requirements Ecolonomic Comparison Tools and Models Synthesis, Recommendations Test Benches Definition Iron Bird SYSTEMS PLATFORM H/W for test benches Thermal Bench (WP 4.2) « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

15 Eco-design for systems
Clean Sky Technology Evaluator Architecture Studies (small cabin A/C) – Trade-offs Requirements Modelisation, simulations, validations Technologies ECS, anti / de-icing Actuators Electrical generators, Starters ... Energy & Thermal Benches definition Global Iron Bird Energy : Iron Bird Thermal bench « Clean Sky » JTI - Eco-Design Platform

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