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Présentation Infostat

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1 Présentation Infostat
Document written by: Xavier BOUTRY - Research director Axess Research 11 chemin des anciennes vignes 69410 Champagne au Mont d’Or – France Tel Axess Research - 10/10/09

2 Le brief Le labo a un produit à lancer dans 1,5 ans.
C'est un produit de ville, avec une initiation chez le neurologue, un renouvellement chez le MG. Produit de SNC à traitement chronique Le marché existant est déjà fortement concurrentiel, mais il n'y a pas eu de nouveauté depuis longtemps. Notre produit n'est pas un produit qui va révolutionner ce marché, mais il a quand même un petit avantage en plus. Pour le laboratoire, c'est une nouvelle cible, un marché nouveau. Bien sûr, nous avons à notre disposition tous les panel quanti. classiques pour des analyses préliminaires. Il s'agit d'établir un plan d'actions "études" à 1 an et demi afin de s'assurer la meilleure efficacité lors du lancement du produit. Axess Research - 10/10/09

3 Plan d’étude à 1 et ½ - Produit SNC
Ventes Lancement Interviews experts / KOL Recall tests Test de concept (produit X), évaluation de potentiel & positionnement Baromètre produit / labo. trimestriel Test de nom de marque Test nouvel ADV (1 à 2 ans) Test de packaging & notice Test repositionnement Déremboursement / passage OTC Transition avant générique Test du dispositif Test changement d’image (tout les 5ans env.) Fixation du prix (si prix libre) Usage & Attitude Construction du message / argumentaire Segmentation / typologie Test première image Test 1er ADV 1,5 ans Ans Enregist. / Pré-lancement Décollage Croissance Marurité Générique Axess Research - 10/10/09

4 Product positioning, branding & core messaging
Example of methodology Document written by: Xavier BOUTRY - Research director Axess Research 11 chemin des anciennes vignes 69410 Champagne au Mont d’Or – France Tel Axess Research - 10/10/09

5 Objectives Build an adapted, convincing and differentiating product messaging Validate the perceived value by customers for the product identified features & benefits Recommend a validated positioning , branding & core messaging that will support the development of the adapted visual aid La belle et vraie histoire. Leur mots. Ce qui est important. Axess Research - 10/10/09

6 Proposed methodology Dynamic mini groups of 4 to 5 respondents lasting 3 hours with video and audio recording in central locations – 2 or 3 groups per target and country – 1 or 2 days in central location per country 3 dynamic mini groups among the priority target Neurologists 2 mini group among secondary targets (Nurses, GP, etc.) The validation and fine-tuning of the messaging and positioning of the product is done through working sessions / role plays supported by “concept cards” that are given to respondents : the groups are not reinventing the identified product features & benefits that are written down on cards The objective is to articulate an adapted, convincing and differentiating messaging The qualitative analysis of the results aims to identify a core messaging and the variability by target The client can assist to the entire group cessions that take place in full equipped central facilities (one way mirror, video & audio circuit) Axess Research - 10/10/09

7 Example of sample size and screening criteria
Groups / Respondents Paris, Lyon, Marseille Neurologists 3 Neurology nurses 2 GP Total groups 7 Max. respondents 28 Respondents are screened as medium / heavy users (the more they know about the product class, the better) When needed, it can be interesting mixing respondents used the laboratory products and respondents used to the competitors product (to validate that the messaging will be adapted to secure the laboratory customers and conquer some new customers) Normally, we don’t mix the specialties (GPs with GPs, Specialists with specialists, etc.) Axess Research - 10/10/09

8 Dynamic mini-group rules and main steps
Mini-groups has be chosen to go beyond what could bring individual face to face interviews: 3 to 4 persons’ mini-groups are more creative than individual interviews and more structured than 7to 9 persons’ focus groups The principle of a dynamic mini-group is to work first spontaneously through a work cession / role plays on the building of the messaging and positioning of the product, then to inject the laboratory positioning (or the previous mini-group work) to validate / finetune this messaging and positioning SPONTANEOUS WORK – CONCEPT CARDS* ARE GIVEN TO HELP VALIDATION AND FINETUNING What is the product? What are its main assets? What are its differentiating / USP? What could be in 10 lines max. the best convincing and differentiating communication to my peers? What is the product? What are its main assets? What are its differentiating / USP? What could be in 10 lines max. the best convincing and differentiating communication to my peers? STEP 1 STEP 2 PAPER BOARD WORK PAPER BOARD WORK *Concept cards contains Features / Benefits & clinical evidence INJECTION OF YOUR POSITIONING / MESSAGING Axess Research - 10/10/09

9 Dynamic mini-groups rules and main steps 4 in depth mini-groups per country – 16 respondents

10 The concept cards Features: The product range will propose ….
The product will include….. CARD A – AN ADAPTED RANGE Benefits: The product range is adapted to most of your patients needs Reasons to believe Range formulation to international guidelines Richardson et al., the …. CARD B – A PROVEN EFFICACY Features: The product lower the fasting glycemia by 30% Etc. Benefits: Proven efficacy among… Reasons to believe Richardson et al., the …. Burgos et al., Efficacy… These cards has to be done in collaboration the product management team 4 to 8 cards are usually presented to respondents This cards will be discussed, rated in term of level of interested and finally ranked The objective of this first phase is to allow to respondents to gain enough knowledge of the product to structure a quality first spontaneous messaging Axess Research - 10/10/09

11 Work cession format and instructions
WHAT IS THE PRODUCT? WHAT ARE THE PRODUCT TOP BENEFITS? (In one sentence or 2 sentences – be fact based – do not try to convince) (In a few sentences – Maximum 5 sentences – No bullet points – Try to make sentences) ON WHICH ASPECTS THE PRODUCT IS BETTER THAN COMPETION? WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST CONVINCING AND DIFFERENTIATING COMUNICATION TO YOUR PEERS? (In a few sentences – Maximum 10 sentences – No bullet points – Try to make sentences – Imagine that you need to convince one of your pears) This work will be first done in collaboration with the laboratory product management team The laboratory and the mini-groups’ respondents should work on the same format and instructions Axess Research - 10/10/09

12 Cession Organization Moderator assistant PAPER BOARD 1:
STEP 2: Spontaneous cession What is the product? What are the product top benefits? On which aspects the product is better than competition? What would be the best convincing and differentiating communication to your pears? STEP 4: Writing of an improved communication taking the best of both the first spontaneous work and the laboratory communication Respondent 2 Moderator Respondent 1 45 min. PAPER BOARD 3 Clean recopy of the spontaneous cession (simultaneously to the discovery of laboratory communication) STEP 1: Display of concept cards one by one, discussion, rating and ranking Respondents will keep the cards all along the cession 30 min. 30 min. PAPER BOARD 2: STEP 3: Display of the laboratory communication (same format and instructions) Respondent 4 10 min. Respondent 3 Axess Research - 10/10/09

13 Main research outputs Axess Research - 10/10/09

14 Ranking of cards per target
Can you rank these cards by level of interest? (RANKING FOR EACH RESPONDENT) FICTITIOUS DATA N= 60 individual ranking Axess Research - 10/10/09

15 The optimum branding, communication and core messaging
EXTRACTION OF THE BEST SENTENCES FROM THE COUNTRY WORK CESSIONS Baxter original sentence US Germany Italy France China UK Spain Brazil FREQUENCY OF EACH SELECTED CONCEPT IN THE OPTIMUM COMMUNICATION Abc Mentioned by 5 to 8 countries Abc Mentioned by 3 to 4 countries Abc Mentioned by 2 countries Abc Mentioned by only 1 country Axess Research - 10/10/09

16 Optimum messaging (1/2) FICTITIOUS DATA Axess Research - 10/10/09

17 Optimum messaging (2/2) FICTITIOUS DATA Axess Research - 10/10/09

18 From the optimum messaging to the branding
Short messaging that motivates physician to use the brand for new patients and switch existing patients wherever appropriate Brand positioning An indication of the role of HDL on atherosclerosis has been with the rare Apo-A1 Milano human genetic variant of this HDL protein. A small short-term trial using bacterial synthetized human Apo-A1 Milano HDL in people with unstable angina produced fairly dramatic reduction in measured coronary plaque volume in only 6 weeks vs. FICTITIOUS DATA Brand Core Proud to prescribe the Ultimate drug that will Simply and Safely make my patients Better Faster What unique value does the brand deliver to the physician? Emotional Benefits I am proud to prescribe the ultimate generation of drug in this category I simplifies my life How does that make physician feel? Functional Benefits Less allergy Superior patient response and quicker patient recovery Allow storage in wards How do the features address the functional of physician? Reasons to Believe Optimized Product composition Superior Clinical study results Unique Pharmacodynamic property Longer Shelf-life What are the key observably unique features of the product? Axess Research - 10/10/09

19 The study design key assets
Easy internal selling / Team building: The international team and country managers will seat 6 hours together and build with the research sponsor the laboratory optimum messaging The product managers assist the optimization of their messaging: High credibility of the research output We can get their optimum messaging in their own words and expressions The product & research product team can assist to the entire fieldwork cessions: Possible in-depth implication in the optimum messaging building Communication agencies testimony that the research outputs (optimum messaging + the brand house) really helps making optimum visual aids (visuals & detailing aids) The research is simple, pragmatic and highly actionable Axess Research - 10/10/09

20 Le test d’image Axess Research - 10/10/09

21 Objectifs du test d’image
Objectif marketing: Identifier l’image la plus efficace véhiculant de façon impactante et différentiante les bénéfices fonctionnels et émotionnels du produit Objectif principal Identifier parmi 3 à 4 proposition d’image la plus impactante et différenciante chez le neurologue S’assurer que l’image véhicule les bénéfices fonctionnels et émotionnels du produit identifiés dans les phase préalables Objectifs secondaires Tester l’image parmi les cibles secondaires Axess Research - 10/10/09

22 Cibles et taille d’échantillon – Test de l’image
Phase de « callibrage » - face à face studio 40’ 12 Neurologues 6 Infirmières neurologie 3 MG ciblés Phase quantitative – Internet 20’ 200 (IC< +/6 %) 100 50 200 questionnaires semi-directifs de 20 minutes auto-administrés sur Internet Résultats statiquement fiables sur plusieurs critères raionnel et émotionnels à +/- 6% Les répondants sont recrutés parmi la liste de médecins ciblés fournis par le laboratoire Axess Research - 10/10/09

23 Principe de l’évaluation de la mémorisation immediate
Flash retention - 1ère partie - Perturbation Mémorisation - 2ème partie - Les visuels sont cachés Les visuels sont cachés Les visuels sont exposés quelques secondes – On peut inclure d’autres visuels d’autres marques (“Caviardage”) Réponse aux questions de signalétique volontairement perturbante Mémorisation spontanée des images (top of mind) 30 Secondes 5 minutes Source: Roberts R, Gibson E et al. J Psycholinguist Res. 2002 Axess Research - 10/10/09

24 Les zones du cerveaux activées par une image
RATIONEL - VERBALISE EMOTIONEL– NON VERBALISE HEMISPHERE GAUCHE HEMISPHERE DROIT Sensations véhiculées Déclenchement d’émotions IMPACT ET MEMORISATION Réaction de plaisir Bénéfices émotionnels véhiculés FOND (Marque, Titre, Accroche, etc.) FORME Messages véhiculés Bénéfices fonctionnels véhiculés Degré de familiarité CONFIANCE Axess Research - 10/10/09

25 L’Echelle Visuel Analogue (VAS) de la réaction de plaisir
Pouvez-vous me m’indiquer le niveau de plaisir visuel que vous procure cette image? Image 2: 3,3 Image 3: 4,7 Image 4&5: 4,0 Image 1: 4,6 Le cerveau humain est en constante quête d’oxygène, de sucre … et de plaisir Tous, nous nous arrêtons naturellement sur une image qui génère du plaisir Le niveau de plaisir prend source dans l’hémisphère droit et ne doit pas être verbalisé au risque d’être corrigé par l’hémisphère gauche qui rationalise Le niveau de réaction de plaisir généré par un visuel est directement corrélé à l’impact et l’attractivité Source : The International Affective Picture System (Lang et al. 1988) Axess Research - 10/10/09

26 L’Echelle Visuel Analogue (VAS) du niveau de déclenchement d’émotion
Pouvez-vous me m’indiquer le niveau d’émotion que vous déclenche la vue de cette image? Image 4: 3,6 Image 3 : 3,97 Image 1: 4,82 Image 2: 4,1 Image 5: 4,3 L’émotion prend source dans la partie droite du cerveaux et va activer une zone de mémorisation durable On parle aussi bien d’émotion agréable que désagréable Comme pour le plaisir, il vaut ne mieux pas verbaliser et préférer une échelle visuelle analogue Le déclenchement de l’émotion dans un visuel permet de garantire une mémorisation durable Source : The International Affective Picture System (Lang et al. 1988) Axess Research - 10/10/09

27 The international affective picture system “Modesty”, “Awe” and “Concentration” best describe the feelings conveyed by the image 2 and 4 Perceptual map of pictures in Pleasure x Arousal space : 9 Unpleasant 8 Humiliated Uninterested Depressed Pain Angry 7 Shy 6 Disdainful Quietly indignant Bored Image 1 Anxious Calm Image 3 Excited Quiet Contempt 5 Image 4 Ennui Concentrating Domineering Image 4 Aggressive Modest 4 Image 2 Awed Co-operative Interested 3 Relaxed Aroused Haughty & Lonely Grateful Triumphant 2 Sexually Excited Pleasant 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sources : The International Affective Picture System (Lang et al. 1988) Axess Research - 10/10/09 1

28 Identification de l’image la plus efficace sur des critères rationnels et émotionnels prédéfinis
Impact émotionnel: Plaisir visuel, Suscite l’émotion , Degré de familiarité Bénéfices émotionnels: Puissance, Sécurité, Rapidité, Contrôle Bénéfices fonctionnels: Rapidité d’action, Longue durée d’action, Maniable chez les patients ambulatoires, Patient reste autonome Mémorisation flash: 1er Impact émotionnel : 1er Bénéfices émotionnels : 2ème Bénéfices fonctionnels : 1ère ex aequo Continuité image précédente: 1er Titre 1 : Préféré par 59% des rép. FICTITIOUS DATA Mémorisation flash: 2ème Impact émotionel: 3ème Bénéfices émotionnels : 1er Bénéfices fonctionnels : 1ère ex aequo Continuité image précédente: 2ème Mémorisation flash: 3ème Impact émotionel: 2ème Bénéfices émotionnels : 3ème Bénéfices fonctionnels : 2ème Continuité image précédente: 3ème Axess Research - 10/10/09

29 Voir le questionnaire type fourni
Axess Research - 10/10/09

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