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What can we, HR Frontline for Staff, do for you?

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2 What can we, HR Frontline for Staff, do for you?
Speaking in the name of the team of human resources advisors and assistants. Objective: introduce our role, so that you know what we can do for you.

3 Vous, membre du personnel titulaire
Accelerators construction and maintenance, Administrative support, data analysis, safety,

4 Nous, vos HRA Conseillers en ressources humaines
Fonction de conseil Lien avec services experts Quoi Titulaires / Staff Managers Qui Confidentialité Équité Comment Frontline, HR generalist. Interface between HR dept and client dept, advising and counseling managers and staff members in all HR related matters. Expert services: services in SPS, RU, LD etc. Advice: in all domains related to HR, from the beginning of your contract to the departure from the Organization. Managers: definition of needs when recruitment, organization of their services in some cases, specific questions on HR matters regarding their people in their unit. Insist on confidentiality: what is said to us is not repeated only you tell us to do so. Context: remember that we are in a specific legal context: droit propre au CERN: SRR, CA, CO. Rights and obligations mentioned during first part of the induction programme.

5 Nous, vos HRA Staff Recrutement
Managers Conseil et assistance sur processus HR Recrutement Entrée en fonctions / période probatoire Développement de carrière Gestion de la performance Mobilité interne Contrats de durée indéterminée Integration, contractual matters, career development, internal mobility, conflicts, offer creative solutions to sensitive issues. We have delegation of some signatures (contracts for example), we participate in certain managerial decisions. Interventions on « work-related issues «  (such as conflicts, long term sick leave, complaints concerning all kinds of domains etc) Ex. of project: competency model, survey, induction programme, review of rules etc. Questions diverses liées au travail Projets sur des questions HR / Stratégie

6 Votre HRA M.-L. Falipou BE, FP M. Dorn DG, HSE S. Hansen EN
P. Berry GS, HR, PF F. Licci-Ounnough IT C. Granier PH B. Delille TE G. Guinot GL

7 Votre HRAA P. Clerc TE, EN, HR, PF, M. Sgouraki PH, FP
I. Matics DG, HSE, GS D. Grandclaude BE, IT

8 Nous sommes là pour vous !
Contactez-nous ! Nous sommes là pour vous ! Mention permanences.

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