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Présentation au sujet: "REVIEW OF THE FIRST TESTING WEEK FOR MSM IN ILE DE FRANCE."— Transcription de la présentation:


2 Half of new HIV infections affect MSM The incidence is estimated at 3.8% among men frequenting gay venues in Paris Transmission of HIV is important during primary infection Young MSM are less informed and less concerned than their elders (echoes from the field) Gay-oriented rapid testing programs are still rare in France. CONTEXT

3 Promote and encourage annual screening for HIV and other STIs among MSM, as often as necessary for certain subgroups Reduce the time between infection and screening Reach out to MSM furthest from screening MAIN OBJECTIVES

4 Train medical staff working in testing centers (CDAG) to perform rapid tests and counselling adapted to MSM Mobilize prevention and LGBT organizations Make visible existing screening operations Encourage certain GPs to offer rapid tests SECONDARY OBJECTIVES

5 CALENDAR OF ACTION 03/26 to 04/08: Communication Campaign diffused in LGBT organizations, commercial places and on LGBT media and Internet Sites 04/02 to 04/08: the public was offered an HIV test with an immediate result in about 40 places

6 COMMUNICATION Flashy and sexy style No explicit reference to HIV A catchy slogan: "And you, you know? " Using the flash code for mobile phone connected to a dedicated Website Several media: posters, internet banners, flyers folded form of calendar, t-shirts, stickers



9 DEVICE 39 testing sites - A mobile unit in the gay district (le Marais) - Health and screening centers, 1 sexual health center, emergency service (7) - Gay commercial venues (saunas, sexclubs, 1 bar) (8) - Organizations sites (11) - Outdoor cruising areas (13) - Private physicians' offices (16)

10 STAKEHOLDERS 15 trained health workers collaborated with about 70 prevention workers About 70 activists from AIDES Association, trained in testing and counselling 15 GPs trained in the use of INSTI tests

11 RESULTS 556 tests performed 9 people have discovered their HIV+ status A questionnaire self-filled by 98.9% of users (539) 369 MSM have filled out the questionnaire 7 MSM have discovered their HIV+ status ; a prevalence of 1.90% in this group


13 ATTENDANCE in short Sites located in the gay district were the most attractive for MSM : 3.5 tests/h between 5 and 10pm (4 HIV+) Medical centers were not attractive Outdoors cruising areas needed more time of action and MSM are difficult to target (79h; 0.6 test/h; 2 HIV+) Communication about the operation had a positive impact on attendance at existing organization’s sites (37h; 1.2 tests/h; 2 HIV+) GPs were not proactive but efficient when they were (1 positive test out of 9 proposed by 1 GP)

14 A The 369 MSM were aged 17 to 76 years old. They live mostly in Paris (51%) or in the Paris region (31%).

15 A 26 % report 11 partners or more during the last 12 months

16 A 34 % report at least one UAI in the last 12 months

17 NNNNNNgggggggghhhhhh 42% of men had not made any ​​HIV test in prior 12 months

18 FREQUENTATION DES SITES Nombre de Lieux Nombre de tests réalisés % cible Nombre de decouvertes de séropositivités TotalCible HSH Lieux médicalisés71324030%0 Lieux médicalisés (Hors 190, Check Point, Urgences)4712535% 0 Unité Mobile Marais115512379% 2 Etablissement gays8585391% 2 Locaux associatifs1113210580% 2 Centre LGBT IDF1878294% 0 Permanence santé AIDES10452351% 2 Lieux de rencontre exterieurs13712332% 2 Cabinets médicaux1610990% 1 Significantly, the use of screening increases with the number of partners But 50 % of men aged 45 and older report having had at least 11 partners and haven’t been tested for HIV over the last 12 months Half of men aged under 25 reports having had at least one UAI in the past 12 months (vs. a third in the other age groups) but they get tested more often than others Within the limits of this sample, men who have never been tested were more likely to report sex with women in the last 12 months Partners, UAI, testing and age

19 A 3 men, aged over 30, had not performed tests for more than 2 years and declared they did not consider conducting a screening. 3 men, aged under 30, had been tested in the last 12 months and 1 (between 30 and 34 years) within the last 2 years. They report having made ​​at least 3 tests within that period. Similar trends in the use of screening for all respondents of the sample MSM respondents who discovered their HIV+ status

20 CONCLUSION Flash Test could attract MSM who had not been tested for at least 1 year (42%) It succeeded in reducing the time between infection and screening for youngest and succeeded in reaching out to MSM furthest from screening An annual Testing Week for HIV should be organized, extended to other areas and other priority groups

21 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Financial partners: MAC AIDS Fund, Inpes. Institutional partners: Afssaps; DGS; Inpes; Invs; Ville de Paris. Organizations: Act Up; AIDES; Association des Médecins Gays; Le Centre LGBT Ile-de-France; le Crips IDF; HF Prévention; Le Kiosque Info Sida et Toxicomanie; Checkpoint; RainbHôpital; Sida Info Service; le SNEG Prévention; Les Sœurs de la Perpétuelle Indulgence; Solidarité Sida; le Mag. Media: Agence Blue Savanah; Cité;;; Prends-moi magazine; Agenda Q; Wank. Medical structures: Hôpital Bichat ; Hôpital Saint Antoine ; Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière ; Hôpital Ambroise Paré ; Hôpital Fernand Vidal ; Centre Médico- social du Figuier ; Centre médico-social Maire-Volta. Gay commercial places: l'Atlantide Sauna; les Bains d'Odessa; le Bunker; le Dépôt; le Gym Louvre; le Riad; le Sun City; le Til’t Sauna; le Quetzal. Laboratory: NéphroteK (Insti TM)

22 MORE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Steering Committee: Antonio Alexandre (SNEG) ; Pr. Anne-Claude Crémieux (CHU Garches), Dr Philippe Dhotte (CDAG Figuier), Vincent Douris (Sidaction) ; Sandrine Fournier (Sidaction) ; Stephen Karon (Sidaction) ; Veronica Noseda (Sidaction). Evaluation group: Constance Delaugerre (Hôpital Saint-Louis), Jean-Yves Le Talec (Université Toulouse-Le Miral, Annie Velter (INvS) Communication group: Hervé Baudoin (SIS association), Lucile Bluzat (Inpes), Dominick Descharles (Aides), Christophe Martet (Yagg) On line testing experience group: Frédérique Delatour (DGS), Philippe Dhotte (CDAG Le Figuier),Tim Greacen (EPS Maison Blanche), Eric Laforgerie (Afssaps), Arame Mbodje (SIS), François Simon, (Hôpital Saint Louis), Cécile Vaugelade (Afssaps), Thierry Saint Marc (Association des médecins gays), Anne-Claude Crémieux (CHU Garches)

23 Thank you!


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