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Workshop « Towards a Belgian architecture for PCD » 26/04/2012.

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1 Workshop « Towards a Belgian architecture for PCD » 26/04/2012

2 PCD: The challenge?  Make sures the bumper cars ride towards development!

3 Institutions running for politics? -PCD is a political matter -PCD is about bringing development objectives in the core of external policy -Institutions should be effective in doing just that!

4 PCD in Belgium: Just words? OECD/DAC ‘Peer Reviews’ (2010):  No clear political commitment  Very little progress on institutional frameworks and tools  Little investment in/usage of existing analytic capacity for assessing impact/monitoring (lack of) progress

5 PCD in Belgium: Time is Now! New Government  Clear statement Di Rupo I  Repeated and clarified by Magnette  New Deal = Real Deal?

6 Today = important step To find common vision/strategy for ‘PCD architecture in Belgium’ Stake-holders’ Meeting – May 8th ‘New’ law for international cooperation …

7 That’s why, we … … need a common definition of PCD … need to understand the ‘politics’ of PCD … look at other national cases … need a common vision on institutional mechanisms and tools to ensure PCD … need a common strategy to make this happen

8 HeureSession (intervenant)Qui?Ou? 9.30Discours de bienvenueBogdan Vanden Berghe (11.11.11)Salle Beijing 9.45Introduction matinEls Hertogen (11.11.11)Salle Beijing 10.00Panel 1: Trop d’institutionnalisme?Chair: Oumou Zé (CNCD-11.11.11) Niels Keijzer (ECPDM) Blandine Bouniol (Concord) Salle Beijing 11.15Pause café Salle Beijing 11.30 Panel 2: Cases of national PCD- architectures Chair: Wiske Jult (11.11.11) Laust Gregersen (Concord Denmark) Jasper van Teeffelen (Fair Politics/Evert Vermeer Foundation) Salle Beijing 12.45 Déjeuner Salle Beijing 13.45Introduction après-midiJan Van de Poel (11.11.11)Salle Beijing 14.00Parallel sessies: Sessie 1: Vers unde définition commune de la cohérence des politiques pour le développement Sessie 2: Quel mécanisme institutionnel pour la Belgique ? Marc Maes (11.11.11) Ludo De Brabander (Vrede vzw) Oumou Zé (CNCD-11.11.11) Kris Panneels (DGD) Salle Beijing Salle Porto Alegre 15.30Session plenière: retour des discussions en groups et ébauches de conclusions Nicolas Van Nuffel (CNCD-11.11.11) Salle Beijing

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