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Présentation au sujet: "YOUR INTERNATIONAL PARTNER PAR EXCELLENCE"— Transcription de la présentation:

EUROFACTOR S.A. France FACTOR CODE : FR01200 IMPORT FACTOR INFORMATION SHEET 2012 Factor Information  Contact & Fact Sheet  Introductory Letter  Assignment Wording > Payment Under Guarantee  English translation of Introduction Letter  English translation of Assignment Wording

Eurofactor S.A. is the leading factor in France with subsidiaries in five countries, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. In 2011, Eurofactor SA’ s turnover reached EUR 39 Billion, securing 22.3 % of the French market share. Our group turnover for the same year was EUR 59,9 Billion. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., one of France’s foremost banking groups and the world’s fifth largest in terms of capital. International Department and Activity International business is an important part of our group activity, it accounts for 33.5 % of our total group business. The Two-Factor Import and Export turnover for Eurofactor S.A. amounted to EUR 2,4 Billion in 2011. International factoring services offered to FCI correspondents Full Factoring business Collection Only Business Non-Notification Factoring (NNF) Fast Cash Business Underwriting Procedures and Credit Approvals We have a large highly experienced underwriting team and a specially dedicated Credit Manager who is a specialist of international credit. Once your request is received it will be processed immediately by the International Credit Manager who will endeavour to reply to you as quickly as possible. Attempt is made to secure credit limit responses within 2 to 3 days of receipt of the initial enquiry. Information we require to process your request quickly and efficiently : Company name and address including full postcode SIRET Number (Company Registration Number) Telephone and Fax numbers Contact name Payment terms Credit limit required and currency Our usual credit term is 90 days with normal maximum term of 120 days, however we can also consider terms of up to 180 days in exceptional circumstances. Collection Procedures If required, we can create specific collection schedules for each client, this can be agreed with you at the start. Normally our dunning procedure is split into two main categories according to the size of the debtor: normal and large accounts. The payment method is also taken into consideration whether the debtor pays by cheque, bank transfer or by bills of exchange. Payment Under Guarantee Eurofactor France is committed to handle the disputes and make PUG according to the GRIF. The export factor has to ensure his sellers are in position to provide all of the followings as proof and in any event according to the GRIF ART 14 : -copy of the original of the invoices -copy of the order placed by the buyer -proof of delivery note duly signed by the buyer -copy of shipping/transportation documents -any other documents if necessary Some documentation to prove the validity of any debt may be required if legal action is necessary and failure to provide A/M documentaion may affect our ability to remit the PUG. Eurofactor S.A. (France) – October 2012

3 FACTOR INFORMATION For payments by cheques & bank transfers:
- Normal Accounts Before due date  First pre-dunning letter Second pre-dunning letter First dunning letter  5 days after due date Second dunning letter  20 days after due date Last dunning letter  45 days after due date - Large Accounts Dunning letter with  10 days after due date acknowledgement of receipt For both Normal and Large Accounts : - Telephone contacts are made at regular intervals between the dunning letters. - Legal order to pay is issued 15 days after the last dunning letter (if no commercial dispute has been raised) and after 90 days the file is transferred to our Legal Department for legal action and proceedings. For payments by Bills of Exchange : Bills of Exchanges are usually sent to us by the debtors before the invoices due dates, if the bill is not received then the dunning procedure is the same as for payments by cheques and bank transfers. Balance Verification We shall be happy to carry out debtor’s balance verification exercises for your clients’ or your French Direct Export buyers. Our prices start at EUR 8.00 for each buyer, please contact our International Department for this service. Pricing Commission is calculated on a case by case basis according to the nature of the business, quality of the debtors, number of buyers, number of invoices, annual turnover and payment terms. We typically charge for full services between 0.20 % to 0.35 % on the gross value of invoices assigned, our price exclude bank charges. Visit We would be delighted to welcome you at our offices in Issy-les-Moulineaux, which is within easy reach - 15 mins from the centre of Paris by train and 20 mins by taxi from Orly airport. Please notify us in advance to allow us time to prepare a comprehensive program for you to make the most of your visit. coverage:in order to facilitate your overview on eurofactor’s group coverage,please do not hesitate to check the IFIS of our colleagues from germany EUROFACTOR AG DE00900 and spain EUROFACTOR HISPANIA ES01100, FRANCE FR01200 France and Tunisia Eurofactor S.A. (France) – October 2012

4 CONTACT & FACT SHEET FCI Factor Code FR01200 Name Eurofactor S.A.
Address 12 Place des états-unis CS 20001 92548,MONTROUGE CEDEX, FRANCE Telephone N° switchboard Facsimile Website Business Hours 08:00 to 18:00 Business Days Monday to Friday Public Holidays Jan 1; Apr 5; May 1, 8, Jul 14; Aug 15; Nov 1, 11, Dec 24, 25 Head of Credit Patrick BARBEAU Head of International & Domestic collection department International Manager Patrick BARBEAU Support Risk & Factor Relations Philippe Dobbelaere (Pricing, Inter Factor Agreement…) Direct Line: IMPORT MANAGER Alexandra DELANOE direct line International Credit Manager Sebastien PHILIPPE Direct Line: Freddy YOVO credit analyst direct line Share Capital EUR Shareholders Crédit Agricole leasing factoring S.A. Eurofactor S.A. (France) – october 2012

5 INTRODUCTORY LETTER This letter is to be printed on supplier’s letter-headed paper and sent to all buyers Eurofactor shall also inform the customers of the factoring arrangement. Messieurs, Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que nous avons confié à (Please insert Export Factor’s name), membre de Factors Chain International, le suivi de notre comptabilité clients et l'encaissement de nos factures. Comme par le passé, vous recevrez les factures établies par nos soins et correspondant à nos prestations. Toutefois, vous remarquerez sur nos factures une mention vous invitant à effectuer votre paiement directement entre les mains du membre de Factors Chain International dans votre pays : EUROFACTOR (Service Import) 12 place des états-unis CS 20001 92548,MONTROUGE Cedex , France Tél: Fax: Eurofactor recevant votre règlement par subrogation, seul un tel paiement sera considéré comme libératoire. Ainsi à compter du (Please insert starting date of factoring agreement), nous vous remercions d'effectuer votre règlement à l'ordre de : EUROFACTOR (Service Import), 12place des états-unis CEDEX 20001, 92548,MONTROUGECedex , France, Tel: Fax: qui le reçoit par SUBROGATION dans les droits du créancier. Banque : LCL - ABI- 20, rue Treilhard PARIS EUR G 28 IBAN : FR G28 USD A 83 IBAN : FR A83 GBP H 92 IBAN : FR H92 CODE SWIFT : CRLYFRPP Toutes les questions concernant la commande et la livraison des marchandises continueront à être traitées avec nous-mêmes ou avec notre agent. Bien entendu, vous devrez, sans délai, nous signaler toute réclamation, mais également en tenir informé Eurofactor. Nous sommes persuadés que ces modifications qui allègent considérablement nos tâches administratives en confiant à un spécialiste la gestion de nos créances, nous permettront de renforcer les relations privilégiées que nous avons le plaisir d'entretenir avec vous. Nous nous tenons à votre entière disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires et nous vous prions d'agréer, Messieurs, l'expression de nos salutations distinguées. (Supplier’s Signature) Eurofactor S.A. (France) –october 2012

6 ASSIGNMENT STAMP The following assignment wording should be used on all invoices and credit-notes. IMPORTANT : Paiement à effectuer à : EUROFACTOR (Service Import), 12 place des états-unis CS 20001 92548,MONTROUGE CEDEX, France Tél.: Fax: qui le reçoit par subrogation dans les droits du créancier. Références bancaires : LCL - ABI - 20, rue Treilhard PARIS EUR G 28 IBAN : FR G28 USD A 83 IBAN : FR A83 GBP H 92 IBAN : FR H92 SWIFT CODE : CRLYFRPP Eurofactor S.A. (France) – october 2012

7 INTRODUCTORY LETTER (English Translation)
English translation of our Introductory Letter, for information only. Dear Sirs We are pleased to advise you that we have entrusted our sales ledger management and collection of our invoices to (name of export factor), a member of Factors Chain International. As before, you will receive invoices from our company, however those invoices will now bear a notice of assignment, requesting you to make payment directly to the local Factors Chain International member: EUROFACTOR (Service Import) 12 place des états-unis CS 20001 92548,MONTROUGECedex , France Tél: Fax: As Eurofactor receives your settlement by subrogation, only payment made to them will be considered as a valid discharge of the debt. As from (date), we ask you therefore to send payment to the order of : EUROFACTOR (Service Import), 12 place des états-unis CS 20001, 92548,MONTROUGE CEDEX, France, Tel: Fax: , who receives it by subrogation for the creditor. Bank :LCL - ABI- 20, rue Treilhard PARIS EUR G 28 IBAN : FR G28 USD A 83 IBAN : FR A83 GBP H 92 IBAN : FR H92 CODE SWIFT : CRLYFRPP Any queries you may have concerning orders and deliveries of goods will continue to be dealt by ourselves or our agent. You should inform us immediately therefore of any claims and also notify Eurofactor. By entrusting the management of our receivables to a specialist, we are convinced that these changes will assist us considerably by reducing our administration and enabling us to devote more time and reinforcing the relationship we already have with such a valued customer as yourself. We remain at your disposal should you require further information. Yours faithfully, Eurofactor S.A. (France) – october 2012

8 ASSIGNMENT STAMP (English Translation)
This is the English translation of our assignment wording, this is for your information only. IMPORTANT : Payment should be made to : EUROFACTOR (Service Import), 12 place des états-unis– CS 20001, 92548,MONTROUGE Cedex , France. Tel : – Fax : , who receives it by subrogation in the creditor's rights. Bank References : LCL - ABI - 20, rue Treilhard PARIS EUR G 28 IBAN : FR G28 USD A 83 IBAN : FR A83 GBP H 92 IBAN : FR H92 SWIFT CODE : CRLYFRPP Eurofactor S.A. (France) – october 2012


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